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Parking Management System

Parking assistant application

Bringing to life the best practices and high standards of quality, Leobit created a brand new approach to parking management system. In addition to altering the way that people perceive parking as a process, we also created a tool for businesses to grow their customer experience and loyalty. This SaaS platform is used by first-rate hotels, resorts, corporations, condos, office centers, shopping malls, and healthcare institutions all across the USA.

Customer Location Austin, Texas, USA

Technologies .NET, Bluetooth, Node.js, Realm, Xamarin Android, Xamarin iOS

Customer quote Leobit was the only company that actually delivered what we needed.

Team 1-3 people

Client background

Our customer is a small startup from the US that has grown into an big parking solution company. They focus on improving and simplifying the parking processes via self-created hardware and software.

Business challenge

Our SaaS product is a parking assistant application that helps to use different types of parking locations. The app allows opening a garage gate using Bluetooth, retrieving a vehicle with the help of valet in a few taps, payments for parking, scanning tickets to park a vehicle or saving them for later use, searching for a suitable parking location and navigation to it. The implementation of one platform for all parking needs makes the process as easy as ABC.

CEO and Co-Founder, SaaS Company View all

Austin, Texas, USA

We interviewed about 20 different companies who claimed to be able to do our project, but Leobit was the only company that actually delivered what we needed. Their quality of the code has been great and they address any bugs or issues very quickly. They do a great job and meet our deadlines. We’ve been happy with everything.

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Why leobit

The relevant experience of our technical experts allowed to create solution for the customer that is compatible not only with their equipment but also with a big variety of other management systems and technology integrations.

Value delivered

Leobit is the only technology company that managed to deliver exactly what the customer needed - a bluetooth-empowered door-opening proof of concept based on AI and ML technology solutions. This later became the basis for success of the startup

Built a complex solution for mobile phone movement direction detection by multiple bluetooth devices interpolation

An easy-to-use, convenient, user-friendly, innovative portal for different parking services

Simplified payment process and parking experience

Managing real-time operations such as credit card payments, electronic validations, reservations, and more via phone

Possibility to grow the customer's clients loyalty and satisfaction