Custom Healthcare Software Development

Leobit as a custom healthcare software development company delivers digital solutions which follow compliance standards of HL7, HIPAA as well as FHIR. Our experts combine cutting-edge technologies, best practices of UI/UX and explicit mobile app design to enhance collaboration between hospitals, medical professionals and patients

We provide custom
healthcare software
development services

Leobit cares, so we offer dedicated teams experienced in healthcare software product development, which will build up efficient software for healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Complex Integrated Systems

Complex Integrated

Complex treatment where all doctors have access to the same electronic medical records that give them a holistic view of the patient, and there’s less paperwork to fill out provide an inventive way to reduce costs and improve patient outcomes.

Patient Portals Personalized with AI

Patient Portals
Personalized with AI

Medical software companies help the industry to embrace the patient as a healthcare consumer, medical software development companies make technologies serve both doctors and patients create a personalized healthcare experience. AI helps to analyze patient data and needs and generate action items that ideally fit the treatment.

EMR/EHR Document
Management Software

Healthcare professionals keep track of lots of documents. Leobit as a custom healthcare software development company offers powerful custom document managers that makes routine work with files and images much more streamlined and secure.

Secure HL7, FHIR
Data Management

Medical software development based on FHIR and HL7 closes the gap between the explosion of healthcare data making it accessible and usable for doctors to improve outcomes of the treatment and keeping it totally secure at the same time.

Medical Payment

Payment processing solutions help both medical professionals and their patients concentrate on treatment and automate the fuss. Payment systems can improve patient satisfaction and simplify billing by allowing doctors to accept and process credit cards, debit cards, checks, or ACH online.

Uber-like Healthcare
Mobile Apps

Mobile health is revolutionizing the entire healthcare industry by providing patients with access to critical services, personal data tracking, and doctors, regardless of their location or on the go if the need occurs.

Benefits of custom
medical software

As a medical app development company, we research and analyze the bottom-line of each project to help you innovatively achieve your business goals with measurable and clear outcomes:  

  • Optimize and minimize operational costs
  • Revamp administrative workflows and payout processes 
  • Make data-driven decisions in real-time mode
  • Ensure data integrity and security
  • HeathTech mobile apps

​Healthcare software development services include the design, development, testing, and maintenance of healthcare-related systems. Since 2014, Leobit provides medical software development services and craft inventive software products for startups, hospitals, and labs.

Helped by our innovative solutions, doctors can provide continuous care and patients can responsively invest in their health swiftly and easily using mobile apps.

Leobit’s dedicated development teams create applications with broad functionality, including access to medical history and lab reports, booking and cancelling of doctor’s appointments online, video consultations in real-time, prescription management and much more. 

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Booking System for Medical Sphere

App for booking hospital appointments


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