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Global Payment Processing Provider

Processing Solution with Multi-Module Ecosystem

Leobit became a technology partner for one of the fastest-growing California-based payment innovation leaders. Leobit’s business analysts and our technology team are working on a complex payment processing solution with a multi-module ecosystem. Leobit expertise is used to digitize processes previously done by hand, optimize and simplify workflows, and develop functionality for the automated calculation risk level of merchants in multiple vertical-specific industries. Our team successfully solves all business-related challenges to streamline the customer’s operations, increase profitability and surpass competitors on the global market.

Customer Location California, USA

Technologies C#, .NET, ASP.NET Core, Angular, MySQL, Dapper, AWS

Team BA expert, tech lead, 3 full-stack software engineers


Some challenges in the project emerged from the overall complexity of the customer’s business. The payments processing industry has a complex, rapidly changing ecosystem involving various institutions, technologies, and players. For example, merchant payment transaction processing involves implementing anti-fraud measures; thereby, our team added risk-based scorecard functionality to the solution. Its purpose is to obtain each merchant’s risk profile and assess its progress status as passed, reviewed or failed. The main difficulty of creating this functionality was in different demands of regulators. Leobit BA expert analyzed the requirements and specifications of all institutions, grouped them into repeated and differing ones, and defined a clear flow of scorecard creation successfully implemented by our technology team. It enhanced the customer’s product with a new powerful feature that easily tailored scorecard generation to the needed entity (financial, corporate, government, etc.).

After choosing Leobit as their software development provider, the customer’s primary request was to automate their business processes. The company heavily relied on spreadsheets manually entering data from third-party services. With the growth of customer’s business, spreadsheets had to be replaced for more efficient operations management and quicker data processing. The Leobit team performed external integrations with multiple products. It enabled continuous automated communication between the customer’s modules and integrated products. Thus adding a piece of information to one place distributed it to the others. It helped the customer remove manual processes and save loads of time.

Project description

The customer’s solution is a multi modules ecosystem that supports the enterprise-level payment needs and customer management needs for specific payments and transaction processing domains. Using .NET and Angular stack, Leobit’s team was engaged in the development of all modules, such as:
Module I used for initiating the process of obtaining a merchant account;
Module II aimed to support a contract lifecycle process for agents, starting from lead creation and ending the lead conversion into merchant accounts;
Module III – a portal for merchants, agents, RM’s, support, and account staff used for reconciliation, reporting, and merchant maintenance;
Module IV – an automated workflow system used in underwriting (approving or declining) a merchant account;
Module V used to securely authenticate to all the aforementioned modules with one set of credentials;
• A system/interface to process transactions via API or Off-Site Buy Page;

To speed the business process, minimize manual data entry, and enhance the solution’s functionality, Leobit experts implemented multiple integrations with different third-party API services. For example, integration with fintech software allows acquiring banks to check if another bank has terminated a merchant in the past and the reason for termination. Another third-party provider accelerates receiving the Tax Identification Number with other personal and income details of merchants to aid in an onboarding decision. Integration with a leading global provider of legal and regulatory intelligence provides the customer’s product with the business information and analytics for better, more impactful decisions. Fraud prevention software integrated into the solution helps to detect payment frauds, while identity verification third-party API identifies fraudulent user accounts.

Features and Functionalities

Accepting, processing, and settling payments for the merchants in vertical-specific industries

Automated risk scorecard generation to clearly and accurately evaluate how risky a merchant would be to acquire

Versatile environment for underwriters to easily assess recommendations and determine the credit worthiness of merchants, agents, ISOs

Receiving accurate results for a set of checks from 3d parties vendors due to multiple integrations

End Users

External users: merchants in vertical-specific industries (such as E-commerce, Healthcare, Education, Real Estate, and Banking), partners, and finance departments of institutions. Internal users: sales representatives, underwriters, company’s finance department.


Thanks to Leobit’s BA and technology expertise, 100% of customer’s business processes previously done by hand were automated. The data is now well-documented and easily managed by software. By digitizing processes, our team eliminated inevitable human errors, saved customer’s costs for manual work, and, most important, decreased the time of deals processing by five times. Leobit’s BA specialist thoroughly investigated all operational flows and helped to simplify the merchant onboarding process. Suggested workflow minimized activities between the start and end points of the process. Following BA’s recommendations, our tech team eliminated unnecessary tasks and configured most activities to perform in a different, more assertive way. As a result, it suppressed the merchant onboarding process about three times without affecting its efficiency.

The product experienced a low level of process formalization. It led to the problem that the same process could be handled differently for various payment processors. Our team solved it by arranging configurations with input values and predefined templates that can be reused in many flows. It helped optimize the overall business process and establish a common business logic to manage the variety of operations.

As each module of the customer’s processing solution had its own database, the software showed inconsistencies while deciding which data should be prioritized and trusted. Our team created a single source of truth to ensure data is consolidated in a unified source. It removed duplications and inaccurate information, guaranteed software data quality and reliability, and sped up time between insights and decision-making.

Owing to all the customizations and functionality expansion of the product performed by the Leobit team, the customer operated at a scale that exceeded their expectations. Now they are not just using a solution to process their end-users but also selling it as a SaaS. So cooperation with Leobit took the customer’s company to the next growth stage.