Leobit can assemble a dedicated team for your project, assist with particular tasks, or work as consultants. PHP software outsourcing gives you more flexibility and agility than on-site development, not to mention cost savings.


PHP web application development

...the most frequently used programming languages for years.

PHP software development services

PHP has been among the most frequently used programming languages for years. You can use it for the backend of business intelligence tools, IoT-powered apps, logistic software, fintech services, and other web solutions. The main obstacle between you and a successful PHP product is finding skilled developers, and we can help you with it. Since PHP is at the core of our tech stack, we have expert PHP engineers on board ready to back you up. Leobit also hires business analysts, designers, QA engineers, and project managers for full-stack services.

Hire a PHP Web Developer: Services Offered


Create a database-driven website with a classy look and fast performance with our PHP application development services. It can be anything from an e-learning platform to a streaming service.


Hire Leobit to create modules and boost your existing software with more advanced features. We can work synchronously with your in-house team to speed up the launch and help with challenging tasks.


Design sophisticated custom websites using PHP CMS frameworks such as Drupal or WordPress. They have easier maintenance, eliminate layout and content interdependence, and considerably facilitate website management.


Hire a PHP developer from our talent base to create a custom PHP extension and avoid rewriting the same code for multiple apps.


Let us perform a security code review of your existing PHP website following the OWASP code review checklist to find vulnerabilities and areas for improvement. We will help you optimize your web resource and continue to support it as long as needed.


Develop solutions with Symfony and Zend (Laminas) frameworks to manage customer relationships, business workflows, supply chain, and other enterprise-level processes with us. We thoroughly analyze each case to offer software that can benefit our customers the most.


Let our engineers upgrade your legacy software written in outdated PHP versions and frameworks. We can also support existing systems to free up your staff for more critical business activities.

Engagement Models to Hire a PHP Programmer

Full-Time Hiring

Share your project specifications and expectations to have a dedicated team focused on your product. Despite being remote, such a team is 100% aligned with your on-site workflows.

Part-Time Hiring

Choose the time & material model to get help with separate tasks. You can hire a DevOps, architect, UI/UX designer, engineer, or any other specialist for practical assistance and consulting.

Hourly Hiring

Pay hourly if you need advice on a specific problem or have several small tasks. Leobit will estimate the project scope to tell the fixed price at the start.

Benefits of PHP

More Сontrol Over Development

PHP gives engineers more flexibility and control than alternative programming languages with complicated scripts. Developers can implement changes with a few lines of code.

Extensive Compatibility

PHP is a cross-platform language suitable for Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems. It’s also compatible with cloud services, including AWS Lambda, Google Cloud, and others.


Since PHP is an open-source language, you can design any web app with a moderate investment. Besides, its code is easy to read and update, making maintenance affordable.

Large Community

PHP is a veteran scripting language, meaning many developers are proficient in it. Hence, hiring engineers should be more effortless, and you have abundant professional resources.


What steps do I follow to hire a PHP developer/team?

You must formulate your project requirements and contact us. We will analyze your request, provide you with a price quote, and start offering suitable candidates once we sign an agreement.

Can I hire a PHP engineer for hourly or project-based tasks?

Yes, you decide on the type and scope of involvement. We can only recommend which cooperation model is the most suitable in your case.

Why should I hire dedicated PHP developers?

A dedicated team entirely focuses on your project, working as smoothly as an in-house team but with lower rates. Outsourcing also optimizes the web development process, reducing the time-to-market.

Will a PHP engineer work dedicated only to me?

If you choose the dedicated team model, the hired engineers will work exclusively on your project.

How do you report the work done?

You can have daily stand-up meetings with your team and receive detailed documentation and other deliverables as the project progresses. We usually discuss the desired reporting at the start of the cooperation.

Will my developer speak English?

Yes, all our engineers have Upper Intermediate or Advanced level of English.

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