Software Architecture Design

Software architecture is essential for successful software development as it ensures future scalability and ease of maintenance for your product. Learn what kind of architecture design services Leobit offers.

Software Architecture Design

Software Architecture
Design Services
for High-quality Solutions

…ensure future scalability and easy maintenance of your product.

Software Architecture Design Services

Software architecture is the backbone of the development process, which allows for designing functional, reliable, scalable, and secure software. Although most people don’t realize that all tech solutions are based on a clear invisible structure that ties all elements together, software architecture is essential. If you plan to develop complex software with multiple functions, third-party elements, and scalability capabilities, start with the architecture. Software architecture is necessary to balance your business needs with multiple types of software development factors and create a software development roadmap. In the long run, your company will significantly benefit from well-thought-out development with a stable budget and measured software complexity.

Leobit provides software architecture design services as a part of our standard software development life cycle. We cover all types of software solutions – from simple web or mobile applications to sophisticated smart systems. Leobit employs experienced software architects with considerable expertise in multiple programming languages and product development to deliver top-notch solutions. Our architects can advise you on the most effective software solutions, best practices, and technology stack within your resources and industry.


Leobit uses software architecture to form a unified vision of software system qualities and gradually achieve them through the development. We have proven that the time spent on the initial analysis, architecture, and design always pays off during the later stages. Leobit’s application and solution architects provide services both on the software development and business levels. Our company applies a customized approach to every customer’s project based on your resources and the software development stages needed. The architecture design services provided by Leobit can be divided into two broad types:

Software Architecture

Leobit offers this type of service to the companies that hire our architects for the already existing software products. In this case, Leobit’s team can analyze the implemented architecture system and recommend how to improve its current capabilities and performance. We identify the reasons why the chosen practices fail to meet your business goals and provide a set of recommended solutions on how to mitigate these negative results. For this purpose, our software architects evaluate the available resources and offer an optimization strategy, cost-effective practices, additional system elements, and more.

Software Architecture

Architecture design is a required stage for any full software development cycle. Based on system context, business requirements, and the expectations of software stakeholders, Leobit defines the primary characteristics of your future product. Our software architects rely on attribute-driven design approach to select the most appropriate technology stack, frameworks, development methodology, and other crucial resources. The created software architecture serves as a solid foundation for the upcoming development stages, helps to estimate the project, and avoid unexpected issues.


Software architecture is a recommended phase in any software development process. It connects the findings made during the business needs discovery with the software to be created. Taking up to 3 months, software architecture design allows us to estimate the project, divide it into phases, and understand which resources are necessary to achieve the desired goals. Thanks to the efforts of our skilled architects, further software development happens more smoothly and efficiently. Apart from that, architecture design brings a range of other benefits:

1.Early problem

Software architects are experienced developers who know what issues could arise in the course of a project. Planning the future system components and processes, they will define possible risks and take timely measures to eliminate them. This will make the software more stable and improve its performance.


Software architecture is crucial if you intend to develop a multi-functional product that will be upgraded in the future. Architects ensure the modifiability and flexibility of your software offering suitable technologies and development approaches.


At the beginning of your project, professional software architects evaluate numerous business and technical factors to choose an optimum software environment. If the software development process isn’t planned beforehand, this can result in a more heavy-weight and complex final product. Leobit’s Software Architecture Design service will eliminate this risk.


The coding process is a costly affair with various unpredictable issues that can significantly increase software development costs. Refined software architecture can make your expenditures more predictable and justified. You will reduce the risk of continuous redevelopment and speed up product release thanks to a better-coordinated work.


In case your software includes multiple third-party components, it is more prone to integration security challenges. The elaborated software architecture allows developers to build software simultaneously implementing strong security measures. Such practices increase data security and protect your software from hacker attacks and data breaches.


The estimation of project scope and stages is one of the key functions of software architecture design. This also allows using Agile methodologies based on planned sprints and well-synchronized software development cycles.

Why Leobit for Software
Architecture Design?


Our software development engineers adhere to the standards of Software Engineering Institute and Carnegie Mellon University to create a robust and scalable architecture. Leobit is compliant with various technology-level and UI/UX design industry standards. This allows our team to develop the software architecture keeping in mind the end-product quality.

Experienced Software

Leobit’s software development experts are highly skilled and proficient in mobile, web, and Microsoft technology stacks. We can promptly find solutions to any software development challenges and ensure your software product meets both technical requirements and business goals.


Relying on our vast experience in healthcare, e-commerce, finances, real estate, and other industries, our software experts know which types of software architecture are most effective for each particular case. Leobit’s broad expertise helps us understand the business needs of project stakeholders and turn them into software quality characteristics.

Flexible Architecture
Design Services

Our software architects adapt their analysis and design approaches to offer you exactly what your project needs. We can conduct business analysis and develop an entire software architecture from scratch or analyze an existing architecture solution if required. Flexibility and personalized approach to every customer are at the core of Leobit’s services.


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