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Home Security Mobile App

IoT Software for Smart Houses

The home security market is witnessing rapid growth. Utilizing IoT technology, people can ensure that their homes are protected and adequately monitored. Cooperating with one of the most prominent Nordic construction associations, the customer contacted Leobit for help in elaborating an integrated property protection service. Our team is now working on the software that would allow users to control multiple smart devices remotely through a single mobile app.

Customer Location Western Europe

Technologies Flutter, CI/CD, Amplify Flutter

Team 3 developers and 2 QA engineers


The IoT solution for smart houses is a complex product that involves experts with different skill sets. Leobit joined the project when the customer had already shaped the teams of UI/UX designers, back-end developers, and embedded engineers. Leobit experts faced the challenge of working in a distributed cross-cultural team with determination and result-orientation. They effortlessly blended into the work process and started efficient software development, clearly defining guidelines and sharing valuable ideas on product improvement.

The customer’s company plans to regularly expand the range of products connected to the software. However, it results in another complication of a development process that integrates embedded devices with complex logic using different communication protocols. Leobit’s engineers are continuously testing how each device communicates with a mobile app and how it is sharing the data with a cloud service.

Project description

Leobit is creating the software component for the IoT system. Our team is closely collaborating with the customer’s in-house embedded team and assures that software developed on our side is tailor-made to hardware and vice versa. The mobile application is built with the Flutter framework, which can be run on multiple platforms. The application will allow users to control and monitor their smart devices for home security and protection in a simple, user-friendly environment.

To help the customer expand their service portfolio and conquer new markets, our team took care of scalable app architecture to enable new functionality and product evolution. In the current phase of software development, our team is connecting the mobile app with multiple embedded systems, such as leakage sensors, energy meters, thermostats, dimmers, etc. Devices are programmed to communicate with an application via ZigBee, a secure, wireless networking protocol.

Working on a home security mobile app for the customer, the Leobit team implements test-driven development to achieve 100% test coverage. This approach will help the customer avoid potential time and financial risks during future development stages due to better code quality and easier maintenance.

Features & Functionalities

Quick software integration with security products; clear and simple instructions to adding home protection systems such as gas detectors, water sensors, siren alarms, etc.

Perfect layout and intuitive interface that enables easy monitoring and managing home security even from thousands of miles away

Enhanced security of application login, including biometric options and account protection with two-factor authentication

Instant access to detailed information about the actual status of security devices

Customizable home security notifications based on different triggers

End Users

Construction companies from the Nordic region whose priority is safety and operational excellence in building commercial and residential properties.


The Leobit team is working on a solution that brings experience from owning the property to a new level. It allows users to centralize control over all household appliances in a single application, improve home security, and even cut the household bills by remote managing energy consumption.

Leobit’s software engineers brought effective ideas on application development. They helped the customer define a compelling and strategic product vision that would guarantee to achieve its long-term goals. The first months of cooperation presented stakeholders with a well-thought-out and high-quality MVP. It helped the customer raise investment funds and keep the project moving forward.