E-learning Software Development Services

Education industry is embracing digital transformation through software development, by creating the necessary tools which are bringing the learning process to where the students and teachers are. Whether it’s in their homes, on their smartphones, or in a virtual classroom. Leobit helps the clients to redefine the way they teach, learn and communicate.

Custom educational software for every challenge

The education industry is rapidly turning into a tech-savvy space, which turns top-notch technologies into a powerful tool that makes the learning process easier, interactive, and thus more effective.

The goal of Leobit as an e-learning software development company is creating custom portals and solutions such as LMS, LCMS, LXP, and eLearning portals that help clients ensure the efficient digital transformation of the learning process reducing costs while increasing efficiency and user engagement.

Custom E-learning Solutions We Develop


Learning Management Systems

Unlike out of the box learning management systems, custom LMS cover a wider range of options for personalization, gamification and optimization for better content interoperability. If your business needs deeper analytics and reporting tools, course planning and many more features tailored to specific needs, LMS software development is the right choice.


Educational Platforms

In Leobit we recognize the benefits of personalized approach, which brings education to a new quality level. Online platforms developed by our team provide comprehensive tools for enrolling, scheduling, course building, media sharing and video and audio conferencing convenient for both mobile and desktop users.


Management and Administration Software

School management and administration software is aimed to automate routine paperwork including attendance and grading. Using this time savior you also can send out mass newsletters and calendar reminders to students. School management software is a great productivity boost for teachers, school administration and students.


Mobile Learning Applications

E-learning application development with Leobit is a great way to facilitate learning, tracking and content management. With popular courses available through mobile applications, students get easy access to relevant content, which enables businesses to gain a deeply engaged and loyal audience.


Knowledge Management Systems

High costs of managing a knowledge base and maintaining it regularly can turn into a struggle for any business. Custom KMS help to avoid these issues by building an easily manageable knowledge base on a small budget.


Learning Experience Platforms

A learning experience platform gathers content from various sources, including user-generated content and third-party data and offers easy access to them for students. LXP guarantees personalized learning experience due to smart search and AI-driven content recommendations based on previous learning choices and skills.

Leobit LMS development services

With 7 years in the field of custom software development, Leobit always finds a way to deliver a robust, tailored solution within your time and budget limits.

Turning to our team for custom LMS software development your business will get to the next level due to several key factors, such as:

  •       High level of automation increases productivity and efficiency of learning process
  •       AI driven content to help students get the most out of every course
  •       Full visibility of every aspect of the learning process, which allows finding bottlenecks and constantly improving the experience.


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