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Web, iOS and Android Interactive Walking App for Sportif AS

Fitness solution with gamification elements

For a Norwegian consultancy Sportif AS, Leobit developed web, iOS and Android walking apps with an admin backend that, among other features, offers a range of exercising-related tasks and achievement tracking. After downloading a free app, users get a unique chance to earn points for walking and exchange them for various real bonuses.

Customer Location Bergen, Norway

Technologies Angular, .NET, Kotlin, Swift

Customer quote We value that Leobit delivers everything on time and they’re responsive

Team 5-8 team members at different project stages

Client background

Sportif AS is a consulting company based in Bergen, Norway. Their main focus is on the commercialization of sports broadcasting rights, event planning, and project management. They specialize in finding digital solutions for public health issues. In 2018, Sportif AS served as an intermediary between Leobit and governmental bodies that needed to outsource software development to a third party to supplement their healthcare initiatives.

Business challenge

Despite the growing number of fitness apps and readily available gyms, many people choose to stay at home leading the sedentary lifestyle. This results in numerous diseases that escalate healthcare costs both on the state-level and for employers.  Since many initiatives related to the financial incentives for physical activity appeared to be useless, Sportif AS together with governmental bodies were looking for an engaging interactive tech solution that would help to solve the problem.

What’s more, the planned application needed to attract additional investment to support the existing healthcare campaign. The popularity and positive user statistics of the app would facilitate fundraising. And since this was the winter project,the application needed to be released within a limited timeframe. Thus, the situation was further complicated with strict deadlines and constant changes to the initial requirements.

To solve all these challenges, Sportif AS contacted Leobit for application development outsourcing.

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Owner & Managing Director,
Sportif AS,
Bergen, Norway

Leobit developed our web, iOS and Android apps. We began the process from scratch and their team built it according to our vision. Our goal was to stand out from our global competition and get our product used in prominent sports events. Leobit has been professional to work with. So far, everything has been delivered as expected. The team at Leobit continues to be supportive and productive. They’re communicative and flexible throughout the project . We value that everything is delivered on time and they’re responsive. They also stayed within budget.

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Why leobit

Leobit was recommended to Sportif AS by another customer, highly satisfied with Leobit’s quality services and time efficient cooperation. As a result, Sportif AS contracted Leobit as a long-term strategic technology partner.

By the start of this cooperation, Leobit has already gained recognition as a proven web and mobile application developer, with over 150 applications successfully delivered for multiple purposes and in various domains. Moreover, a lot of these solutions included fitness statistics and location tracking functionality, the expertise in which was crucial for this project. The relevant experience and a strong team of technical experts created a solid basis necessary to develop this mobile application. Leobit was also able to provide a highly-qualified requirements manager who ensured that all needs were met. This step facilitated the cooperation and allowed to meet the tight deadlines set by Sportif AS.

Project description

Sportif AS contacted Leobit with the idea to create an Android and iOS application that would inspire users to take long walks. They announced the expected duration of the project, but this was an approximate deadline which required additional assessment and research. Therefore, it was necessary to estimate the project, plan its scope, and distribute the workload to reach the desired goal.

Stage 1


In September 2018, Leobit started the discovery phase that took several weeks to complete. The team consisting of a business analyst, a .NET developer, an iOS developer, an Android developer, a QA specialist, and a project manager clarified the requirements for the project and reestimated the necessary resources. As a result, it turned out that:

  • The initial project scope estimated by the customer was inaccurate. Based on the real workload, the existing team could release the app no sooner than in May of 2019.
  • To complete the project by the end of the winter campaign, Leobit needed to double the team. Thus, the company engaged additional specialists, including one more iOS and Android developer, two .NET developers, and a designer.
  • The expansion of Leobit’s team allowed it to schedule the project for the end of January. This was the closest possible date that allowed to complete all the necessary processes with the required quality.
  • There was a need to substitute the initially used Razor technology with more advanced and efficient Angular. Leobit offered such an alternative and promptly implemented it. This allowed to speed up the development process to meet deadlines and achieve better technical characteristics of the apps.

Stage 2


After all the requirements were clarified, Leobit started the development stage. During this phase, Sportif AS received regular updates with application builds for user acceptance testing. This approach helped Leobit get immediate feedback about the product and implement the necessary changes. As Sportif AS were offering modifications, the project scope was gradually increasing. This resulted in a new reevaluation and the change of the release date to February 12, 2019.

By the end of January, Leobit managed to complete 40% more tasks than it was pre-agreed. The iOS and Android applications, as well as and the admin part used for management and configuration were successfully completed. Thanks to this, by the release date, Leobit was also able to implement a number of additional changes and conduct the thorough testing of the application.

In addition, Leobit created a landing page for the product with customized design adapted to the target audience and customer’s requirements. This website was used in a marketing campaign that attracted attention to the product and significantly increased end user reach.

Stage 3


On February 12, 2019, the iOS build of the application was presented by Sportif AS to the governmental bodies. They highly appreciated the provided product and approved its official launch for end users.

Currently, Leobit maintains the operation of the solution and provides bug fixing. Once Sportif AS collects user feedback and statistics, LEOBIT is ready to update the functionality of the app, if necessary.

Stage 4


Sportif AS has a major business goal to stand out from their global competition and get their product used in prominent sports events. They are expanding cooperation with Leobit to achieve this target.

Value delivered

Successfully completed a complex project within a tight deadline, including the regular change requests and additional out-of-scope functionality

Adhering to strict govermental quality requirements and standards in the healthcare sphere

Developed a potent tool to nurture governmental healthcare program and engage citizens in walking

Promoted modern approach to healthcare problems focused on preventative methods rather than treatment

Added gamification component: app users can participate in exercising competitions on different levels created in the admin dashboard