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Educational & Consulting Platform for Veterans

Platform Development for Veterans Coaching Company

Leobit customer launched the platform to assist disabled veterans through the VA claim process to get benefits they are legally and medically entitled to. The company offers education-based membership programs to disabled veterans, which include reduced costs for visiting independent medical professionals. The customer required technical assistance to optimize the existing software and to implement a custom, client-facing portal.

Leobit engineers upgraded the quality of the code, improved the portal architecture, and developed new approaches to specific challenges. The team is still working on improving and extending the portal’s functionality and UI/UX.

Customer Location Austin, Texas, USA

Technologies .NET 6.0 / C#, Golang (tooling), TypeScript, NextJs, Material UI, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud

Customer quote "What’s remarkable is that they’re always on top of deliverables, timelines, and bug-fixes."

Team 4 backend developers, 2 frontend developers, 2 QAs


Our experts faced two major challenges while improving the customer platform, which they successfully resolved with the help of flexible and innovative approaches.

Finding the specific email among over 500 existing Gmail accounts of coaches with a small quota limit and in a short period was one of the most complex challenges. Our experts tailored smart search functionality to the customer’s specific requirements. Smart search makes it easier for users or service agents to find what they’re looking for. That is why we created a single aggregated account to make the processing and tracking down of necessary information faster and more efficient. It takes approximately 30 minutes, and 50 million requests to sync all veterans-related communications from 500+ companies’ Gmail accounts to the platform feed.

Another important performance requirement we needed to satisfy was processing the number of notifications. Coaches’ activities produce a high amount of notifications flow inside the platform (around 100/s with double that in spike hours). So we had to handle that load with high-reliability requirements. In this case, our developers used an approach that prioritized reliability over performance to achieve high-quality notification delivery. Even if the delivery is slower, the user is guaranteed to receive notifications (99.99% delivery rate).

Project description

The customer approached Leobit to help improve a platform built by another developer’s team. The platform needed more features and solid architecture. Professionals from Leobit removed 80% of the unused code and updated and restructured the platform.

Leobit software engineers elaborated the logic of some features from scratch, simplifying system operations. They successfully improved the security system, developed an upgraded notification system, and implemented an account aggregator solution.

Leobit is continuing collaboration with the customer, and our experts are involved in implementing a new platform design to improve the interaction between veterans and coaches.

Features and Functionalities

Consolidation of customer-related data with better-streamlined access and analysis due to the custom-made CRM

Improved communication platform for efficient cooperation between coaches and veterans and enhanced process of storing communication data in one place due to the Zoom services integration

Automation of end-to-end processes and tracking of all payment-related data thanks to integration with payment systems like Oracle and NetSuite

Improved notification system for alerting users about all existing messages for them

End Users

Disabled veterans seeking assistance for increasing VA disability benefits.


  • Developed the architecture of some features from scratch and launched the release of the customer’s platform.
  • Leobit team has simplified the process of system operations.
  • We implemented a serverless architecture for faster operations, reduced expenses, and greater scalability.
  • We customized advanced filters for more advanced and efficient searches based on specific criteria.
  • Achieving the industry standard of 99.99% of SLA, we created a reliable and consistent notification system that ensures message delivery to the intended recipient.
  • Implemented account aggregator solution allowed us to synchronize over 500 company Gmail accounts within 30 min.
  • Improved security system.
  • 2000 active platform end-users.