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Real Estate Investment Management Platform

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Real Estate Investment Management Platform

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A comprehensive real estate investment management platform was built entirely from scratch within a tight timeframe. The platform, whose architecture was developed by Leobit, provides a robust marketplace for buying and selling equity ownership interests in the commercial real estate industry, streamlining the complexities of 1031 real estate exchanges. As of January 2023, the platform facilitated over $1.4 Billion in real estate purchases and delivered over 2k investment property wealth management plans to their esteemed clients.

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Leobit produces an excellent value for our investment. Their incredible ability to spot issues and drive improvements is truly remarkable. The team’s insightful guidance takes our solution to new heights of efficiency

David D.

CFO at Real Estate Company


Our client is a market leader for managing investment property wealth via 1031 exchanges in the US. Investors use their platform to tax-efficiently transfer wealth from legacy properties into passive income-oriented commercial real estate portfolios customized to their specific needs. The client’s platform makes completing a 1031 exchange more efficient for investors by processing all the paperwork online.


The client required a rapid and complete redesign of their product architecture to overcome scalability limitations and unlock their growth potential. As part of their strategic objectives, they aimed to migrate their infrastructure to the cloud, leveraging the benefits of enhanced flexibility, and cost optimization. To further elevate their offerings and meet evolving market demands, the client devised plans to introduce an innovative Portfolio Builder feature, enabling clients to create personalized portfolios with detailed financial information and predictions. Also, there was a notable challenge in complying with Bureau of the Fiscal Service requirements, as all business transactions must be documented in accordance with US law.


Initially, our client engaged another vendor to develop a wealth management platform. However, the vendor failed to meet the required standards of functionality and quality. As a result, the client made the decision to seek out a new vendor, entrusting their project to Leobit which possesses the needed expertise and experience with Real Estate and FinTech projects.


in detail

We undertook a comprehensive assessment of the product to identify the most effective strategies for improvement. The team initiated a meticulous restructuring of the existing system.


In the product evaluation phase, Leobit facilitated collaborative Quality Attribute Workshops to identify the most efficient architectural approach. As a result, we decided to transition from a monolithic application to a microservices architecture. This modern approach involved decomposing the application into smaller, autonomous services, thereby enabling Leobit to develop key web applications, including the investor, admin, and advisor portals. A microservices’ architecture simplifies scaling by independently adjusting each service based on demand. This selective scalability optimizes resource utilization and enhances platform responsiveness, offering an agile and adaptable solution for changing business needs.

As our client prioritized optimizing maintenance costs and ensuring scalability, we decided to migrate the platform to Azure. By this transition, the platform benefits from advanced infrastructure management capabilities, including automatic scaling, and load balancing. These features empower the platform to efficiently handle fluctuations in user traffic, guaranteeing a seamless experience regardless of the volume of users or the complexity of their interactions.

After the development of the new architecture, we needed to synchronize the investment offerings and migrate users to the new platform. To synchronize the offerings, we employed two methods: manual updates and the creation of custom scripts to extract data from the existing database. Once the investment offerings were synchronized, we proceeded with the migration of users and their data from the old version to the new platform. Our goal was to minimize any disruption to users’ workflows and provide a smooth and uninterrupted experience during the transition.

Leveraging SendGrid’s robust infrastructure, our client’s marketing team can effortlessly send emails, marketing copies, and vital notifications to their users. This integration guarantees high deliverability rates, minimizing the risk of emails being flagged as spam and maximizing user engagement. Furthermore, the integration of Active Directory (AD) has significantly bolstered user management and security measures within the platform. Active Directory serves as a centralized system for user authentication, authorization, and access control. The platform leverages existing user accounts and credentials, resulting in a smooth login experience for admins and investors.


An Investor Portal for Comprehensive Investment Performance Monitoring

User Profile. It leverages a robust password management feature, utilizing the secure and efficient OAuth 2.0 protocol and Azure B2C identity service. This allows users to change their passwords, being backed by the latest standards in digital identity management and security.

User Portfolio. It serves as a centralized storage for all information related to a client's investments. Within the User Portfolio, clients can find detailed information about transaction history, asset descriptions, financial statements, and legal documents.

Marketplace. Marketplace showcases a catalog of investment offerings, empowering users to make well-informed investment decisions. We leveraged Memory Cache to enhance response time and improve system efficiency. Additionally, we utilized Node.js Server Side Rendering (SSR) for faster page loading and dynamic content generation. To efficiently manage and store photos of offerings, we used Azure Blob Storage.


An Admin Portal for Streamlined Data Management and Control

Investors onboarding. Here, admins can manage the registration process of investors and their properties. It includes object categorization, validation checks, data entry forms, and database integration. We integrated robust encryption protocols such as PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) and AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) to ensure that sensitive data remains secure and protected from unauthorized access.

Management of offerings and sponsors. With this feature, administrators can seamlessly register sponsors who provide offerings for investors, and manage all details and relevant documentation. We integrated ShareFile on the Marketplace, enabling secure sharing, sending, and collection of documents from clients. Additionally, we performed a third-party integration with DocuSign, enabling investors to sign legal documents online.

Transaction process dashboard. The transaction dashboard is a user interface element that provides real-time visibility into the status of exchanges. In order to adhere to US legal requirements for documenting all business transactions, we integrated the Factom blockchain, solutions that guarantee a highly secure record-keeping system.


An Advisor Portal for Efficient Financial Investment Management of Clients

Investor Profiles. Advisors have access to all the information related to their clients, including their ipersonal details, investment portfolios, property type and financial performance. Client information is stored in structured formats. This feature allows them to analyze client information based on their specific needs and responsibilities.

Capital Growth Calculator. A Capital Gains Tax Calculator is a tool that provides advisors with the ability to estimate the tax implications associated with selling an investment property and calculate the capital gains that would arise from utilizing a 1031 exchange.


Portfolio Builder Feature

The Portfolio Builder is a special feature for advisors to create a personalized investment portfolio for their clients. Users gain advanced analytical capabilities by leveraging the tools provided by the SaaS platform Portfolio Visualizer, including Portfolio Optimizer and Monte Carlo simulation.

A key benefit of the Portfolio Builder is its ability to provide a 10-year investment performance forecast. This information empowers advisors and clients to make informed decisions about their investment strategies. To ensure scalability and high availability, we integrated Redis Cache into the system.

The Journey
Behind Client's Success

1 Architect
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3 Front-end Developers
3 Quality Assurance Engineers
2 DevOps
1 Project Manager
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Planning and Team Allocation
Infrastructure Setup
Platform Admin
Offerings and Sponsors
Client Onboarding
Investment Plan Builder and Publishing
Migration and Integration Items
Client Portal
Documents/Client Vault
Portfolio Monitoring
Business Reporting
User Acceptance Testing
Release to Production

People in the dedicated team


Years of tech partnership


Real estate purchases

$1.4 Bn

Scalable portals delivered


Technology Solutions

  • Adopted microservices architecture to improve the overall performance, and resource management of the platform.

  • Migrated the platform to Azure to optimize maintenance costs and ensure scalability.

  • Leveraged Portfolio Optimizer technology to implement Portfolio Builder feature to create personalized investment portfolios for investors.

  • Employment of custom scripts to synchronize investment offerings database.

  • Implementation of a well-planned migration strategy to transfer users from the old platform to the new one.


  • Gaining control over x100 more transactions after architecture redesign.

  • Unique Portfolio Builder feature that use smart algorithms to create customized portfolio for investors with forecasting and risk assessment capabilities.

  • Over $1.4 Billion in real estate purchases facilitated with the platform.

  • Client raised $6 million in Series A funding during our ongoing technical partnership.

Our clients say

David D.

CFO at Real Estate Company

We started working with Leobit in 2016 to create a proprietary online investment portal with a solid UX for our clients and the partnership is ongoing. We’re happy with Leobit because they identify issues and make improvements in an effective manner. The team’s insightful advice makes the solution more efficient and user-friendly. The service is great, and the deliverables are nearly bug-free. The team’s communication and time management skills are great given the complexity of full-stack development.

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