Dedicated Team Services

A dedicated team of software engineers will save your budget, increase production capacity, and performance. Check out Leobit’s Dedicated Team service and our three main models of custom software outsourcing.

Dedicated Team Services

Dedicated team services
for custom software

…save your budget, increase production capacity, and performance.

Dedicated Development Team Services

Whether you power your business growth with an app or need multifunctional embedded software, hiring professional developers is a must. Still, many companies don’t need a full-fledged, full-time development department due to operational costs, administrative issues or lack of long-term software development plans. If this is exactly your case, outsourced services are your best and most efficient management solution.

Your organization just needs to choose the right software development subcontractor and transfer the tasks and responsibilities to its team of developers. In this respect, Leobit can offer you a dedicated professional team based on your software requirements, preferences, and development needs. Your organization will cut expenditures and development time avoiding a tiring recruitment process. A dedicated team of developers offers a unique opportunity to benefit from external resources with continuous professional support. There’s no need to invest in technical infrastructure, personnel training, and HR-related operations. Leobit will take care of all administrative responsibilities ensuring your full control over the management issues and ultimate transparency.

Leobit assists with a T&M and team extension or operates as a solution provider fully responsible for the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). As a customer-oriented company, we identify the most efficient innovative technologies for new products based on the business needs of your organization. Leobit’s team offers its best requirement managers, software architects, developers, designers, DevOps, QAs, and other tech experts to deliver an optimum software solution.


Influenced by globalization, the new software development models are much more effective than the previous, location-limited approaches. Your company no longer needs to be tied to a local labor market and can benefit from the expertise of a remote software development team. An outsourced team of developers can significantly save your budget and undertake a fair share of your development and management responsibilities. You can hire a fully-formed, independent dedicated team or use team extension to add several developers or testers to your existing resources.

Leobit’s ‘Dedicated team as a service’ can meet all and any business needs as it has a wide range of advantages:

Flexible development

When you don’t have to maintain an internal development department, you get more freedom in terms of deadlines, project scope, functionality changes, and technology stack. A dedicated team is formed

Focus on core
business activities

Thanks to the outsourced development, you won’t need to care about the recruitment process organization. The other responsibilities, including administration, technical support, and professional training, will also be performed by a development services provider. The team of developers will regularly deliver your reports, software builds, and updates to ensure the maximum software development transparency. You will only have to deal with the product management requests that require your feedback. The team of developers will perform all technical processes asking your guidance on crucial requirements and business needs. In most cases, the extent of your involvement and responsibilities will depend solely on your project peculiarities and personal preferences.

Time- and

If you don’t have the relevant technical experience, consulting that you receive as a part of the dedicated development team service will save your time and budget. Relying on the team’s expertise, you’ll avoid common software development / management mistakes and related risks. A professional team of developers will advise you on the optimum price-quality ratio to meet your business goals via the best technology solutions. What’s more, the qualified developers will create a robust and easy-to-maintain product that won’t require costly support and continuous updates.

technological base

No one can code and test better than a company providing professional software development services. Our developers receive continuous training in ever-changing technologies and programming skills. Leobit promotes knowledge sharing and mentorship for the personal growth of every team member. Outsourcing your development to our team, you’ll get a level of expertise that would be very hard to ensure if hiring in house.

production capacity

A dedicated team can boost your business without the need to increase employee headcount. With the cost-effectiveness of this approach, you will be able to easily outperform your competitors. Companies that don’t outsource their software development to a third-party team also lose a chance to gain up-to-date tech and market knowledge. Thus, an outsourced development team is all rolled in one: loyal professionals, reduced expenditures, and higher production capacity.


If you have always wanted to deploy innovative systems but lacked resources, a custom dedicated team model is the perfect choice. As your software development partner, Leobit will offer the best team composition of BAs, RMs, SAs, DevOps, coders, UI/UX designers, and testers of different levels based on your project needs.

Leobit's custom approaches to

At Leobit, we believe that flexibility and the readiness to develop custom solution is key to designing successful software. Regardless of the cooperation model chosen, Leobit’s team always starts the software development process with requirements discovery. Our team of experts evaluates the scope of a project, the necessary time and resources to advise on the most effective development approach, project stages, and team composition. With hundreds of projects completed, Leobit’s team refined three core working models that cover any software development requests:


This cooperation model is based on full-time team involvement. A dedicated team may include developers, UI/UX designers, business analysts, project managers, quality control experts, and other specialists as required. With over 120+ strong software engineers, Leobit is proud of its technical experts that can match any project needs. This model is most suitable to extend your tech department with the necessary specialists or form a separate full-fledged team for projects with 12+ month duration.

2.Time and

T&M cooperation is a perfect option if your organization lacks specific expertise in any tech-related field or wants to transfer a part of development responsibilities. Usually, it happens when your company faces a tech problem that cannot be solved by the internal team due to a lack of resources or expertise. Most often, these issues are related to Software Architecture, DevOps, UI/UX, innovative technologies, quality assurance, business analysis, and embedded software development. If this is your case, don’t wait to contact Leobit for consulting or development support. We will offer you an expert with the relevant experience to satisfy your needs on a part-time basis.


With clear requirements and detailed project scope & specification, Leobit can offer your organization a fixed price contract. This cooperation model is mostly used for simple and short-term projects where everything, including the UI/UX design, has been already finalized, and there’ll be no changes or new features requested in the scope of development. Contact us for your project cost and duration estimate with your specifications attached.


Large Pool
of Developers

Leobit employs over 120+ experienced software developers, QA specialists, architects, and UI/UX designers that can strengthen your existing team or undertake the entire development process. Our engineers are proficient in mobile and web technology stack, embedded development, and other innovative solutions popular among end-users. With numerous projects created for healthcare, e-commerce, retail, travel, and finances, we know what kind of team and technologies you need for your project.

Flexible Working

Leobit offers dedicated team, T&M, and fixed price outsourcing models to match the preferences and business goals of any client. We thoroughly analyze every cooperation request to define which of these working approaches will be the most effective. Besides, we are always ready to modify the team currently formed for a project if its requirements or scope change.


We always keep all development processes and expenditures open to our clients. Leobit’s team knows that transparency and mutual trust are essential for fruitful cooperation. Cooperating with us, you’ll keep control over the core management processes and stay updated on every significant step.


Leobit always focuses on professional growth and development of our team members. Hiring our software engineers for team extension or fully outsourced development projects, you won’t need to worry about their qualifications. We conduct internal team training to keep our developers updated on the latest technological novelties and encourage them to expand their knowledge base in multiple technology stacks.


Dedicated team

Project Duration (month):


Team Involvement:

Full time

Best Scenario:

Team Extension /
New Team

Trial Period (month):



Monthly budget

Time and

Project Duration (month):


Team Involvement:

Part time

Best Scenario:

Additional expertise
(DevOps, UI/UX, Architect, QA
Lead, BA, Embedded)

Trial Period (month):



Monthly retainer


Project Duration (month):


Team Involvement:


Best Scenario:

Detailed requirements
& specifications

Trial Period (month):



Cost based on estimates

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