Internship program

The expert in anything was once a beginner. Begin your personal and professional path with Leobit!

Learn and
work with

Learn and
work with

Internship at Leobit is about real projects and real results

Our main goal here is to share expertise and experience with our new junior teammates, help them advance their knowledge and professional level faster, and involve them in the real projects early on.

What is the plan?

Once you've been selected, good thing are starting. Here is how your internship will go on.

You’ll get a mentor

You’ll get a mentor

assigned to you, who'll lead and support you all the way through the internship.

Taking a competency evaluation

Taking a competency evaluation

assigned to you, who'll lead and support you all the way through the internship.

Personal mentoring plan

Personal mentoring plan

for next 3-6 months.

Implementing the plan

Implementing the plan

by learning and regularly getting feedback from your mentor.

Assessment procedure

Assessment procedure

of the performance and results.

How Mentorship
program helps
you grow


Our company will take care of your professional growth from the very beginning.

How to apply

Check if you have minimum qualifications & skills to apply:

Minimum Qualifications:


Currently, enrolled in Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program (computer science or similar technical field) or a recent graduate

Level of English: Intermediate (at least)

Strong analytical skills

Result orientation and sense of responsibility

Previous experience in one of the following:

  • For Android: Android 
  • For iOS: iOS, SWIFT
  • For .Net: MVC, WPF, Xamarin
  • Web | Ruby | PHP




Previous experience in pet project development


Fast and effective development through diving into real-world challenges.


Experienced mentor who will support and coach you.


Professional development plan designed according to your skills and goals.


Assistance in gaining new skills that will help you as you advance in career.


Continuous mentor’s support during the introduction process.


Fast and smooth onboarding.


Well-structured training process.


Benefits of mentorship program

What you get by joining Leobit internship.


Regular feedback helping you gain and master new skills.


Developing in the professional and friendly community.

Our success


Inspirational stories from our employees
about work in Leobit

Bohdan Zubal

Coming to a new workplace is always difficult. Especially if you are a newcomer who has no experience and no idea how things work. However, it is much easier to start feeling comfortable if there is a mentoring program which can help you acquire really necessary and useful skills. This is facilitated by the fact that the mentor does not immediately give a specific, unambiguous answer, but will lead you up in such a way (by giving some extra information) that you can answer and accurately understand and remember it. Therefore, I can confidently say that review and mentorship are at the highest level. In addition, you are offered a flexible schedule (which is very cool if you are a student), fast growth, as well as the ability to work on real projects and communicate with clients.

.Net Software Engineer


Kateryna Bortnik

My life has changed after I decided to work at Leobit. This company is my first workplace in IT and I am very satisfied that the team helped me to adapt to a new profession. I’ve got great mentors that helped me to overcome a lot of issues. Also, they set up goals for my professional development. It is very important to me. I feel my progress and I’m really happy with the results. In addition, I like people who work here, we are more than just coworkers. I feel support and it is really great! I appreciate that the CEO and our management team is interested in different spheres of company growth which is really motivating!

Sales Manager


Andrew Rozhenko

When I joined Leobit, I had only my love of Ruby and desire to learn. But these people were crazy enough to believe that a former recruiter with no technical education has what it takes to become a software engineer! I was met (provided) with support from my team. I had not one, but two mentors who commanded respect and inspired growth. Now after two years I have not only become who I wanted to be – a Ruby software engineer, but I also found a family of people who care.

Ruby software engineer


Uliana Shandruk

Leobit is a great place to work! They managed to keep the cozy, ‘home-like’ atmosphere even after hitting 100+ employees inhouse. Being able to make a difference, to speak out and be heard, being trusted and supported are the things that I appreciate the most here.

A few years ago I gave it a try and ended up being a part of an amazing professional team that highly values each and every employee. I am very grateful to Leobit and all my colleagues who have been contributing in my journey filled with learning and growing.

Business Development Manager


And so…

If that's all about you and you think you're the right match follow these steps:


confirm participation


complete the test assignment


get ready for the interview


join leobit's team

That's pretty much it. Once you successfully pass the selection, we'll be happy to have you onboard!

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