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LeoStep Gamified Fitness App

Interactive walking, running, and cycling mobile app with gamification elements to enhance employee wellness

LeoStep: Gamified Corporate Fitness App

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LeoStep is a dynamic walking, running, and cycling app designed by Leobit for the internal employee wellness program. Its primary goal is to motivate users to engage in regular physical activity, specifically walking, by incorporating gamification elements. The app transforms daily walks into an enjoyable and interactive experience, encouraging users to adopt a healthier and more active lifestyle.

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The LeoStep app had a profound and undeniable influence on our team’s morale during the demanding period of COVID. It functioned as a bridge that connected us together, overcoming the challenges of remote work.

Mariya Koval

HR & Recruiting Director at Leobit


Leobit places a high importance on the health of our employees, and we are aware of how difficult it may be to create healthy routines in today's hectic world. As highlighted by the World Health Organization, physical inactivity stands as a prominent risk factor contributing to a multitude of diseases.

Driven by our core values of care and responsibility, we decided to develop the fitness app aimed at inspiring our team members to embrace an active lifestyle. We believe that by empowering our employees to lead active lives, we are not only investing in their personal health but also fostering a more vibrant and resilient workforce.


We began working on the app before the COVID-19 pandemic, mainly for our employee wellness program. As the pandemic brought restrictions for indoor sport activity, the app played a crucial role in encouraging outdoor activity. To ensure a smooth and user-friendly experience for all, we invested in creating native apps for both Android and iOS platforms.

Project in-detail - Scalable

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The app's development proceeded through structured phases. Initially, we conducted an examination of user behavior, and subsequently, we integrated more advanced features based on our observations. Leostep integrates gamification components as 'crystals' that turn regular walks into an engaging and interactive journey across the city.

Project in-detail - Scalable

The app simplifies registration for user convenience by offering quick signup options instead of lengthy forms. We've prioritized user convenience by incorporating a range of registration methods: leveraging social media accounts, utilizing email addresses, and, specifically for iOS users, harnessing the power of their Apple ID.

The app's referral system is implemented through a backend server that generates unique referral links for each user. When a user wants to invite a colleague, they can access their referral link from their profile or settings section within the app. When a person clicks on the referral link, the app's backend server tracks and verifies the connection. Successful validation results in the inviting user receiving the designated amount of additional points.

Push notifications are an essential technical aspect of the fitness app, ensuring enhanced user engagement and real-time updates. The app leverages Firebase as its core service to facilitate the delivery of push notifications to both Android and iOS devices. Firebase acts as the intermediary between the app's server and the user's device, enabling seamless and reliable notification delivery. When specific events occur within the app, such as reaching a daily fitness goal, achieving a certain level, or receiving an invitation to join a team, the app's server triggers the generation of push notifications. These notifications are then transmitted through Firebase to the user's device.

The app is equipped with seamless integration with the Health app on iOS. This integration enables users to effortlessly synchronize their workout data, such as step count, distance traveled, and other fitness metrics, with the Health app. By utilizing HealthKit, a framework provided by Apple, the app can securely and accurately share fitness-related information with the Health app, ensuring a centralized place for the user's health and fitness data.

LeoStep incorporates a technically advanced solution to handle potential internet connection issues efficiently. When the app detects a lost internet connection, it intelligently triggers a series of retrials for the failed action, attempting to re-establish a stable connection with the server. The Automatic Queries component plays a crucial role in this process, as it automatically queries the server for the required data or action once the internet connection is re-established. This ensures that any tasks or actions interrupted by the connectivity issue are seamlessly resumed once the connection is restored.


Dynamic Daily Goals System

Our development team identified that repetitive tasks decrease user motivation towards app usage. Subsequently, we introduced a system of daily goals that adapts based on each user's proficiency level. It keeps users engaged, as they can observe their progress and witness the challenges increasing as they advance through higher levels.

We implemented a personalized level badge system that rewards users for achieving specific milestones, such as reaching a certain number of steps or collecting a set of crystals. Special algorithms track user progress and dynamically adjust the goals based on the user's level and achievements.


Gamification Elements

To enhance user engagement during walking activities, the app employs an interactive feature called "crystals," placed on the map for users to collect as they approach them. There are 4 types of crystals, each has its own unique value and offers users additional points. Once users gather a specific set of crystals, they receive additional points, incentivizing them to explore different locations to maximize their rewards. Users have the opportunity to earn even more points by collecting a “star”, which requires the collection of specific crystals in a certain sequence.

Technical implementation includes interaction with Google Maps API, utilizing their analytics to track and send crystal coordinates from the backend to the user's device. The selection of the locations is meticulously determined using data from Google Maps, which aids in identifying suitable public areas for crystal placement. This integration enables accurate tracking of crystal locations and real-time updates on the map. The app utilizes the device's location capabilities to determine the user's current position. Upon meeting all required permissions, the app checks if the user is within a proximity of 3–4 meters from a crystal. If this condition is met, the crystal is considered acquired.


Advanced Workout Recording

The app leverages advanced workout recording functionality to track and document physical activities. As users engage in walking or cycling, the app records their movement, capturing valuable metrics such as distance covered, duration, and other relevant data. To provide a visual representation of the employees workouts, the app integrates with Google Maps. The integration allows the app to utilize Google Maps' analytics and mapping capabilities.

As a result, users' paths are precisely drawn on the map, providing a clear and accurate depiction of their workout routes. These recorded workouts are securely saved within the app, granting users convenient access to review their progress over time.


Team Competitions

In LeoStep, users have the option to create their own teams or join existing ones, enabling them to embark on virtual adventures with chosen colleagues. Each team has levels and goals, which dynamically increase based on the team's progress. Furthermore, team levels serve as a rewarding system, where higher levels unlock the ability to recruit more team members. This fosters healthy competition and motivates teams to work together to achieve higher milestones.

We integrated Leaderboard into the app, fostering a sense of healthy competition and motivating users to strive for top positions by engaging in more walking, running or cycling activities. The implementation of the Leaderboard involved designing a robust scoring system that tracked user activities, crystal captures, and goal completions in real-time, ensuring users had immediate visibility of their ranking and progress compared to others.

Technology Solutions

  • Third-party login option, allowing users to sign up and log in using social media accounts, email address, or Apple ID for iOS users.

  • Implementation of gamified elements such as interactive "crystals", utilizing Google Maps API for accurate tracking and real-time updates of crystal locations.

  • Dynamic system of daily goals with algorithms to track user achievements, dynamically adjusting goals.

  • Google Maps integration to visually represent workout routes, ensuring accurate mapping and secure storage of recorded workouts.

  • Leaderboard with a robust scoring system that dynamically allocates points based on specific achievements, providing real-time updates for users to track their positions.

  • Incorporation of a referral system in the app, using a backend server to generate unique referral links for each user.

  • Integration of push notifications into the fitness app using Firebase as the core service for both Android and iOS devices.

  • Employment of retrials and Automatic Queries in case of internet connection issues.

  • Utilizing the device's GPS to monitor users' movement speed during walking or cycling activities.

  • Leveraging HealthKit, to integrate LeoStep with Health app on iOS.


  • The gamified elements in the app effectively enhanced employees wellness and engagement in active lifestyle, illustrating technology's potential to positively influence workforce well-being.

  • The app has been successfully adopted by 75% of employees. Through gamification and dynamic daily goals, the app keeps users engaged and motivated to maintain an active lifestyle.

  • The app has received an impressive 5.0-star rating on Play Market, reflecting high user satisfaction and positive feedback about its functionality and features.


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Enhancing Employee Wellness with Gamified Running and Cycling App. LeoStep is a dynamic running and cycling app designed by Leobit for the internal employee wellness program. Its primary goal is to motivate users to engage in regular physical activity, specifically walking, by incorporating gamification elements.

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