Azure Cloud Development

Embrace the power of the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform by collaborating with Leobit to migrate your current software products to the cloud. To complete your project, work with our qualified Azure developers. We offer solutions for integrated automation, development flexibility, and a robust data platform.

Azure Cloud Development

Azure for Building Modern Applications for integrated automation, development flexibility, and a robust data platform.

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Businesses are looking for skilled Azure Cloud Engineers to assist them in setting up cloud processes, selecting the most viable technical solutions, forecasting risks, and ensuring a smooth transition. However, finding an experienced professional at an affordable price takes time and effort. Eastern Europe is a fantastic talent hub with excellent Azure professionals and affordable prices. Hiring Azure developers from Eastern Europe means high quality of work and professionalism.

Benefits of Using Azure for the Solution Development


One of the key elements influencing enterprise adoption is Microsoft Azure's capacity to reduce capital infrastructure expenditure. Managing databases, servers, and network solutions can be expensive and difficult when there are millions of users. Azure allows you to rent services and adjust your payments as your needs change without paying extra. One of the key benefits of Azure is Pay-as-you-go.


Azure's capacity to excel in the flexibility category with its simple scaling is one of the main advantages of adopting it. Azure applications work with all scripting languages and frameworks. Azure allows programmers to think of the best ways to present their software, service, or product.

Disaster recovery

Azure offers the best encryption features available today, assisting you in maintaining compliance and safety of your data. Also, it provides a reliable back-up's policy, so you do not need to worry about loosing your customer's data.

Need Help With Azure Cloud Development?

Engagement Models to Hire Azure Developer

Full-Time Hiring

If you need someone entirely dedicated to your project and who works according to your plan, full-time hiring is the best option for you. You can rely entirely on our professionals to meet your requirements.

Part-Time Hiring

We are also open for part-time cooperation, which is ideal for businesses needing help with a project immediately. Hire our developers part-time to assist you in providing the best tech solution and extra support for your full-time employees.

Hourly Hiring

As the industry leader, we understand our customers' needs to fit into the budget and, at the same time, to have a successful tech solution, so we have an option of hiring for the hourly activity.

Things to consider while hiring an Azure Developer


Successfully delivered projects speak louder than words about the experience of the developer. Examine the developer’s previous works and the technologies used during development before hiring an Azure developer.


Examine the portfolio of the Azure developer before hiring. The first and most crucial requirement is previous, relevant expertise with Azure cloud computing and a thorough understanding of Microsoft products, particularly those that connect with Azure, such as Office 365 and SharePoint.

Hard Skills

A skilled Azure developer needs experience designing, building, testing, and maintaining cloud solutions. To guarantee that the completed product fits company needs, the developer should also be able to collaborate with several stakeholders. The developer should be familiar with Azure SDKs and other Microsoft products. Microsoft Azure administrators must be excellent problem solvers, whether testing application compatibility or resolving migration issues when moving data to another system.

Soft Skills

Communication and teamwork are what makes a developer great at what they do. Administrators who use Microsoft Azure must have the ability to think critically and implement creative solutions. Azure Solution Architects will need to specify what actually needs to be implemented and what Azure services should be used for a specific project. So the ability to communicate at a professional level with customers, share feedback, or ask questions is one of the key benefits.


How much does it cost to hire a Microsoft Azure developer?

In most countries, the average Microsoft Azure specialist salary is very high. Azure Developer salaries range from $24.000 to $85.000 on average. The wages of an Azure developer are determined by location and years of experience. Eastern Europe has the most affordable Microsoft Azure developer rates correlated with a high-quality delivery index.

How does Leobit find its Microsoft Azure developers?

When hiring Microsoft Azure developers, we ensure that each candidate has the profound skills to be hired. We identify those with experience and expertise in Microsoft Azure platform operations. Incorporating an assessment to test developers’ Azure skills is the most effective way to ensure that your developer is a pro.

Can I hire Leobit Microsoft Azure developers directly?

You can hire dedicated Azure developers with a track record of product delivery and relevant skills and responsibilities directly from Leobit. Contact us, and we will assist you in selecting candidates, hiring Azure developers, and monitoring your project’s development process.

What kinds of Azure programmers are available for hire at Leobit?

Microsoft Azure offers a wide range of applications you can integrate into your business infrastructure. We offer the best specialists, like Azure Developer, an Azure DevOps Engineer, an Azure Administrators and an Azure Solution Architect. Please get in touch with us, and we will assist you in selecting the best professional to fulfill your needs.

How does Leobit vet a developer’s Azure skills?

Our Azure experts have professional certifications and years of experience in their respective fields. We constantly ensure that our Azure developers have access to numerous training courses and know all significant tech market changes. We create a roadmap for each developer, outlining specific goals and skills they must learn.

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