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Jewelry Supply Chain Procurement System

B2B Purchasing & assortment management platform for jewelry enterprise retailers

Jewelry Supply Chain Procurement System

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Leobit was hired by a UK-based SaaS company to create cutting-edge jewelry enterprise software. This product has revolutionized the jewelry supply chain sector, leading to digitalization in the industry.

Trusted by major leaders like Swarovski, the platform optimizes jewelry supply chains, expediting product delivery to the market efficiently.

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We have a high level of trust with Leobit team on something that’s very sensitive and so precious. We’ve been positively surprised by the impact they’re having. Their speed of reaction and ability to solve problems, particularly around development hires, is something we predictively wouldn’t have had with others and that’s quite unique of Leobit.


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Our customer is B2B provider of an enterprise cloud platform accelerating the jewelry supply chain. They enable retailers, brands, suppliers, and manufacturers all over the world to connect, share products, and manage business relations in a single ecosystem. Their investors include giants like Swarowski and Chow Tai Fook amongst many others


The client needed help in developing a one-of-a-kind platform, and there were no similar options already existing in the market. They wanted to create a solution that could make the process of moving jewelry from manufacturers to retailers smoother and, at the same time, make the pricing of these products more straightforward. This was a unique undertaking because the client's specific needs were not addressed by any pre-existing solutions in the market, which is why they sought assistance in developing this specialized functionality.


Our client approached us for several compelling reasons. Firstly, they were under significant time pressure to launch a crucial feature quickly. Despite allocating all of their available resources, they realized that they required additional support. Moreover, they recognized the unique nature of their product and the need for a partner who could ensure a high level of security. Our ISO 27001:2013 certification ensure that Leobit maintains regulatory compliance in software development, making our solutions perfect for privacy-sensitive sectors.

Solution integrations

in detail

Our team actively engaged in the development and enhancement of nearly all the functionality that was available within the project.

Our work resulted in a delivery of one-of-a-kind solution that combines products from successful manufacturers.

Solution integrations

We revamped a slow PHP-based product catalog page into a high-performance .NET single-page application. It now offers two modes: a default view, loading minimal information, and a custom view, allowing users to customize visible columns. The default view loads from a single source, while additional data previously retrieved from PHP is eliminated. This change significantly speeds up page loading.

Our team developed an extensive notification system encompassing both email notifications. These notifications are triggered by a range of user actions within the application, offering real-time information to users and stakeholders regarding specific events or changes. The technical solution we employed includes continuous event monitoring and delivery mechanisms, guaranteeing that users are promptly and adequately notified about significant actions, updates, or events within the system. Technologies used for this implementation include SendGrid for notifications and MySQL 5.7 for data storage.

The integration with a third-party system entailed the incorporation of the Zuora payment gateway to facilitate credit card payments for subscription fees. This technical procedure involved establishing a connection between our system and the third-party payment service, allowing users to securely and conveniently execute payments via credit cards to access and utilize the subscribed services.

Our development team expeditiously deployed an ‘events’ feature, enabling platform users to orchestrate, partake in, and engage with digital jewelry trade shows. This implementation was executed with a dual perspective, taking into consideration the distinct needs of both buyers and suppliers. For buyers, the system now provides in-system recommendations, facilitating the discovery of relevant sellers.

Meanwhile, suppliers benefit from real-time tracking of visitor activity within their e-booths, enabling them to dynamically tailor their offerings to align with buyers’ preferences and internal analytical insights.

The platform’s extensive digital catalog boasts an impressive array of over 100,000 products. However, navigating through this vast inventory can be quite time-consuming. To enhance the convenience and simplicity of the shopping experience for the customers, Leobit’s experts harnessed the capabilities of the Google Vision API Product Search and seamlessly integrated it with Google’s Machine Learning Service. Buyers can easily upload a photo of a product they’re searching for, and the platform will promptly generate the most relevant results.

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Real-time price calculations

Enhancing the performance of real-time price calculations presented a significant challenge. The ultimate cost of a product depends on a multitude of factors, including the materials used, material stock prices, currency exchange rates, and discounts. To address this complexity, Leobit's experts implemented a solution for automatic price updates based on the most recent data from suppliers and the stock market.

Our solution leveraged Apache Ignite, a distributed in-memory cache, to efficiently process cached data. This technology accelerated real-time price calculations by 8 times, significantly improving system performance.

Moreover, our system seamlessly integrates with Shopify, enabling retailers to set and manage prices within their stores. From our system, retailers can transfer current real-time data and pricing to their Shopify stores. Given the frequent fluctuations in metal prices, daily updates are automated, ensuring that Shopify reflects the most up-to-date prices, products, and details.


Product Lifecycle Management Platform

The platform enables advanced procurement management, allowing users to configure, visualize, and aggregate purchases from multiple vendors. It offers access to global vendor products and facilitates thorough comparisons with the existing assortment.

We created the functionality within the platform for managing the entire new product development process. This facilitates efficient communication with vendors and enables direct collaboration on design aspects. The platform automatically maintains and centralizes the complete product development history, ensuring a clear record of changes in the process.

Upon finalizing the design and pricing agreement, products become ready for ordering and delivery. Our dedicated order management system empowers retailers with end-to-end control, including real-time status updates and order history. Our order management feature development was significantly aided by MySQL for structured data storage, Apache Ignite for efficient data processing and caching, and Hangfire for task scheduling. These technologies collectively ensured a smooth and efficient order management process.


Shipment functionality

Our goal is to streamline the entire supply chain, optimizing shipment tracking, delivery updates, and inventory management to boost efficiency and adaptability to evolving business needs.

To accomplish this, we employ a technical infrastructure that leverages AWS components, specifically AWS Lambda for executing serverless functions, Amazon SQS for scalable message queuing, and API Gateway for creating secure and reliable APIs.


User management

The platform features a comprehensive user management system that enables the configuration of access control and individualized permissions for various team members within a single corporate account.

Additionally, the platform offers chat functionalities for communication among employees within the company. Users can engage in one-on-one chats or group discussions, with the ability to create entire teams for collaborative projects. Technologies used for this implementation include PubNub for real-time messaging and event sourcing for data management.

Technical Solutions

  • Transitioning from a slow PHP-based product catalog page to a high-performance .NET single-page application.

  • Implementation of Apache Ignite for accelerating real-time price calculations.

  • Integration with Shopify, enabling retailers to manage and transfer real-time pricing and data from the platform.

  • Utilization of SendGrid and MySQL 5.7, enabling efficient and reliable communication and data management.

  • Integrating the Zuora payment gateway, enabling secure credit card payments for subscription fees.

  • MySQL, Apache Ignite and Hangfire supported the development of our order management feature

  • Using PubNub for real-time messaging and event sourcing for data management

  • Implementation of a user management system with customizable access control and permissions.

  • AWS Lambda, SQS, and API Gateway to create the shipment functionality to optimize the entire supply chain.

  • Leveraging the Google Vision API Product Search and Google's Machine Learning Service to create advanced search system.

  • Integration of the Pendo service to enable in-depth user experience analysis


  • 26% revenue growth in just six months

  • Establishing exclusive partnerships with over 1,500 world-renowned luxury jewelry and watch houses, like Rolex

  • Annual revenue of $2.5 million

  • 1.2 million products available on the platform.