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.NET Software Development

Unlock your business success with recognized top-tier .NET developers. Get the advantage of Microsoft stack excellence we practice since 2014 and the experience from over 100 .NET projects delivered.

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.NET services and expertise
We offer

.NET custom software development

.NET Custom Software Development

  • SaaS solutions

  • PaaS solutions

  • Real-Time application development

  • Scalable application development

  • N-tier application development


Cloud-Focused Services

  • Migration to clouds

  • Integration of ML.NET for advanced analytics

  • Development of high-reliability applications

  • FaaS application development

  • Cloud-native development for Azure, AWS, GCP


Integration Solutions

  • Payment gateway integration (Stripe, PayPal)​

  • AI integration

  • Blockchain integration

  • E-Signing service integration

  • External system integration

Software architecture


  • Microservices

  • Monolithic

  • Serverless architecture​

  • Event-driven​

  • N-tier​

  • SOA


Architecture Patterns

  • CQRS

  • Event Sourcing

  • Choreography

  • Serverless computing​

  • Publisher-Subscriber​

  • DDD


.NET Platform Modernization

  • Migration of .NET Framework to the latest .NET

  • Migration of other technology to .NET

  • Performance tuning

  • Application scaling

Solutions we build with .NET

.what we do

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Architectures we’re
experienced in

NET Architecture - Reliable web app
Web application
NET Architecture - Multitenant SaaS
Microservices architecture

When to use:

When the cost of the system failures, ​downtime, or data loss, can be substantial. ​


Mitigation of risks and ensuring the smooth operation of critical applications and services​.

Solutions fit:

Aircraft Control Systems, Medical Devices, Financial Trading Platforms, Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems.

Industries fit:

Finance, healthcare, emergency, aviation, transportation.

When to use:

Recommended for a wide range of use cases where the application is accessed and used through web browsers or web-based clients.


Providing the advantages of cross-platform accessibility, easy updates, centralized data management, and the ability to reach a global audience via web browsers.

Solutions fit:

Online Retail, Social Media Platforms, Collaboration tools, Online banking, Gaming.

Industries fit:

Retail, e-commerce, e-learning, CRM.

When to use:

When you want to efficiently serve multiple customers (tenants) from a single application instance​.


Cost-efficiency, scalability, centralized management, and the ability to serve multiple customers with a shared infrastructure.

Solutions fit:

ERP system, CRM, E-Commerce platforms, CMS platforms.

Industries fit:

Education and Learning Management, Travel and other systems to provide.

When to use:

In various use cases where flexibility, scalability, and independent development and deployment of components are crucial.


Providing benefits such as modularity, scalability, agility, technology diversity, and resilience.

Solutions fit:

Social media platforms, Media streaming, Online banking, Transportation.

Industries fit:

Retail, e-commerce, Entertainment, Gaming, Automotive.

.NET Development
Case Studies

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.NET 6
EF Core
Advanced Interactive Indoor Cycling Solution
.NET 6
EF Core

Advanced Interactive Indoor Cycling Solution

This SportsTech ecosystem includes web-based club and instructor resources for creating, scheduling, and overseeing indoor cycling classes, along with member accounts incorporating user histories and community interaction.

I’ve been working with Leobit for the past three years, and I can’t imagine doing it any other way.

case study
Entity Framework Core
Jewelry Supply Chain Procurement System
Entity Framework Core

Jewelry Supply Chain Procurement System

Leobit was hired by a UK-based SaaS company to create cutting-edge jewelry enterprise software. This product has revolutionized the jewelry supply chain sector, leading to digitalization in the industry.

We have a high level of trust with Leobit team on something that’s very sensitive and so precious.

case study
.NET Core
Node JS
Real Estate Investment Management Platfrom
.NET Core
Node JS

Real Estate Investment Management Platfrom

A comprehensive real estate investment management platform provides a robust marketplace for buying and selling equity ownership interests in the commercial real estate industry, streamlining the complexities of 1031 real estate exchanges. It facilitated over $1.4 Billion in real estate purchases and delivered over 2k investment property wealth management plans to their esteemed clients.

“The team's insightful guidance takes our solution to new heights of efficiency”

case study

Want a quick consultation on your .NET project?

Artem Matsa | Business Development Director Kateryna Ilnytska | Business Development Manager Business Development Representative in US
Artem Matsa | Business Development Director Kateryna Ilnytska | Business Development Manager Business Development Representative in US

.NET and related stacks
We cover

Frameworks & Libraries​

& Libraries​

  • .NET Core up to .NET 8

  • .NET Framework

  • ASP.NET Core

  • Entity Framework Core

  • Xamarin Forms

  • Blazor Server

  • Blazor WebAssembly

  • MAUI

  • Dapper

  • SignalR

  • ML.NET​

Application development


  • Web: ASP.NET Core (MVC, Razor Pages, Minimal API), Blazor server

  • Desktop: WPF, WinForms

  • Mobile: Xamarin Forms, MAUI

  • Cloud: Azure, AWS, GCP

  • Microservices & API Development

  • Multi-tier apps

Deployment & Distribution

Deployment &

  • Docker & Kubernetes

  • Azure & AWS Cloud Services

  • CI/CD: Jenkins, Azure DevOps

  • Serverless: Azure Function

  • Database Integration: SQL, NoSQL

Emerging technologies


  • AI & Machine Learning: ML.NET

  • Big Data: Azure Data Lake

  • Blockchain Applications​

  • Internet of Things (IoT)​

  • AR/VR Integration​

See how we covered full-cycle .NET development for SportsTech ecosystem

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“The key to our collaboration is our mutual passion and professionalism. Working with Leobit led to achieving our goals much faster; the efficiency and productivity went up through the roof. ”

Johan Junker

CEO at Antourage



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to​ speedup development


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Single ecosystem & Cross-platform​


Single ecosystem & Cross-platform​



(rated top 3)​

Secure and Scalable


Secure and



Easy development team staffing and recomposition

Rich and modern tooling available​


Rich and modern tooling available​



Huge community of developers around the globe​

Comparison of .NET vs Node.js and Java Servlet

Companies that use .NET for their businesses

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Why Leobit for .NET Development

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  • Microsoft Solutions Partner
  • Pure .NET company: 100 .NET projects, 70 ASP.NET, 45 Azure projects
  • 78 Microsoft certified engineers
  • .NET + Angular full stack focus
  • .NET engineer staffing time: 1 day
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  • Clutch Top .NET Developers in 2024
  • Clutch Top ASP.NET Developers in 2024
  • Featured on Clutch .NET Leaders Matrix
  • Proficient in .NET Consulting: Assessment, Review, Migration, Strategy services


According to Statista, .NET is the most popular backend development technology with 25.29% of developers using it. Much like the stalwarts of backend development such as Java, .NET boasts a thriving ecosystem and an impressive array of supporting technologies and best practices. What truly sets .NET apart, however, is its ability to blend maturity with innovation, surpassing many other popular backend solutions. This framework has a solid list of benefits that allow it to stand out from the competition, such as high performance, compatibility with other Microsoft technologies, flexible deployment with excellent security, support for cloud-based architecture and many others.

Yes, Leobit specializes in developing cloud-native applications using .NET technologies, particularly with Microsoft Azure. We utilize Azure services such as Azure App Service, Azure Functions, Azure SQL Database, and Azure Storage to build scalable, resilient, and cost-effective cloud applications.

Yes, Leobit specializes in optimizing the performance and scalability of .NET applications. We employ a variety of techniques, including code optimization, database tuning, caching strategies, and scalability planning, to ensure that your .NET applications can efficiently handle growing user bases and increasing workloads.

Leobit offers .NET consulting services to assist clients in selecting the appropriate technology stack, architecture, and development approach for their projects. Our experienced consultants provide expert guidance and recommendations to ensure the success of your .NET software development initiatives.

Yes, Leobit offers legacy system modernization services using .NET technologies to help clients upgrade outdated systems and leverage modern capabilities. We assess existing systems, identify areas for improvement, and develop migration strategies to transition to the .NET framework while minimizing disruption to business operations.

Yes, Leobit has experience in developing .NET software solutions with cross-platform compatibility and support for multiple devices and platforms. We leverage technologies such as Xamarin, Blazor, and .NET MAUI (Multi-platform App UI) to build native or hybrid applications that run seamlessly on desktop, web, and mobile platforms, including Windows, iOS, Android, and macOS.

Yes, Leobit offers .NET software modernization services to help clients upgrade outdated or legacy applications to the latest .NET technologies, such as .NET Core and .NET 5. We assess existing applications, identify areas for improvement, and develop migration strategies to modernize applications while preserving data, functionality, and user experience.

These additional questions provide deeper insights into Leobit’s capabilities and expertise in various areas of .NET software development, including software architecture, IoT, machine learning, code quality, cross-platform development, and software modernization.

Yes, Leobit provides .NET software architecture design and planning services to help clients define the overall structure, components, and interactions of their software systems. We collaborate with clients to understand their requirements, define architectural patterns, and create scalable, maintainable, and extensible architectures that align with their business objectives.