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Our team of designers works with all the latest technologies and integrates into the software lifecycle seamlessly by hand-in-hand collaboration with developers. It creates synergy between all teams and makes the process more efficient and meaningful.

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UI/UX Design Services

UI/UX design services for
cost-effective development
and usability

...convenient interface, handy functionality, and user experience.

UI/UX Design Process

Well-thought-out UI/UX design helps applications, websites, and other digital resources better engage users and nudge them into taking a target action. Based on preliminary research and detailed analysis of business requirements, UI/UX design also allows companies to decrease the development budget, which would be otherwise spent on numerous post-release changes. The core goal of user experience consulting is to create a customer journey map, research user emotions, and prevent any possible obstacles on the user path. This way, the benefits of UI/UX design services are universal, be it for a simple fitness application, a landing page, or embedded software.

Leobit provides UI/UX design consulting as a separate service but also incorporates UI/UX design best practices into every software development stage. We apply a user-centered design approach to make sure our design decisions are based on specific user needs and preferences. This allows us to align product look and feel with the business goals of our clients. Leobit’s design team complies with the latest UI/UX guidelines and has proficiency in core mobile and web UI technologies, including React, CSS, HTML5, Xamarin, JS, and PhoneGap.

Leobit's UI/UX design services

With numerous projects delivered to various companies, from startups to large enterprises, Leobit’s team knows that UI/UX design is an indispensable part of any development process. It helps to combine user experience expectations with software and hardware capabilities. An interface and user experience are particularly important for mobile applications, which must comply with diverse screen resolution and usability limitations. Leobit’s UI/UX design team covers the full product development cycle, from business idea to visual design development. We can also provide separate consulting and research services that correspond to the following UI/UX design stages:

Research and

Leobit’s UI/UX team brainstorms the customer’s vision to understand what software solution can best meet their business goals. At this point, a competitor analysis is conducted to research the existing digital resources and understand how their design can be improved. Then, a user persona based on the potential target audiences is created following user-centered design principles.

Information Architecture

Once the data on the market niche and potential users is collected, our UI/UX designers plan the structure and organization of the future content. It’s necessary to make sure users will have no problems navigating a mobile app or website. Based on the previously formulated requirements and development resources, UI/UX specialists build an information architecture, define user flows, and the sequence of content.

Wireframes design and Prototyping

Leobit covers all wireframe design stages to create a software prototype available for assessment. First, Leobit’s UI/UX design team singles out the general blocks of content to design a low-fidelity wireframe. After that, our experts name the blocks, add more details and colors to generate middle- and high-fidelity wireframes. The refined high-fidelity wireframe serves as a basis for the prototype design. At this stage, the client can already evaluate and test the functionality of the future digital product.

User Interface and Visual
Design Delivery

After the prototype is tested and approved, it is time to develop visual identity of the software product. The UI/UX team creates style guide that defines all the unique elements, colors, and fonts to present consistent and unified brand to the customer. This is the stage of software visualization, where the UI/UX experts continue to cooperate with developers to design an optimum solution and further perfect it during the development stage.

Testing and

When the final product is developed and ready for release, Leobit’s team performs QA testing for bug-fixing and seamless user experience. At the customer’s request, we can continue with post-deployment support of the solution and new features implementation. Leobit provides high-quality research and maintenance services to ensure uninterrupted functionality and proper conversion of user feedback into UI/UX updates.

UI/UX design services: benefits for software
development and business

Any software development or design process is meant to achieve a single goal – to help end-users solve their problems. UI/UX designers are trained to detect and research specific user needs, and design to address them in the best way. These consulting specialists know how to create a perfect user interface and ensure a seamless user experience in every detail. They are well-aware of possible development flaws and have analyzed thousands of software solutions, mastering their best design practices. An interface consultant can help you find the optimum digital design based on thorough market research, which brings you a range of benefits:


With today’s market overflowing with dozens of similar digital products, users always choose the simplest and most convenient option. UI/UX design helps turn your idea into the software they will give preference to.


It’s important to detect as early as possible if some design elements are unnecessary or can be optimized. This will make your mobile app more light-weighted and, consequently, improve the performance of the devices where users install it.


The more users like your app, the more downloads, shares, and in-app purchases you will get. All these digital resources convert into higher profit and greater monetization opportunities. An interface consultant is the best investment option to polish your design and provide an ultimate user experience.


The wireframing used in UI/UX design can save up to 50-60% of investment in a product. UI/UX services ensure that requirements to your project are clearly and accurately formulated, so you won’t need to redevelop something in the long-run.


Creating a clear customer journey map and wireframes will come in handy during the development phase. Preliminary UI/UX research allows front-end developers to promptly make weighted decisions. Backend and frontend also become better coordinated since both sides have an integrated vision of the project.


UI/UX specialists implement best practices to incorporate your branding into the design of the developed digital resources. They will help you adhere to your corporate style ensuring consistency within the project. Your logo, corporate colors, and other elements of a style guide will be harmoniously combined with smooth user experience and user interface design.

Why Leobit for UI/UX
design services

Development Cycle

We engage UI/UX designers, testers, backend and frontend development experts to cover all the possible processes related to a project. Leobit can independently conduct business research, create a customer journey map, design a prototype, and develop a cost-effective successful digital product solely based on your idea.

Extensive Design

With numerous projects completed for healthcare, finance, retail, and other industries, our UI/UX experts know how to work in various domains. They carefully follow material design, IOS, and web material design guidelines to create competitive mobile and web solutions that provide the user experience you expect.


Leobit’s team believes that every customer deserves a personalized approach that would fully match their business goals and utilize the available resources most efficiently. Our team can provide consulting support, take third-party digital solutions for troubleshooting and optimization, and develop a product from scratch.

Continuous Support
and Consulting

Our team will become your reliable backup from the very first moment you contact us to get a quote about UI/UX design services. Thanks to our broad technical expertise, we can assist with any software development or design requests. Moreover, a large pool of professionals allows us to start working on your issue right away or within a few days. During the entire process, our design team will justify all their project decisions ensuring maximum transparency, ultimate consulting services, and support.

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