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AI/LLM Sales Email Auto-Response Solution

Development of an AI-Driven Sales Email Auto-Response Tool

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Leobit (Internal Project)


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200+ Employees


IT Services

The AI Sales Email Auto-Response Solution, or “Leo — Leobit AI,” automates responding to incoming sales emails and website form submissions using GPT technology.


It filters and scores leads before generating accurate and personalized responses within minutes, freeing time for sales representatives and ensuring prompt engagement with potential clients.

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Implementing a custom corporate LLM can significantly automate your operations or elevate your product. It’s inevitable: either you implement AI and custom corporate LLMs now to stay ahead of competitors, or you’ll miss the boat when it’s already too late. The biggest achievement is the full automation of the workflow to filter, score, allocate, and generate answers, and most importantly—an immediate, relevant response. It has essentially removed the anxiety of missing important requests and added a more structured process with a greater sense of relaxation. The results are impressive!

Oleksa Stelmakh

Alex (Oleksa) Stelmakh

CEO & Founder at Leobit

sales automation


Leobit is a full-cycle .NET, AI, and web software development company with a representative office in Austin, TX (USA), and development centers in Lviv (Ukraine), Tallinn (Estonia), and Krakow (Poland). The company specializes in custom software development, focusing on .NET, AI, LLMs, Angular, iOS, Android, Ruby, PHP, React, and a comprehensive range of other technologies from Microsoft, web and mobile stacks.


In the IT services industry, inbound leads often come from prospective clients who are already familiar with a company's brand or capabilities. However, responding to these leads promptly and efficiently while ensuring personalized and accurate messaging can be challenging. Leobit required a solution to automatically identify relevant leads, filter out spam, and respond with contextually accurate and compelling emails. The ultimate goal was to improve response time, enhance engagement, and increase the conversion rate.


Leobit leveraged its AI/LLMs, and custom software development expertise to tackle this internal challenge. The CEO and Founder, Oleksa Stelmakh, led the development of the initial Proof of Concept (PoC) using Chat GPT and delivered it in less than one week.

AI Solution architecture

in detail

The AI Sales Email Auto-Response Solution demonstrated the power of leveraging GPT technology for automating sales email responses, significantly improving lead conversion rates and reducing manual effort.

Leobit’s comprehensive approach to training and developing the solution ensured high accuracy and customer satisfaction, marking this internal project as a successful AI-driven innovation.

To categorize incoming emails, the team described the new approach and strategy directly to the AI model rather than training it on outdated historical datasets. The solution categorized all incoming queries into ten categories, such as “.NET Development,” “UI/UX Design,” and “Azure Solutions,” etc., to ensure tailored responses.

The PoC architecture relied on Google Sheets as a central hub for categorization and scoring, with Google Apps Script handling integration and lead categorization. Key components included:

  • Google Apps Script for API calls and automation
  • OpenAI GPT-4 for natural language processing and auto-response generation
  • Google Sheets for categorization, lead scoring, and workflow control

To filter incoming queries, we established a set of filtering and scoring criteria based on the services we provide and other peculiarities of Leobit company:

Filtering logic:

  • Requests from non-commercial email addresses or websites not returning an HTTP 200 status
  • Companies lacking a LinkedIn page
  • Non-targeted industries

Lead scoring logic:

  • Request category type
  • Lead country
  • Lead industry
  • Technology match (.NET, Angular, Azure, AI)
Sales automation with AI

Email response generation

To ensure response accuracy and personalization, our LLM email auto-response solution generated responses using a combination of custom templates and AI-generated content. Leo's initial responses were tailored to specific customer inquiries and included: relevant expertise, project case studies, company certifications and achievements.


Future architectural changes and improvements

The development of the initial PoC took us just a few days. Once we tested it, Leobit continue evolving the solution to integrate Azure OpenAI Service and building a more sophisticated architecture, including:

- Switching from OpenAI GPT-4 API to Google Gemini and then migrating to Azure OpenAI Service for a custom fine-tuned model

- Extending the knowledge base by adding more company-specific content, such as project case studies and internal presentations

- Migrating logic from Google Sheets to C# and deploying it as Azure Functions

The Journey
Behind Our Success

1 CEO/Founder (PoC Development)
2 AI/LLM Engineers
2 .NET Developers
1 QA Lead
1 Project Manager
PoC Development (1 week)
MVP Development (3 months)
Production Rollout (1 week)
Continuous Improvement (6 months)
Implemented basic lead filtering, scoring, and response generation using OpenAI GPT-4
Migrated from OpenAI GPT-4 API to Google Gemini and Azure OpenAI Service
Full integration with Azure Functions, refined knowledge base, and improved categorization
Ongoing fine-tuning of the AI model and extended corporate knowledge base

Technology Solutions

  • High accuracy when building custom pre-trained corporate model with Azure OpenAI Service & Google Gemini

  • Seamless integration for PoC development using Google Apps Script & Sheets

  • Improved workflow logic with C# and Azure Functions


  • Increased lead conversion. Faster and more accurate responses led to higher engagement and conversions

  • Immediate relevant responses. Automated, personalized responses delivered within minutes

  • Reduced manual workload. Sales representatives can now focus more on high-priority tasks with a significant reduction in manual email handling

  • Enhanced lead scoring accuracy. Improved prioritization of high-potential leads

  • Scheduled calls. Customers began scheduling calls directly through AI-generated responses. Thanks to our quick, personalized responses, scheduling a call after receiving a lead request takes less than one hour.

  • Positive customer feedback. Clients appreciated the fast and relevant responses, with many expressing their gratitude directly to "Leo - Leobit AI"