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Leobit is a custom software development company based in Lviv, Ukraine.We offer development services services to businesses around the world. Brilliant team of .Net engineers can take challenging in-house development task off your plate or provide custom solutions for multiple industries, including Banking & Finance, IoT, Healthcare, Audio & Video Streaming.

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.NET Software Development Services

…a universal technology for creating any web, mobile, and desktop solutions.

 .NET development

When choosing a .NET development company to partner with, it’s vital to hire .NET developers that have rich expertise, knowledge, and flexibility to use tools and solutions compatible with your business needs. Leobit dedicated team will provide .NET development services for application development, software maintenance, and much more to ensure your business at its best.

Leobit Custom .NET Development Services

Hire .NET Developers

Hire .Net developers who are experienced, flexible and passionate about coding. In collaboration with Leobit you can be sure you hire top-notch .NET developers. Tailor-made innovative services are our priority regardless of the size of your business. Whether handle a one-man startup searching for a single .NET developer or a global corporation aiming to extend the in-house team, we’re happy to help.

.NET Application Development

Using Microsoft technologies to the full potential Leobit provides high-quality .NET application development services. Our programmers can supplement the outdated solutions you use with modern cloud services, ensuring your business is on track with scalable, reliable, and user-friendly .NET-based software.

.NET Web Development Services

Skilled web development professionals are eager to design and develop reliable .NET web applications that align with your business needs and goals. Leobit has wide experience in multiple industries from finance to healthcare and video streaming. We guarantee affordable .NET web development services to a wide variety of business domains.

.NET Desktop Application Development

Our dedicated teams work with a full range of .NET desktop development projects from scratch starting with the estimation and discovery phase to modernization maintenance, support. We are aimed to deliver a solution tailored to your needs, not just submit time reports.

Leobit is a recognized developer of software solutions based on .NET and Ruby software platforms. We are digitally transforming businesses based on the best practices in the industry. Our developments increase the efficiency of companies, help business development even in difficult competitive conditions. We can tell you about the benefits of .NET and Ruby and help you choose the right strategy for developing your solution.

Why Leobit for .NET
software development?

Considerable .NET

Since .NET is the core Leobit’s technology, our developers have a vast experience in ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET WebAPI, ASP.NET Core, Entity, WPF, UWP, Xamarin, XAML, and MVVM. We know how to develop versatile .NET solutions, be it a web app or a multi-functional desktop program. Many of our software engineers have obtained MCSD: App Builder certification that validates their skills and expertise.

Full Range of .NET

Leobit’s developers can both take third-party .NET solutions in the middle of the development process or provide full SDLC services to turn your idea into reality. You can contact our company for preliminary consulting to understand your current .NET software needs before starting the development.

Custom Client

We believe that every project is unique and requires individual management based on your resources and business needs. Therefore, Leobit offers a dedicated team for long-term complex projects, a T&M model for part-time cooperation, and a fixed price approach for minor software modifications.



If you hire our company for the full scope of software development services, our developers will start from requirements discovery to understand your business needs. At this point, we decide what .NET capabilities are suitable for your case, including ASP.NET Core Web API, ASP.NET Core MVC, and others, to engage the developers with the relevant experience.

Architecture design

Once the key software requirements are clarified and approved, Leobit’s developers can start .NET architecture development. Architecture design is necessary to define third-party components and decide how to connect them in an optimum way. Our developers rely on the designed .NET architecture to estimate the project and plan its development phases.

Development and testing

From now on, our developers and testers work cooperatively to deliver software that would be reliable, scalable, and stable. Leobit’s team implements custom functionality to meet the business needs of your company and create high-performance web, mobile, or desktop solutions.

Collaboration models

Dedicated team

Project Duration (month):


Team Involvement:

Full time

Best Scenario:

Team Extension /
New Team

Trial Period (month):



Monthly budget

Time and

Project Duration (month):


Team Involvement:

Part time

Best Scenario:

Additional expertise
(DevOps, UI/UX, Architect, QA
Lead, BA, Embedded)

Trial Period (month):



Monthly retainer


Project Duration (month):


Team Involvement:


Best Scenario:

Detailed requirements
& specifications

Trial Period (month):



Cost based on estimates


Leobit’s developers have delivered successful web and mobile .NET applications with over 100,000 end-users and thousands of downloads. Since the launch of our company, we’ve been strategic and valued technology partner for our customer who repeatedly recommend Leobit as a reliable and qualified software development provider.

All Projects

Enterprise B2B Jewelry Network

Jewelry Supply Chain Procurement System

Live Sports Video Streaming App for Antourage

Live streaming platform for broadcasting around-the-sports events

Parking Management System

Parking assistant application

Indoor and Outdoor Cycling Solution

Web-based data analysis tool


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