Share your rough idea with the Leobit team to get advice or practical assistance with iPhone, iPad, watchOS, or tvOS app development. We hire experts in Swift, Objective C, Flutter, C#, React Native, and other top technologies used for iOS software development.


iOS Mobile App Development of the leading mobile OS with multiple security mechanisms.

iOS software developmentiOS is the second leading mobile operating system after Android. Since most businesses investing in custom apps create an iOS version, the need for qualified software engineers is acute while the labor resources in the western market are scarce. Thus, outsourcing to remote teams is an optimum choice. Leobit can provide dedicated developers for you to create an iOS app in a faster and more efficient way.

Benefits of iOS App Development


iPhone applications generate more revenue than Android apps, particularly if you plan to monetize through a subscription model or in-app purchases. Thus, you are more likely to return your investment when choosing the iOS tech stack.


iOS is a closed system with multiple security mechanisms, including App Transport Security, end-to-end encryption, and TLS pinning. As Apple doesn’t release its source code, hackers won’t find vulnerabilities so easily.


Apply Play Store sets precise requirements for everything it publishes. Following these guidelines, you are sure to create a high-quality iOS application with smooth performance and flawless navigation.


iOS design guidelines stem from the fact that the developed apps will run on Apple devices. Such apps are quick, elegant, and get the most of the hardware capabilities.


iOS has a loyal customer base that keeps choosing Apple devices and applications over and over. Thus, when you design an iOS app, you are sure to reach a large audience ready to try your product.


Apple hardware and the iOS operating system are made for each other. Devices have standardized screen layouts and sizes, which considerably simplifies testing.


iOS apps are estimated to take 30-40% less time to develop than Android applications since they rely on Swift, which optimizes code writing.

Engagement Models to Hire an iOS App Developer

Full-Time Hiring

Full-time involvement means we gather an iOS software development team fully dedicated to your project. They work solely on your tasks. This model is suitable for iOS software developed from scratch or large projects.

Part-Time Hiring

This collaboration model allows you to request help with specific tasks. We ask our engineers, architects, designers, and other specialists as required to assist you part-time. The duration of the project and volume of work are clearly defined.

Hourly Hiring

You can hire Leobit hourly if you need occasional assistance or consulting. This approach gives the best results when you have an in-house team but lack some expertise.

Things to Consider While Hiring an iOS Developer


Prefer engineers that have 2+ years of experience developing software with the iOS-based technologies you will use.

Domain expertise

If you develop iOS solutions for end users in a specific industry, hire iOS developers that have already completed projects in this domain.


Ask for past projects matching what you need now. An iOS developer that worked on similar apps is more likely to fulfill your expectations.


Interview candidates to check whether they have the required technical and soft skills. Although an outsourcing company does pre-screening, the final word is yours.

Why is Leobit the best choice for hiring iOS experts?

We have over 170+ software developers on board proficient in leading technologies, including the iOS tech stack. It allows us to outstaff the necessary specialists within the shortest time, keeping the price-quality balance.

How much does it cost to hire an iOS developer?

The hourly rate depends on the region. The US average hourly salary varies from $35 to $80. In Easter Europe, where Leobit operates, the range for iOS developers is $25-$65 depending on the software engineer qualification level.

What kinds of iOS programmers can I hire through Leobit?

You can hire software engineers proficient in Swift, Objective C, Flutter, C#, React Native, and other top technologies applied for iOS software development. We can also provide business analysts, QA specialists, designers, and other professionals required to design a robust app for iOS devices.

How does Leobit validate a developer’s iOS skills?

We perform a series of interviews and tests to check the technical and soft skills of candidates. Leobit also evaluates English proficiency to ensure our team members can complete projects for customers worldwide.

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