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Online Disability Insurance Solution

Web Application for Income Protection

Leobit is helping a US insurtech company modernize the process of receiving disability insurance. The customer’s mission was to become the first company on the market offering affordable, quick, online insurance coverage without the hassle of visiting insurance companies. And Leobit’s goal was to develop the software solution that would make it happen. As a result, the successful implementation of the customer’s development needs led to platform optimization and automation, performance increase, and the customer’s business growth acceleration.

Customer Location Nebraska, USA

Technologies .NET Core, Angular 9, CSS, HTML, Entity Framework Core, Microsoft Azure services

Team 2 team members


To simplify expanding a portfolio of insurance policies at the customer’s platform, Leobit experts implemented a unified approach to adding each insurance type. Previously, the development team had to write a separate service that stored specific insurance types. It was time-consuming and led to duplication of business logic that could later cause complex issues. Now, helped by Leobit, it is possible to supplement the list of insurance types by adding only those fields that differ. It helped the customer accelerate the process of expanding the insurance portfolio and save precious development time and free existing human resources for more important tasks.

Project description

After six months of cooperation with the customer, the Leobit team developed an admin portal for online disability insurance coverage. This portal was created for internal use to simplify the work of case managers. It helps them streamline communication with insurance companies on each case and smoothly move through insurance workflow with the clients. The portal created by Leobit significantly improved the efficiency and performance of case managers allowing them to organize and prioritize tasks in an elaborated logical structure.

As the customer broadened their insurance portfolio, Leobit experts also have been responsible for refactoring the existing disability insurance web platform. It ensured its unlimited scalability and conformity with all emerging needs.

Implementing the expansion strategy of the customer’s business, Leobit built an external API service for use by third-party companies who want to integrate with the customer’s product. So now it can be integrated into other systems and benefit direct and indirect consumers.

To power in-app functionality, Leobit engineers conducted multiple integrations. Third-party integration with DocuSign helps generate pre-configured templates that auto-populate contracts and grant legal status for electronic signatures. With integration platform can send automated and targeted messages, while Xverify integration reduces bounce rate and spam complaints, validating clients’ emails and mobile phone numbers. FTNI integration streamlined payment and remittance processing on the platform.

Features & Functionalities

Hassle-free online insurance application process

Opportunity to get instant, personalized, and free disability insurance quote

Availability of different insurance types (disability insurance, critical illness insurance, loan protection)

Operational dashboards with the most updated and relevant users’ information

Powerful analytics for internal use to make data-driven decisions

End Users

Individuals who want to eliminate financial stress during disability; small and medium-sized businesses offered different insurance plans and business overhead expense (BOE) disability insurance.


Leobit’s customer has been fully satisfied with our team’s expertise in creating a disability insurance admin portal and optimizing customers’ systems with a pack of new features. Our cooperation supports the continued growth of the customer’s business and already led to achieving the following results:

  • outstanding security and stability of the system
  • automating the process of expanding the platform’s insurance portfolio with new insurance types
  • efficiency and performance improvement of internal users’ activities with new admin portal
  • implementation of best code quality practices and standards with unit testing