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Leobit developed a user-friendly sports event broadcasting platform available across different devices. The solution allows the creators of sports-related content to easily reach their audience with unique content. With this cross-platform solution, sports fans can watch the broadcasts of various athletic events and peek into their backstage only having smartphone and Internet access. The app also allows teams and sports managers to interact with fans and can be used by sports broadcasters to target a broader audience.

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“Working with Leobit led to achieving our goals much faster; the efficiency and productivity went up through the roof. I strongly recommend Leobit to other companies that want to outsource their technology team and I really mean that from the heart and my brain.”

Johan Junker

Johan Junker

CEO at Antourage

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Our client is a Swedish startup in the field of sports and entertainment, founded in 2015. They specialize in broadcasting sports events backstage to a broad audience of sports fans. The solution also helps sports teams, managers, and broadcasters build a fan base and develop their media business. By providing mobile live streaming and video stories, the solution engages sports lovers and gives them an opportunity to get closer to their idols.


The customer had a vision of an app that would complement the conventional streaming of sports games and bring fans closer to their favorite teams and athletes. They contacted Leobit with an idea of building a live streaming platform for broadcasting around-the-sports events. They wanted to leverage our rich technology expertise to organize a scalable cross-platform solution supporting multiple roles.


By the time of partnership, Leobit had already created several other broadcasting-based solutions and accumulated the experience necessary to realize the project. Moreover, Leobit was able to provide a dedicated software development team and expand it with other specialists on-demand. This type of cooperation was crucial to customers, since the workload wasn’t stable and sometimes they needed part-time development services.


in detail

The customer ran a platform that evolved over time, with different project components spanning a period of 4 years. The entire project can be roughly divided into 3 consecutive phases.


Our team started with building an MVP (minimum viable product) that included an admin panel and a broadcaster app for Android and iOS. The admin panel included basic functionality for adding new teams and broadcasters, as well as indicating the platforms for streaming (e.g. YouTube, Twitter, etc.). Meanwhile, the broadcaster app allowed football teams, leagues, and other corporate customers to run live streams.

Upon collecting the user feedback, we started a stabilization stage necessary to ensure the seamless work of the solution. After that, Leobit developed and released an iOS viewer that accepts broadcasters’ streams and displays them on an end-user’s smartphone. After building, optimizing, and releasing the iOS viewer, we build a viewer module for Android to complement its iOS counterpart.

After the successful release of the admin panel, a broadcaster app, and iOS and Android modules, our team migrated the entire infrastructure to AWS. This allowed the customer to leverage scalability and cost-efficiency of the cloud. In addition, Leobit provided continuous maintenance with upgrading the solution for around a year, adding new features, and enhancing the integration of the customer’s software with broadcasters’ applications. For example, we integrated the viewer app with the application of one of the most popular football leagues.

The broadcaster app also includes a viewer environment where regular sports fans can watch streams. The solution provides multiple fan engagement features. In particular, the users can communicate with athletes and other sports fans in the live chat, send reactions to streams or participate in fan polls.

The admin app provides analytical features allowing the admins to review the popularity of particular streams, size of the audience, their activity, etc.

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Admin app

Our team built a scalable admin app that supports two roles: a super administrator and an administrator. A super admin creates organizations and adds teams to the application. Meanwhile, an administrator manages the system and helps teams and sports organizations run targeted broadcasts. An administrator also configures direct streams to the pages of sports organizations and athletes on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. Besides, an administrator organizes additional activities, such as best player polls through the admin application.


Broadcaster app

Our team developed and released a broadcaster module for both Android and iOS. It allows switching between the broadcaster and viewer environments. A broadcaster added as a team or an organization by a super admin through the admin app can use it to run streams.

After the integration, this module accepts streams generated by the broadcaster and displays in the installed app or integrated platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter. Meanwhile, a viewer can use this module to watch streams on one’s device.


Cloud architecture

To leverage scalability and flexibility of the cloud and release the customer from many challenging maintenance tasks, our team leveraged the power of the AWS cloud. The system uses Amazon RDS as its core database service, which brings the customer well-structured organization of data and the ability to delegate database management to AWS.

We also implemented Amazon ECS to run the solution's services. Amazon SQS is responsible for queuing while Amazon SNS handles notifications. Amazon ECR is used as a registry for storing, sharing, and deploying container images. Amazon S3 bucket is used as a data storage. Amazon EC2 is applied for the integration with the Wowza streaming engine.

Technology Solutions

  • Native iOS and Android streaming modules allowing to switch between the broadcaster and the viewer roles.
  • A complex system including the admin app, streaming modules for iOS and Android, widgets for web, iOS, and Android, and the possibility to integrate with other platforms, such as YouTube and Twitter, for streaming.
  • Flexible cloud architecture based on Amazon RDS and other AWS cloud services.


  • A unique platform available across different devices allowing the viewers to watch sports streams going beyond regular sports events.
  • A popular among sports organizations, teams, and athletes solution that allows the organizations to grow their fanbase by becoming closer to sports fans with streams showing the events happening behind the scenes of sports events.
  • Flexibility from the possibility of integrating the app with popular streaming solutions and social media.
  • Targeting features allowing sports organizations to be more efficient in terms of reaching the right audience.
  • Support of video quality adaptation, so the quality depends on the network bandwidth and the capabilities of a user device.
  • Additional user engagement features, such as interactive in-stream chats and user polls allowing them to vote for the most popular and efficient athletes, etc.


Leobit Wins THe Web Excellence Award for Antourage App

Leobit’s customer Antourage is a micro-content production suite that offers influencer-driven Fan Engagement as a Service. It consists of the management dashboard, broadcaster app, and Antourage Portal that enable sports entities to leverage authentic live streams while making the lives of brand managers and content creators easier. Influencer culture is expanding, with some estimating that brands will spend up to $15 billion on influencer marketing by 2022. Antourage allows sports organizations to leverage influencers, or super fans, to create interesting, engaging content. The Distribution Network currently includes Brands like the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings, the Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP), and crypto-focused casino and sportsbook, PlayBetr.

Web Excellence Awards

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