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Having a web application is now a must to retain your existing end-users. Learn how Leobit ensures smooth cross-platform compatibility and cost-effectiveness of your web app development project.

Web Application Development Services

Web application development
services for innovative

…smooth cross-platform compatibility and cost-effectiveness of your web app.

Web Application Development Services process

Today’s consumers expect interactivity, speed, and smooth cross-platform experience as a norm, meaning – if your company doesn’t have a web app yet, you’re probably falling behind your competitors. Such custom client-server solutions are highly-responsive, require fewer resources, and eliminate the need to swamp the user memory with the downloaded software. When users open a mobile or web app, they don’t usually care about operational systems, technologies, integration, or app development process. They just expect the software solution to run fast and be convenient. For service providers, the web application development process looks more challenging. They have to keep up with the application development trends, which may be extremely tricky without professional development support. Only qualified web app developers with the relevant industry experience can design innovative applications that meet your company’s business goals.

Leobit has considerable experience in building responsive web design, mobile systems, and multi-tenant SaaS applications using Angular, React, RoR, or ASP.Net MVC. Striving to stay abreast of technological advances, we also deliver progressive web apps with improved mobile adaptability and performance. Leobit offers full-cycle web application development to ensure the quality of the outsourced solutions and cover all common web app development needs.

Leobit's web application development services

Web application development comprises various stages, and each of them requires careful planning and considerable development experience. In case you don’t have an in-house development department, an outsourcing agency like Leobit could be the most suitable option. Entrusting your web application development to a third party, your company will be able to benefit from their knowledge, save time otherwise spent on recruitment, and cut expenditures. Leobit can both fine-tune the enterprise’s existing software and provide comprehensive web app development services, including:


Leobit’s development team engages tech-savvy business analysts to define the optimum software solution and create development roadmaps. This helps to ensure that the final software will be demanded on the market. Every web application development cycle starts with a careful examination of the client’s business needs, short and long-term goals, and functional requirements.

Design and
Prototype Creation

Once the app requirements are approved, our development team creates an MVP or a prototype of the application. It showcases the app design and the functionality of the outsourced software allowing you to use it for marketing or testing purposes. This development stage also helps understand how the web application will look like and make the desired changes if necessary.

and Testing

Development and testing are at the core of Leobit’s services. This is usually the most time-consuming phase consisting of application coding, user documentation creation, and quality assurance. Using the most advanced web development technologies and solutions, including Angular, React, RoR, and ASP.Net MVC, Leobit’s team creates a responsive web app ready for deployment. After the rigorous testing on mobile and desktop devices, the application is sure to provide an ultimate user experience.


Our development team configures the database, optimizes the application, conducts analytics reporting, and uploads the web app. At this point, the web application becomes available to end-users, and it’s time to hear their feedback. Leobit carries out a post-implementation review to introduce the necessary upgrades and define how the software can be improved.

and Support

Leobit offers support for both the web apps our company developed from scratch and third-party software. Any web application is a living organism, which requires constant support and management. You will continue getting user feedback about various shortcomings and may need support, so professional maintenance is a must.

Professional web application development:
what are the benefits of custom web apps?

Web applications have appeared as an alternative to websites and native mobile apps. Combining cross-browser functionality and interactiveness, web apps have become an effective business solution focusing on customer satisfaction and mobility. Thanks to responsive web design and innovative technologies, web apps smoothly operate both on mobile devices and desktops. This significantly improves their usability and user experience. The key benefits of web applications are:

1.Cross-platform compatibility

To run a web application, users just need one of the evergreen browsers and any mobile or desktop device. There are no other requirements as to the operational systems, integration, data, or technical specifications.


Since your company won’t need to invest in several native mobile apps or costly embedded software, web application development is much more budget-friendly. Web apps have simplified architecture and require reduced support, which will also cut your expenditures.

3.Easy management and support

Web applications have less software and systems requirements than native mobile apps, so they are easier to update. All upgrades can be done through the web server, which considerably speeds up their implementation and management.

4.Instant availability

Web applications are instantly accessible to the users. There is no need to install them onto their device through Google Play or the App Store. Web apps updates are applied automatically, that’s why the latest version of the software is always available for users without them even noticing any updating process.

5.Quick deployment

There is no need to design downloadable mobile software. This makes web apps a perfect solution if your company needs a minimum viable product within the shortest time. Outsourced development services will come in handy to attract investors or present your web or mobile software before the final release.

6.High customization and scalability

Web applications are usually designed by full-stack developers or a joint team of backend and front-end development experts. The latter approach to outsourced app development services is usually preferred by enterprises that have the legacy code or need a more flexible solution. It also ensures better performance, customization, and scalability of the software.

7.App-like experience

Thanks to progressive web applications, users can have native-like mobile app experience. Such applications are designed like mobile apps while still having the full functionality of websites with dynamic data and database access.

Why leobit for web
app development


Our web app development team offers progressive web apps and multi-tenant SaaS apps based on modern frameworks, including React, RoR, Angular, and ASP.NET MVC. All the developed solutions are mobile responsive, intuitive, and backward/forward compatible.

Multiple Industry

We have provided web app development services for the healthcare industry, finances, e-commerce, real estate, and other domains. Leobit’s team knows how to create profitable solutions that can easily fit your market niche. Our business analysts will make sure your idea can turn into a successful web application.


Our web application development process relies on the latest standards for HTML, CSS, JavaScript (ECMAScript 2017) and HTTP. This helps us continuously support the quality of software development services and remain a reliable tech partner for our clients.


Leobit’s web applications have a high level of security necessary for stable operation in the risky online environment. We protect our systems and products from the most common types of malicious attacks, including cross-site request forgery and cross-site scripting.

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