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AI/ML & Generative AI Software Development Services

Reveal AI potential to stay ahead of your competitors. Enrich your software with intellect and increase your business efficiency with a trusted AI transformation partner.

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AI/ML & Generative AI ​
Stack We Cover

generative ai

LLM (Large Language Models)​

  • GPT-5 (Open AI)
  • GPT-4
  • GPT-3.5
  • LLaMA (Meta AI)
  • Gemini (Google)
ai api

AI API Providers & Tools

  • Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service
  • OpenAI (ChatGPT)
  • Vertex AI Gemini API
generative model

Generative Models

  • Midjourney
  • DALL-E 2
  • CLIP
  • Stable Diffusion
  • StyleGAN-3
  • Whisper
computer vision

Computer Vision

  • OpenCV
  • Azure AI Vision
  • TensorFlow
  • Google Cloud Vision API
  • PyTorch 
emerging ai

Emerging AI

  • Machine Learning
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Deep Learning
  • Conversational AI
  • AI Chatbots

AI Consulting Process

AI Consulting Process

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Assessing your needs, goals and existing infrastructure

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Feasibility study and AI model selection​

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AI integration strategy and roadmap development​

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AI PoC and MVP development​

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AI Solution Development & Fine-tuning

LLMs by Release Date, Billions of Parameters & Score

Custom LLM Development
Services We provide

AI Model Design

  • Model architecture design
  • Algorithm selection
  • Prototyping & feasibility testing

AI Model Training

  • Data cleaning, normalization, tokenization, anonimisation and other data preprocessing 
  • Leveraging external data sources to supplement the training data
  • Model’s performance optimisation

AI Model Fine-Tuning

  • Pre-trained AI models customisation, adapting them to specific tasks, domains, or datasets
  • Adjusting the learning rate, optimization algorithm, architecture layers
  • Developing APIs, wrappers, or other interfaces to seamlessly incorporate the model into production systems

AI Model Integration

  • Integrating pre-existing generative AI models into  your software ecosystem
  • Seamless incorporation of the third-party AI model functionality into your app or workflow

Generative AI Models we master

With our expertise in custom software development and AI models integration, you can revolutionize customer experience through personalisation and intelligent chatbots, automate high-quality content creation, and gain actionable insights from data.

Microsoft Copilot

Azure AI Services We Integrate

  • Microsoft Azure offers a comprehensive suite of ready to use managed AI services, ranging from cognitive APIs to machine learning and advanced conversational AI.
  • These services are designed for tasks such as speech recognition, natural language processing, computer vision, anomaly detection, and machine learning.
  • Developers can integrate these services individually or in combination with other Azure tools to create customized AI solutions for various use cases, including sentiment analysis, document processing, recommendation engines, and intelligent chatbots.

cognitive services

Azure Cognitive Services

AI capabilities including vision, speech, and language

machine learning

Azure Machine Learning

Service for building and deploying machine learning models

open ai

Azure OpenAI Service

Access to advanced language models like GPT-4

azure bot services

Azure Bot Service

Builds and manages intelligent chatbots

azure synapse analytics

Azure Synapse Analytics

Integrates big data and data warehousing for analytics

azure databricks

Azure Databricks

Analytics platform using Apache Spark

azure conitive search

Azure Cognitive Search

AI-powered search with semantic capabilities

metrics advisor

Azure Metrics Advisor

Monitors and diagnoses anomalies in data

anomaly detector

Azure Anomaly Detector

Detects outliers in time-series data

video analyzer

Azure Video Analyzer

Extracts AI-based insights from videos

azure percept

Azure Percept

Edge AI platform for quick deployment of AI models

Featured AI Integration
case studies​

all cases
Open CV
AI-based Digital Dermoscopy Mobile App
Open CV

AI-based Digital Dermoscopy Mobile App

Leobit refactored and redeveloped several modules, altering the architectural logic of an existing application, and developed a new kiosk app with a primary focus on camera functionality. Our approach to coding ensured code compatibility for use in both mobile applications.

We were thrilled to contribute to this innovative healthcare project, empowering our client to maximize the full potential of their portable dermoscope device.

case study
Machine Learning
Microsoft Azure
AI-powered SaaS for CNC manufacturers
Machine Learning
Microsoft Azure

AI-powered SaaS for CNC manufacturers

The platform is a SaaS AI-based quoting app for CNC manufacturers who produce custom parts from metal or plastic using CNC machines. Equipped with a customizable dashboard tailored to each company’s specifics, the platform facilitates handling new requests and generating quotes.

Leobit demonstrates a diligent work ethic and takes full responsibility for the designated aspects of the project.

case study
Open AI GPT-4
Google Gemini
Google Apps Script
Azure OpenAI Service
.NET Core
Open AI GPT-4
Google Gemini
Google Apps Script
Azure OpenAI Service
.NET Core


The AI Sales Email Auto-Response Solution, or “Leo — Leobit AI,” automates responding to incoming sales emails and website form submissions using GPT technology. It filters and scores leads before generating accurate and personalized responses within minutes, freeing time for sales representatives and ensuring prompt engagement with potential clients.

Implementing a custom corporate LLM can significantly automate your operations or elevate your product. It’s inevitable: either you implement AI and custom corporate LLMs now to stay ahead of competitors, or you’ll miss the boat when it’s already too late.

case study

How we use Corporate LLM & Image Generation Models Internally​

External Focus Instance


  • AI Sales Email Auto-response
  • Auto-biddings at Work Marketplaces 
  • Website AI Chatbot 
  • Lead Scoring and Qualification 


  • Content Generator
  • Cold Outreach at LinkedIn
  • AI Case Study Finder

Internal Focus Instance

HR & Recruiting

  • Corporate Rules Slack AI Bot 
  • Employee Onboarding Assistant
  • Training Recommendations
  • Candidate AI Chatbot

Legal & Finance

  • Automated Invoice Processing

IT & Infrastructure

  • Automated IT Support Bot

Code & Image Generation​


  • Image Generator for Blog Posts
  • Icon Generator for Service Pages
  • UI/UX to HTML Converter

Solutions we build with Generative AI

Artificial Creativity Platforms​

Platforms that harness generative AI to facilitate the creation of music, poetry, literature, and other forms of artistic expression.

Chatbots & Virtual Assistants​

AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants that use generative AI to understand and respond to user queries in natural language.​

Content Moderation & Filtering Systems​

AI-driven content moderation tools that employ generative AI to detect and filter out inappropriate or harmful content in text, images, and videos.​

Creative Design Tools​

Tools that leverage generative AI to assist designers in generating artwork, logos, and other creative assets.

Personalized Recommendation Systems​

Recommendation systems that employ generative AI to provide personalized recommendations for products, movies, music, and other content based on user preferences and behavior.​

Summarization & Simplification Tools

Tools that use generative AI to automatically summarize long documents or articles and simplify complex text for easier comprehension.​

Image and Video Editing

Software applications that incorporate generative AI for tasks such as image enhancement, object removal, and style transfer in images and videos.​

Voice Synthesis & Generation Tools​

Tools that use generative AI to synthesize realistic human-like voices for applications such as virtual assistants, audiobooks, and voice-based interfaces.​