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InsurTech Platform Focused on Disability Insurance

Development of an insurance application for income protection

Online Disability Insurance Solution

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Breeze is an InsurTech web application designed to streamline and personalize the processes of buying and selling disability insurance. It helps consumers get free disability insurance quotes and compare rates from the best US disability insurance companies by simply filling out a form.

Breeze extends its capabilities to agents and brokers, offering a seamless and efficient solution to present a range of income protection products to clients and earn competitive commissions. The comprehensive digital platform allows them to quote, apply for, and potentially instantly bind disability and critical illness insurance policies on behalf of their clients.

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Leobit demonstrated an effective communication and hands-on approach to project management. They consistently kept us informed promptly, willingly engaged in collaborative problem-solving, and significantly contributed to the overall improvement of our team dynamics.

Cody Leach,

CTO at Breeze



Breeze is a US-based InsurTech startup helping people protect their income with personalized disability and critical illness insurance plans. They power workers when they can’t work by helping them replace lost wages in the event of a short-term or long-term disability or critical illness. The company offers accessible, affordable, and top-rated insurance plans from the leading US insurance companies that customers can personalize to meet individual needs.


Our client had initially developed an MVP platform that showed promising results. Recognizing the potential for growth and the need for additional features, the startup faced limitations in its in-house capabilities. The major challenge, however, lay in the effective scaling of an application to support the startup’s growing requirements. So they decided to leverage external expertise and augmented their internal team with Leobit experts to cover a part of the development and completely establish the testing process.


Breeze sought to enhance their in-house development team for continuous platform development and testing. Leobit emerged as a perfect fit and a complete technology match in their search for tech experts. The client was particularly impressed with our broad proficiency in custom software development (particularly in the fintech domain), and knowledge in .NET and Microsoft stack. After contacting our references and receiving positive feedback, Breeze confidently chose us to move forward with.

FinTech solution architecture

in detail

Leobit’s team developed new features and maintained the existing C# and Angular codebase. In each iteration, team members performed different tasks, encompassing R&D, development, testing, and software deployment. Breeze’s agile approach adopted one-week sprints, a distinctive characteristic often preferred by startups.

Fintech Solution architecture

We implemented Stripe, a reliable payment processing platform, to handle all payment-related operations and manage revenue. We developed an API-based integration, confirming user identity and securely processing charges when they accept an offer for coverage. Additionally, we performed FTNI integration to streamline payment and remittance processing on the platform

We performed integration with the second version of Assurity API, enabling real-time access to quote information, generating dynamic interview questions, providing an initial underwriting decision, and assembling a package of state-specific forms compatible with DocuSign for a seamless eSignature workflow.

The customer’s platform needed to be able to work extensively with different documents and forms. To ease this process, our experts performed DocuSign integration. It helps to generate pre-configured templates that auto-populate contracts and sign all insurance-related documents in PDF format directly within the application.

To ensure quick and easy communication with end users, we implemented several integrations, including SendGrid, to send emails directly from the platform. XVerify integration allowed us to reduce bounce rates and spam complaints by validating clients’ emails and mobile phone numbers. Finally, integration helped Breeze to build connections with customers by sending them automated and targeted messages based on their real-time usage data.

Leobit developed an external API service, enabling third-party companies to seamlessly integrate with Breeze. This facilitates integration into various systems, benefiting both direct and indirect consumers.


Agent Portal

Disability insurance has always been too complex and confusing for agents to educate consumers on. To ease this process, we developed Breeze Agent Portal. It streamlined how agents sell income protection products like disability insurance or critical illness insurance to consumers.

The portal empowered agents to take a more hands-on approach by running quotes for clients and assisting with the entire application process. This allowed agents to apply for income protection policies on behalf of their clients and even instantly bind policies, pending client eligibility.


Client Portal

When we joined the project, some functionality of the client portal was already in place. We enhanced the existing features, optimized software performance, and introduced new capabilities. For instance, to simplify the expansion of the insurance portfolio on the customer's platform, Leobit implemented a unified approach to adding each insurance type. Previously, Breeze’s in-house development team had to create a separate service for each specific insurance type, leading to duplicated business logic and potential complexities.

Now, agents can effortlessly add new insurance types by incorporating only those fields that differ. This significantly streamlined the process and saved much of development time.


Cloud-Native Architecture

The Breeze project was built using Azure cloud-native architecture, so we worked on enhancing it and building new modules and integrations. To securely store and manage clients' documents, we added Azure Blob Storage. It allowed our client to perform comprehensive data management and seamlessly scale as the data volume grows.

We used Azure Queues to implement notifications via email or SMS when specific client activities were complete and insurance packages progressed to the next steps. It allowed us to keep users posted with important updates regarding their insurance processes.

Our team also integrated the Auth0 SDK to enhance security and streamline the authentication process for external partners. We also adopted Azure Key Vault to store all configuration, integration keys, and passwords in a secure place.

Continuous monitoring is vital to gain real-time insights into the application's performance, track user interactions, and identify areas for improvement. That’s why we adopted Azure Monitor Application Insight to track app state, identify bottlenecks, and optimize performance based on valuable data.

The Journey
Behind Client's Success

2 Full-stack Developers
2 Front-end Developers
2 Quality Assurance Engineers
1 Project Manager
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Phase 4
Planning and team allocation
Making improvements to the client side
Implementing new features to the client side
Developing agent portal from scratch

Technology Solutions

  • Incorporating Redis Cache for cashing and Queue Storage to manage background jobs resulted in a substantial boost in the system performance
  • Refactoring the existing insurtech web platform ensured its unlimited scalability and conformity with all emerging needs
  • Implementing a unified approach to adding each insurance type significantly streamlined the process and saved much of development time


  • We helped Breeze develop and grow a cloud-native web-based solution that is easy to evolve and maintain
  • Our joint efforts resulted in Breeze raising $10 million in Series A Round led by Link Ventures
  • Breeze has won Real Simple’s 2022 Smart Money Award in the insurance category