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Educational & Consulting Platform For Veterans

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Educational & Consulting Platform for Veterans

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Leobit has developed a sophisticated web platform dedicated to aiding disabled veterans in navigating the VA (Veterans Affairs) claim process. At its core, this platform serves as a central hub and facilitates direct interactions between veterans and their coaches, streamlining the often complex and bureaucratic process of obtaining disability benefits. By offering tailored education-based membership programs, the platform empowers veterans with knowledge and resources, making the VA claim process more comprehensible and accessible. Additionally, it introduces cost-saving benefits, such as reduced expenses for accessing independent medical professionals.

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What’s remarkable is that Leobit team is always on top of deliverables, timelines, and bug-fixes.

Scott M.

Digital Transformation Architect at VA Claims Insider


VACI is a reputable educational coaching and consulting company dedicated to providing valuable assistance throughout the complex VA claim process, ensuring they receive the benefits they are both legally and medically entitled to. VACI plays a pivotal role in connecting veterans with medical professionals who conduct disability evaluations and provide credible Independent Medical Opinions & Nexus Statements for a wide spectrum of disability conditions. They offer a comprehensive range of expert-level educational resources through their websites and programs to ensure veterans are well-informed and supported throughout their journey.


As part of their digital transformation strategy, our client made the decision to launch a web platform aimed at automating key business processes. This platform was envisioned to serve as a central hub for communication and education, facilitating interactions between experts and veterans involved in the VA claim process and disability benefits access. Initially, the client collaborated with another development firm to bring their vision to life. Unfortunately, the web platform delivered by the vendor did not meet the expected standards of quality. It exhibited significant functionality issues, being unsuitable for market entry.


Our client initially engaged with another development firm, but they were unable to successfully launch the web platform and meet the project's deliverables. They conducted a thorough search for an Azure and .NET development partner and chose Leobit as their top choice. Leobit's expertise in .NET, with over 100 successful projects, and our Microsoft Solutions Partner Designation made us the ideal fit. We took over the project, handling backend development, database management, and infrastructure improvements on Microsoft Azure.


Custom CRM system

We created a custom CRM system to consolidate and enhance the analysis of customer-related data. This CRM acts as a centralized database that integrates information from multiple channels, including customer interactions, Zoom phone records, meetings, and other inquiries. This CRM system has effectively streamlined lead and contact management.

To keep your team organized and ensure they stay on top of their tasks and schedules, the platform includes a task management dashboard with automated notifications for upcoming tasks or scheduled meetings.

It centralizes documents and tasks associated with each veteran, offering a comprehensive and organized repository for efficient management and analysis of veteran-related information. Users can easily access and analyze this consolidated data through a user-friendly interface, streamlining the process.


management hub

The platform serves as an enhanced communication hub, facilitating efficient collaboration between coaches and veterans. It achieves this by seamlessly integrating with Zoom services, allowing for improved communication and the consolidation of communication data into a single, easily accessible repository. This integration streamlines the process of data storage and retrieval, enhancing the overall efficiency of communication and collaboration on the platform.

An important performance requirement in platform development was efficient notification processing. The activities of coaches generate a significant flow of notifications within the platform, peaking at around 100 notifications per second and doubling during peak hours. To meet these high-reliability demands, our engineers developed a custom solution that adopted an approach that prioritizes reliability over performance, ensuring the high-quality delivery of notifications.

It works by tracking every event and action that occurs within the system, allowing users to customize their notification preferences. While this approach might result in slightly slower delivery speeds, users are guaranteed to receive their notifications with an impressive 99.99% delivery rate.


Smart search

VACI team faced the complex challenge of efficiently searching for specific emails within over 500 Gmail accounts owned by coaches, each with a small quota limit. Our solution was a tailored smart search function that simplifies information retrieval for users and service agents.

To speed up the process, we implemented an account aggregator, consolidating all veterans-related communications into a single account. This synchronization process takes around 30 minutes and involves 50 million requests from 500+ Gmail accounts.


Advanced filtering

The platform incorporates advanced filtering capabilities for portal administrators, enabling them to efficiently search for specific information within a vast array of content and documents. This functionality is achieved through integration with Azure Cognitive Search.

The openwork cognitive search system employs advanced algorithms and cognitive capabilities to parse and index the data, making it easier for administrators to retrieve the necessary information efficiently and accurately.

Technology Solutions

  • Leveraging a serverless architecture hosted on Microsoft Azure to optimize operations, reduce expenses, and enhance scalability.

  • Incorporation of Zoom services to transform the platform into an efficient communication hub for coaches and veterans.

  • Integration with payment system like Oracle NetSuite, allowing for real-time tracking and management of payment data

  • Development of a custom notification system for reliable tracking and delivery of notifications.

  • The custom-made CRM streamlines access and analysis of consolidated customer data for improved efficiency.

  • Implementation of smart search function and account aggregator to simplify information retrieval and consolidating communications into a single account.

  • Leveraging the Azure Cognitive Search to provide advanced filtering capabilities for portal administrators


  • Launched the platform with improved functionality. The project was released a month after the project was handed over to us.

  • Simplified the process of system operations.

  • Achieved a 99.99% SLA rate with our notification system.

  • Synced 500+ Gmail accounts in 30 minutes with an account aggregator.


  • Accelerated market entry, achieving a live presence in less than 4 months.

  • Successful onboarding of over 20,000 clients and 100 employees within a short timeframe.

  • Achieved a 30% increase in the average VA rating, leading to increased brand reputation and trust within the veteran community.