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Real Estate Portal for the US Market

Web Service for Selling and Buying Houses

Over the years we’ve closely observed the revolution in property search: from using traditional brokerage services to a web search mode. Understanding the importance of enhancing their web presence and differentiating from other competitors, the customer contacted Leobit to redesign the existing real estate web portal for selling and buying houses and add new functionality to it. As a result of the project, our experts delivered an easy-to-use platform with great workload mobility, increased performance, and 3rd party integrations presenting additional data about the listed property.

Customer Location Austin, Texas, USA

Technologies PHP (WordPress, Symfony), Semantic UI, jQuery

Customer quote Their expertise, how reachable they were, and their flexibility stand out to us.

Team 2 team members

Client background

The customer is an American-based real estate agency with an extensive and daily updated database of property in Austin and its suburbs. With the clever mix of technology and skillful real estate agents, buyers are carefully guided through their search. The customers also have access to the exclusive photo-catalog of property, which shows all the property-related details they need to know of as buyers.

Business challenge

Experiencing problems with their existing website functionality and visitors’ engagement, the customer’s company contacted Leobit to solve these issues. Their main concern was to transform the existing website into an online destination that would help their users to buy property easily and confidently. Firstly, Leobit offered and successfully implemented an enhanced property search experience for the customer’s potential buyers and sellers, so the website users received flexibility and personalized content they didn’t have before. Secondly, our team significantly improved the loading time and performance of the search engine and other key parts of the existing system. Accordingly, it allowed increasing the transaction speed while purchasing and selling property and improving the customer’s web portal ranking.

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Austin, Texas, USA

Leobit delivers high-quality development work promptly and remains in close contact with the client at all times. The team demonstrates professionalism, adaptability, and responsiveness. We held discussions with several vendors and felt we had a special connection with Leobit. They did not let us down, assigning us developers with very good skills. Language and time zones were not an issue and we’ve communicated effectively.

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Why leobit

​Before starting cooperation with the customer, Leobit’s experts already had experience in providing web services for the real estate industry. They’ve implemented multiple custom real estate software solutions integrated with CRMs, MLS platforms, and automated workflows. This experience helped Leobit to deliver exactly what the customer needed: the company’s strong visual presence and convenient end-customer interaction.

Project description

The project consists of four key stages.

Stage 1


As the customer experienced issues with the website performance, our experts conducted code refactoring. It considerably improved the code readability and maintainability, and also immediately increased the product quality and efficiency.

Stage 2


When the main customer’s concern was resolved, Leobit’s developers started working on improvements in the UI/UX part. The website itself looked outdated and poorly structured. The redesign stage helped to make it more appealing and convenient to navigate on multiple device types. To create an effective way of engaging clients and boost the user experience, our experts added real estate-themed emojis. They provide users with instant insight for every listing.

Stage 3


Leobit’s team performed multiple 3rd party integrations that showed additional data about the property. It includes advanced listings with extras only available to the pros like:

days on market (DOM)

pricing history

status history

open houses you want to see

and even SOLD listings

The integration with Zendesk allowed the customer’s team to process every message with routing, history, and flags so that any incoming message can be completed within the shortest time. The integration with the email automation platform Amazon SES helped to keep in contact with the customers. Automating customer service with the Chatbot system also allowed the customer’s support team to help the website’s visitors 24/7. And finally, the integration with Google Maps made it possible to share a custom map with the users so they can visit every property they are interested in.

Stage 4


The customer’s company is planning to continue cooperation with Leobit adding new functionality to the website. Business owners are already highly satisfied with the results that our experts delivered and how it helped to strengthen their position on the real estate market.

Value delivered

3rd party integrations with MLS platforms, Zendesk, Amazon SES, Chatbot system, Google Maps

Opportunity to manage multiple listings of properties offered for selling and buying

Powerful property search experience with personalized content

Great workload mobility and increased website performance

Significantly improved loading time

Improved user experience