Ruby on Rails development services

Brilliant idea and code perfection will put your business on rails. Skillful Leobit developers create rapid and easily scalable prototypes as well as enterprise-ready solutions within your budget.

Ruby on Rails Development Company

Ruby on Rails development services to develop scalable & robust software solutions is time effective, cost-efficient, consistent, reliable, and scalable.

Ruby on rails development services

Brilliant ideas and code perfection will put your business on rails. Skillful Leobit developers create rapid and easily scalable prototypes as well as enterprise-ready solutions within your budget. By choosing ruby on rails web development you can reduce development time by 25%.

Selecting the right technology for a web-based project can be challenging and confusing at the same time. Ruby on rails application development has a number of cogent advantages: it is time effective, cost-efficient, consistent, reliable, and scalable. Moreover, it’s incredibly well-supported by the Linux community, constantly evolves, and gets new tools and possibilities.

Ruby on Rails offers an Object Relational Mapping System for setting up logic and data management along with an ‘out of the box’ application management and routing tools to guarantee rapid kick-off of any project.

Expert Ruby on Rails Development Company

If you’re looking for a reliable RoR development company, then look no further! Leobit is a full-cycle Ruby on Rails software development provider. Since 2014, we are creating MVPs or complex software running on the RoR framework for businesses of all sizes from all around the world. Our team approaches engineering problems using Agile methodology in order to guarantee efficiency, predictable and measurable results and keep the client fully engaged and informed on every stage of the project development.

Advantages of Ruby on Rails outsourcing with Leobit

Talented and experienced at coding complex applications, our dedicated team offers experienced at best-in-industry expertise, recognized and appreciated by a multitude of clients and partners. If you are facing one of the following challenges, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

MVP Development

​Ruby on Rails is a structural framework meant to significantly reduce the development time by nearly 25 to 40%. This gives you more valuable time to market your project and dramatically cuts expenses on the stage of proof of concept.

Ruby on Rails Migration Services

Upgrade Ruby on Rails version of your existing application with the helping hand of expert RoR developers. This will ensure that the sensitive migration process will go smoothly without any hassle, downtime, or loss of data. Your app will simply become better in no time.

Ruby on Rails consulting

As a ruby on rails consulting сompany, Leobit offers skilled technical experts, together with business analysts, who will be more than happy to discuss and brainstorm on every detail of your dream project. Our experts can assist in creating a project plan from scratch, offer suggestions on an existing roadmap and find the shortest possible ways for achieving your business goals.

Dedicated development team

Gain full control over an experienced agile development team and closely participate in every stage of the process. We will adapt our working practices to your requirements and ensure successful accomplishment of all the tasks you set swiftly and on time. We highly recommend hiring a dedicated team for integration and deployment of RoR solutions.

eCommerce Development

Launch your own web store with Rails development for eCommerce. ‘Out of the box’ platforms need continuous tuning and require searching for appropriate extensions, while custom Ruby on Rails solution will externalize exactly the features you need.

Reasons to hire a Ruby on Rails developer

Customized Ruby applications

Leobit provides cutting-edge, tailor-made setups and pre-designed software to enable the development of customized web solutions on request. To deliver the best solutions for various sectors, our team combines experience in software development processes with technological platforms.

Money and time savings

The Ruby on Rails development cycle is relatively quick. Furthermore, by lowering development time, Ruby enables developers to provide more effective solutions. Because Ruby on Rails is an open-source platform, there is no license charge.

Performance & Efficiency

Release your doubts about Ruby on Rails application performance. Our team provides highly performant Ruby APIs using scaling of low-level components and caching on different layers. That fact makes your API fully competitive with other programming languages in terms of throughput & efficiency.

Cloud computing

Our developers can quickly deploy, manage and scale RoR applications in any cloud environment.


Our first goal is the security of our client's data. We guarantee that any information related to your company and projects is safe and secure.

Service and technical support

We will provide support and maintenance services such as implementing new features, modernizing the system, database migration, and more if you choose us.

Engagement Models to Hire Ruby on Rails Developer

Full-Time Hiring

Hire a team of trusted professionals to turn your vision into a working and successful app full-time. The Leobit team will be with you at all stages of development and, after the release, will support and upgrade the application.

Part-Time Hiring

If you need professional RoR specialists to perform a specific task, choose the part-time cooperation model. Leobit will match you with the best specialist who will help you improve your app.

Hourly Hiring

Leobit provides the services of qualified RoR specialists to fix any urgent problems for an hourly fee. If your in-house team needs quick help, this is the best collaboration model for you.

How we hire Ruby on Rails developers


An essential stage of candidate selection is pre-screening according to the skills and experience requirements. Our experts are carefully selected professionals with proven experience and sufficient expertise in Ruby on Rails.

English level assessment

Clear communication is an integral part of project success. That is why, when selecting a candidate, we pay attention to the knowledge of English and communication skills. Our company provides courses to improve English and conducts frequent tests to ensure the growth and knowledge of employees.

Tech interview

During the technical interview, we examine their understanding of Ruby on Rails and the most current technological innovations. RoR developers must be familiar with the RoR and vast amount of useful Ruby libraries (gems), have experience with automated testing and continuous integration, and understand object-oriented programming.

Final interview with you

After our meticulous tests and evaluations, you can speak personally with the best-selected candidates. You can ask questions that interest you and choose the developers that suit you best for your project.


Why is Leobit the best choice for hiring Ruby on Rails experts?

Our Ruby on Rails experts will guarantee that you get the most out of this popular and highly maintained framework that speeds up development compared to other languages. Leobit is ready to assist you in meeting your company’s requirements with our RoR developer and obtain robust solutions at the best quality-price ratio.

Why hire dedicated Ruby on Rails developers?

Ruby on Rails web development provides robust backend development for business and consumer-focused applications. Hire dedicated RoR developers to:

  • Boost the effectiveness of your existing dedicated team
  • Reduce time-to-market
  • Mitigate risks
  • Get tailored RoR solutions.
  • Achieve high-level security assurance
How does Leobit vet a developer's Ruby on Rails skills?

For Leobit, the development and improvement of our employees are extremely important. To ensure that its workers maintain a high level of professionalism, Leobit offers the chance to get professional certificates to improve desired skills.

What is the reporting process of the work done?

The purpose of reporting is to provide our consumers with transparency and clarity. We provide concise and well-written reports to establish and improve our working relationship. Before beginning work with the customer, we examine the essential issues of deadlines and reporting and agree on the appropriate reporting tools and methodologies for the client. Because of our adaptability, we can fulfill your requirements and meet your deadlines.

Can I hire a Ruby on Rails app developer for hourly or project-based tasks?

Leobit offers three possible engagement models: full-time, part-time, and hourly hiring. Contact us, and we will help you choose the best cooperation model suitable for your RoR project and budget.

Which is better – Python or Ruby?

Python and Ruby are high-level, server-side scripting languages, both suitable for web apps and work on multiple platforms. Ruby is better for functional programming, while Python is more suitable for scientific programming (AI and ML, data science, etc.). So, both frameworks have their advantages depending on the purpose of use.

How much does it cost to hire Ruby on Rails developers?

The cost to hire a remote Ruby developer depends on different factors: app type, functionality, developer’s skill level, etc. On average, software development companies in Eastern Europe charge from $50 to $99 per hour of work. However, by outsourcing your software development to Ukraine you can reduce your development costs while having access to a vast talent pool of highly professional developers with a profound experience of working with international companies. The range for Ruby developer in Ukraine is $25-$80 depending on software engineer qualification level. Please contact our team to get more precise estimate.

What skills should I look for in a candidate before hiring Ruby on Rails developers?

We recommend paying attention to candidates’ experience, certifications from Ruby Association and portfolios with relevant projects on Ruby on Rails.

Where to find top Ruby on Rails developers?

You can try to find a Ruby on Rails developer on LinkedIn or contact a recruiting company. This process takes time and money. Leobit has experienced Ruby developers, so you don’t need to pay for talent sourcing and hiring – just contact us.

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