Hire Leobit to design a native Android app or hybrid cross-platform solution and reach billions of smartphone users. We can provide you with developers skilled in Kotlin, Java, JavaScript, C# as well as top Android frameworks, libraries, and tools. You choose the scope of involvement and team composition.


Android Mobile App Development

... a dominating operating system with over 70% worldwide market share.

android software development
Android is a dominating operating system with over 70% worldwide market share. If you aim to launch a mobile app for a broad target audience, Android software development is essential. Android apps have a robust infrastructure, strong performance, and customization. You can create an app for any industry and purpose.

Reasons to Hire an Android Developer


An Android app can give you access to a target audience of over 2.5 billion users. Thus, if you plan to monetize your application, a version for Android is a must-have.


Android is a well-established operating system with a variety of frameworks, libraries, and tools supported. Most crucially, you have official Google Play resources to publish and distribute Android apps globally.


The core components of Android are open-source and freely available. There are also Android-based open-source projects you can tap into to optimize your software development process.


The Android security team takes responsibility for security updates and resources. It backs you up by finding vulnerabilities and responding to reported bugs.


Android apps rely on mature native technology stacks allowing engineers to create apps of any complexity and functionality, be it a basic mobile app or enterprise-level solution.


Professional Android developers create apps that follow Google Play policies. It speeds up the release and makes the launch frictionless.


Android applications run on multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, watches, smart TVs, automotive systems, and more. Thus, you can design solutions for cross-device experiences by hiring a team of Android developers.

Engagement Models to Hire an Android App Developer

Full-Time Hiring

Entitle us to assemble a dedicated team based on your project requirements. You may hire Android engineers, QAs, UX/UI designers, and other specialists to cover the whole mobile app development cycle or complete your on-site team.

Part-Time Hiring

Choose this model if you need professional assistance with particular tasks. Leobit will select the right specialists based on your request for part-time involvement.

Hourly Hiring

Ask for occasional help or advice from experienced Android engineers while paying hourly. This model is suitable for companies that have in-house teams but may need additional expertise.

How to Hire Android Developers With Leobit

1. Prepare project description.

Formulate your technical and business requirements.

2. Talk with us to choose the collaboration model.

Tell us what your project is about and your business goals. We will rely on this information for initial estimates.

3. Wait for pre-screening.

Give us up to two weeks to select the best-matching candidates for your project. Leobit always does pre-screening to ensure the offered engineers have the required level of English and tech skills.

4. Interview candidates.

Talk with the shortlisted candidates before approving them and assigning tasks.

5. Let us set up work.

Once the team is assembled, we plan the software development lifecycle and establish processes following the preferred Agile methodology.


What are the steps to hire an Android app developer?

First, explain your expectations to Leobit. We will pre-screen suitable candidates and shortlist the Android developers meeting your requirements. You can talk with every Android engineer joining the project.

Can I hire an Android app developer for hourly or project-based tasks?

Yes. You can cooperate with Leobit hourly or hire our specialists to complete specific tasks.

Why hire dedicated Android developers?

Dedicated developers are 100% focused on your project, working as a part of your internal team but remotely. It makes the software development process smoother, more efficient, and faster.

Will the developer work dedicated only to me?

If you opt for the full-time collaboration model, an Android developer(s) will work on your project only.

What is the reporting process of the work done?

You can have daily/weekly standup meetings with your team and get deliverables to track the progress. We work transparently and tailor the reporting process to customers’ preferences.

Will my developer communicate in English?

Yes, English proficiency is one of the primary requirements besides technical skills for everyone we hire. Our developers have Upper Intermediate or Advanced English.

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