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Leobit is a proven technology partner for technology companies and startups primarily located in the US, EU, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Norway, and the UK.

Johan Junker

CEO at Antourage, Stockholm, Sweden

We’re really happy with our collaboration with Leobit. Leobit successfully delivered and installed the complete media system for a significant new client. They instated a seamless workflow and collaborated synergistically with the internal developers. The team was talented, pleasant, and knowledgeable. The key to our collaboration is our mutual passion and professionalism. Working with Leobit led to achieving our goals much faster; the efficiency and productivity went up through the roof. I strongly recommend Leobit to other companies that want to outsource their technology team and I really mean that from the heart and my brain.

Live Sports Video Streaming App for Antourage

Live streaming platform for broadcasting around-the-sports events

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Trond Ahlsen

Owner & Managing Director,
Sportif AS, Bergen, Norway

Leobit developed our web, iOS and Android apps. We began the process from scratch and their team built it according to our vision. Our goal was to stand out from our global competition and get our product used in prominent sports events. Leobit has been professional to work with. So far, everything has been delivered as expected. The team at Leobit continues to be supportive and productive. They’re communicative and flexible throughout the project . We value that everything is delivered on time and they’re responsive. They also stayed within budget.

Web, iOS and Android Interactive Walking App for Sportif AS

Fitness solution with gamification elements

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Jean-Philippe Golay

CIO at QVAuctor - ebiexperts
Bern Area, Switzerland

We wanted to create a web version of our existing desktop product. We hired Leobit to design the infrastructure and develop the initial versions. The team was responsive and competent, we had a positive experience and would hire Leobit again. Leobit is committed to their client’s success. They have ample skill sets and readily propose new solutions when necessary. Customers can expect good prices for services rendered.

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David Dahill

CFO, Realized Technologies LLC
Austin, Texas, USA

We started working with Leobit in June 2016  to create a proprietary online investment portal with a solid UX for our clients and the partnership is ongoing. We’re happy with Leobit because they identify issues and make improvements in an effective manner. The team’s insightful advice makes the solution more efficient and user-friendly. The service is great and the deliverables are nearly bug-free. The team’s communication and time management skills are great given the complexity of full-stack development.

Tax-Optimized Solution for Realized Technologies LLC

Online Investment Portal for Real Estate Industry

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Jason Duncan

Founder and CEO, ManagerComplete
Austin, Texas, USA

Leobit is an awesome outsourcing company. They are a huge reason for my success with my business. They are doing an absolutely amazing job. They continue to be a HUGE help to the growth of my company every day. Without a doubt, I’d recommend them as the best coders, testers, designers, and architects I’ve worked with anywhere.

Ozan Ozen

Head of Engineering, Intellica
Istanbul, Turkey

Leobit implemented critical UI projects for our company. It was a successful project starting from detailed and precise planning, transparent execution and in time delivery that exceeded my expectations. They have strong professional team and solid management process.

Tim H.

CEO at Arcanebet | EZY Gaming
Tallinn, Estonia

Leobit has become a trusted development partner. Their proactiveness supplemented the need for an ongoing relationship. They’re skilled and dedicated. Expect a personable and respectful team of developers. We appreciate their team’s engagement. The team at Leobit cares about their work. When we’ve had crucial issues or things that needed to go live, sometimes they worked on the weekends. Based on my experience, their strong team cares about company values.

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Cameron C.

Director of Product, Sports Company
Boulder, Colorado, USA

Leobit has been integral in helping us expand our offering when it comes to software. Having a team of experienced software developers has been just absolutely essential to the success of our projects. I’ve been working with Leobit for the past three years and I can’t imagine doing it any other way. I can always rely on them to get the job done and I always know that I’m going to get quality work.

Indoor and Outdoor Cycling Solution

Web-based data analysis tool

CEO and Co-Founder, SaaS Company

Austin, Texas, USA

We interviewed about 20 different companies who claimed to be able to do our project, but Leobit was the only company that actually delivered what we needed. Their quality of the code has been great and they address any bugs or issues very quickly. They do a great job and meet our deadlines. We’ve been happy with everything.

Parking Management System

Parking assistant application

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VP of Data Services, E-Commerce Site

California, USA

Leobit is knowledgeable. We’ve worked with people at different stages of their careers, but most of us have been happy with the service delivered by Leobit. They do their best to try to find the right person for the task, and they help a lot in our data endeavors. It’s hard to find a good data engineer or BI person in offshore companies, and they were able to help us. They’re motivated, and they deliver what they promise all the time.

Shopping E-Commerce Platform

Solution for increasing sales

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Co-Founder, Media Solution

Austin, Texas, USA

After a series of unsuccessful projects, Leobit listened to our concerns and connected us with a talented developer. We now have a seamless development team that can transform any concept into a tangible product. Over the past three years, we’ve grown to see them as an extension of our team. The current developer has an amazing work ethic and is thriving in the collaborative environment that we’ve established.

End-to-End Video Workflow Solution

Client-server program

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Founding Partner and CIO, Real Estate Firm

Austin, Texas, USA

Leobit delivers high-quality development work promptly and remains in close contact with the client at all times. The team demonstrates professionalism, adaptability, and responsiveness. We held discussions with several vendors and felt we had a special connection with Leobit. They did not let us down, assigning us developers with very good skills. Language and time zones were not an issue and we’ve communicated effectively.

Real Estate Portal for the US Market

Web Service for Selling and Buying Houses

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CIO, Staffing Firm

Columbus, Ohio, USA

Leobit is professional and responsive. Leobit’s work automating processes has generated significant growth. Internal stakeholders are impressed by the team’s commitment to satisfying requirements. Professional and accessible, Leobit manages the project well by providing thorough documentation and facilitating user acceptance testing. Their commitment to understanding our business and maintaining clarity keeps the project on track.

Interim Management Portal

Web Recruitment System

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Co-Founder at Inspect Point

New York, USA

Leobit dedicated proficient resources who produced satisfying deliverables with quality code. They execute tasks with minimal direction as well as provide suggestions to optimize results. A dedicated team, they resolve challenges quickly and exceed expectations to support a lasting partnership.

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COO, SaaS Company

Zurich, Switzerland

Leobit is communicative and reliable, always meeting expectations. Although the team is remote, they’re reliable and work independently now. They require minimal oversight and are always willing to provide insight and assistance. The entire team is organized and manages their tasks well. They work diligently and take responsibility for their parts of the project.

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CTO, Branding Agency

Lausanne, Switzerland

Leobit provides efficient and affordable services. The team is responsive and works effectively across multiple project management tools. They’re well-organized, easy to communicate with and tested well.

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VP Application Development, Mortgage Bank

New Jersey, USA

I was very impressed with Leobit’s capabilities. They’re very driven and can deliver high-quality work. The team was consistently willing to provide suggestions and expertise on the industry, streamlining the workflow. Leobit added value with their collaborative spirit and attentive project management style.

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Co-Founder, AgentBright

Columbus, Ohio, USA

The quality of Leobit’s code has received positive feedback internally and from user testing. They’re a hardworking team that delivers with a quick turnaround time, and they offer suggestions on the best development practices. Their team is very flexible and easy to work with.  Leobit is proactive and reliable.

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Anthony D.

New York, USA

I have worked on more than 20 projects with Leobit team. I can’t speak more highly of how fantastic they are to work with. Excellent communication, very well written software which never has bugs and they are always willing to go the extra mile to make sure we, as the client, end up with the best product. Highly recommend.

Alex B.

Austin, Texas, USA

I co-operated with Leobit on a number of web and mobile projects. They are very competent technically and have strong engagement and communication model established.

Peter L.

Colorado, USA

The Leobit team were easy to deal with from start to finish, and quick to respond to any questions we had. We would have no hesitation in working with them again.

Marlon F.

Calgary, Canada

We contracted Leobit for web implementation. They were organized, great with communication during the project and delivered high quality work on time. Excellent execution and a strict adherence to the timeline – very professional. We’ll be using Leobit again.

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