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Live Sports Video Streaming App for Antourage

Live streaming platform for broadcasting around-the-sports events

Understanding the current situation and tendencies on the sports media market, the customer’s company contacted Leobit to develop a full-stack solution for live broadcasting of everything that happens behind the scenes of sports events. In the course of this cooperation, Leobit created a product that offers simultaneous broadcasting to multiple targets, media team management, interaction with fans, viewer engagement, and other functions. This solution allows fans to peek into the life of their favorite sports team only having a smartphone and Internet access.

Customer Location Stockholm, Sweden

Technologies C#, .NET Core, Entity Framework, MS SQL, React, React Native, Wowza Streaming Engine, Mandrill API, CDNs, iOS (Swift), Android (Java), PHP, Wordpress, AWS

Customer quote Working with Leobit led to achieving our goals much faster; the efficiency and productivity went up through the roof.

Team 7 team members at different project stages

Client background

Since 2015, the Swedish startup in the field of sports & entertainment has been working on product services for live broadcasting of sports events backstage. Their solution provides great opportunities for sports teams and other broadcasters that want to build a fan base and develop their media business. Mobile live streaming and video stories help to engage sports lovers and give them an opportunity to get closer to their idols.

Business challenge

The customer had an idea to create a solution that would complement the conventional streaming of sports games and make fans feel a part of their favorite teams. In May of 2018, they contacted Leobit with the idea to create a live streaming platform for broadcasting around-the-sports events. Leobit is their strategic technology partner and provides technical support for new customer’s partners that are interested in integrating the developed broadcasting solution.

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CEO at Antourage,

Stockholm, Sweden

We’re really happy with our collaboration with Leobit. Leobit successfully delivered and installed the complete media system for a significant new client. They instated a seamless workflow and collaborated synergistically with the internal developers. The team was talented, pleasant, and knowledgeable. The key to our collaboration is our mutual passion and professionalism. Working with Leobit led to achieving our goals much faster; the efficiency and productivity went up through the roof. I strongly recommend Leobit to other companies that want to outsource their technology team and I really mean that from the heart and my brain.

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Why leobit

By the time of partnership, Leobit has already created several other broadcasting-based solutions and accumulated the experience necessary to realize the project. Moreover, Leobit was able to provide a team on the T&M basis and engage other required specialists if necessary. This type of cooperation was crucial to customer, since the workload wasn’t stable and sometimes they needed part-time development services.

Project description

The project consists of three key stages.

Stage 1

Admin dashboard and broadcaster development

Leobit simultaneously developed the admin part and broadcaster for Android and iOS to conduct the first release of the MVP in September 2018. In the admin panel, an admin or users with the access permission can add a new team or a separate broadcaster and indicate platforms that can be used for streaming (e.g. YouTube, Twitter, etc.). The broadcaster application is intended for football teams, leagues, and other corporate customers that want to perform live streaming. Interestingly, it allows streaming video not only to the native module of customer company, but also to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and any other platforms that accept video streaming.

Stage 2

Stabilization and iOS app module creation

When the MVP was created it went through the stabilization stage necessary to ensure the seamless work of the solution.

In December of 2018, Leobit developed and released an iOS demo viewer as a module that can be integrated into any existing application. As a part of its functionality the module uses Google Cloud databases. After the integration, this module accepts streams generated by the broadcaster and displays them in the installed app on end-user smartphones.

Stage 3

Ongoing cooperation and plans

After the successful releases of the admin panel, broadcaster, and iOS module, the customer decided to develop an app module for Android. It was deployed in May of 2019 to complement its iOS counterpart. The applications are already available for download in Web Store and Google Play Store, but users still need permission to sign in and start steaming. For scalability, Leobit migrated all infrastructure to AWS.

In addition, Leobit currently helps to integrate the viewer into the application of one of the football leagues and processes a similar offer from a floorball league.

Value delivered

Exclusive live streaming capabilities for broadcasters and viewers

Marketing benefits for sports teams and leagues

Scalability due to the use of the AWS and Wowza streaming platform

Broad functionality including streaming, chats, and polls which can be adapted to the needs of a client

Support of video quality adaptation, so the quality depends on the network bandwidth and capabilities of a user device

Regular releases with new functions and capabilities

Mobile first approach enhanced with elements of web functionality