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Complex iGaming Platform for Arcanebet

Online Betting & Gaming Solution for Gambling Industry

​As a trusted software development partner for Arcanebet, Leobit developed a high-quality, secure web-service with a great UX for gambling. Within a sports betting and online casino offering, the platform aspires to provide its users with a unique and trustworthy gaming experience.

Customer Location Tallinn, Estonia

Technologies Ruby on Rails, Vue JS, Redis, GraphQL API, ActionCable WebSocket Server, Wirecard API, CoinsPaid API, PostgreSQL, SafeCharge API, SendGrid, Kibana, Cryptonator API, BetRadar API, Contentful API

Team 5 team members


Leobit’s team faced the challenge associated with asynchronous processing of odds during the sports events in real-time. In gambling, winning equals the original players’ wagers multiplied by coefficients that are changing fast. Our experts had to process a queue of gambling data in parallel, and they came up with the solution to use the Redis database to handle asynchronous tasks. Raw event stream of Redis prevents timeouts and powers interactive, customized campaigns during real-time in-game events.

Project description

Arcanebet planned to supplement the in-house software development team with technical experts to assist with their numerous builds. They already had a website used for esports betting. Arcanebet’s business owners wanted to rebrand their product, enhance it with new functionality, and make the solution easily scalable. That’s why the decision was made to rewrite Ruby’s platform, one of the most popular programming languages of 2020, and combine it with the Terraform infrastructure development tool.

Leobit built the Ruby on Rails platform with a Vue.js front-end part. Our experts provided high test coverage to ensure the software’s effectiveness and the possibility to expand the project. For example, there is a plan to embed Machine learning algorithms into the platform to provide AI features, such as creating gaming opportunities specific to players and the prevention of compulsive gambling.

Features & Functionalities

Access to a first-class selection of online games for fun and inspiring time-spending

Monthly tournaments based on the number of bets made by users to gratify and motivate the most active players

Gamified tournaments, quests, missions, and achievements to boost users’ engagement due to Competition Labs integration

An opportunity to place a combination bet for maximizing potential users’ gain

Automatic payments to iGaming winners immediately after the event

Personal accounts where players can fund their balance to place deposits and make withdrawals

Bitcoin cryptocurrency integrated as a payment method

Providing users with the most up-to-date exchange rates when converting their cryptocurrencies to fiat money or other crypto-currency

Integration with Managed Trading Services (MTS) from Betradar that shares risks with Arcanebet and covers all potential trading losses

Sorting and analyzing the large volumes of data helped by Elasticsearch, Fluentd, and Kibana logging solution stack

End Users

Gambling enthusiasts looking for a fun and exciting gaming experience in a safe, homey environment


A complex iGaming platform with unique features created by Leobit’s team increased the number of Arcanebet active clients by 50%. Our software engineers extended Arcanebet business opportunities developing the online casino part of the platform from scratch.  It had immense success among the company’s customers and boosted website traffic by 100,000+ monthly visits.

Due to the rapid growth of website users, our experts performed memory and storage resources optimization of the platform’s databases. They configured automatic users’ reporting systems, which significantly improved the whole business process. Also, we transformed the existing payment infrastructure and developed a standardized process for adding multiple payment methods to make it easier for clients to conduct transactions.

Arcanebet betting and gaming solution is developed under all industry standards. To validate Arcanebet’s ability to fast and efficient management of events bets, our experts successfully passed the Unified Odds Feed (UOF) certification from Betradar.