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Proprietary Lending Platform

Advancing Web Application Suite for Mortgage Lender

Proprietary Lending Platform

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Leobit has significantly improved the proprietary lending portal of a prominent American full-service mortgage firm. Established in ‘90s, the client demanded highly innovative solutions to streamline lending processes for both B2B and B2C sectors. Our contributions involve providing integrated product enhancement for a network of interconnected websites hosted within a unified lending portal.

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Mortgage Bank



Leobit's client is a prominent real estate mortgage lender with a steadfast commitment in assisting homeowners, prospective homebuyers, and mortgage industry professionals to achieve their financial objectives. Their approach involves the provision of cutting-edge mortgage solutions coupled with an exceptional customer experience. The company excels in offering a comprehensive suite of mortgage solutions that encompass Brokered and Correspondent programs. These solutions include a diverse program catalog characterized by competitive pricing, distinctive partnership opportunities, and adaptable business relationships to cater to a wide range of needs and preferences.


Achieving a successful mortgage transaction demands the orchestration of various entities, seamlessly coming together. The financial platform must establish connections with a range of stakeholders, including mortgage brokers, real estate agents, credit reporting agencies, and more. The technological framework supporting these complex financial operations adopts a layered approach, offering the flexibility to include or exclude custom layers or steps to cater to specific needs.


Our client was in search of a vendor with deep expertise in .NET and Angular. Leobit aknowledged as a leading .NET and Real Estate software development company by Clutch, backed with more than 8 years of experience in PropTech, was chosen as top choice as we matched client’s requirements ideally.

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The customer's lending portal is a comprehensive web application suite that serves as a connection point for brokers, borrowers, and internal users. Leobit's experts made significant contributions to the development of all these components. Our team was responsible for crafting front-end elements for three of the customer's websites and creating a custom CMS from the ground up, complete with industry-specific content and materials.

Project in-detail - Scalable

We developed an Angular library to streamline the loan registration process, which involves the completion of a certain forms. By integrating this library into both applications, we aimed to maintain consistency in functionality across the two websites. This approach ensures that any updates or improvements to the loan registration process are automatically propagated to both applications.

The platform incorporates a range of third-party integrations, each serving a distinct function within its framework. First, Docusign is utilized for electronic signatures, streamlining and ensuring the legal validity of digitally signed documents. The integration with Mandrill enhances the platform's email communication by providing efficient email delivery and tracking capabilities. The integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory offers robust user management and access control features, ensuring the platform's security and permissions are well-maintained.

The platform also incorporates connections to a Mortgage Pricing Engine and a quoting tool. The Mortgage Pricing Engine plays a crucial role in calculating and presenting accurate mortgage pricing information to users. The quoting tool, on the other hand, facilitates the generation of mortgage quotes, ensuring that users receive information about their potential mortgage options.

To enhance the customer support on the platform we integrated Happy Fox online support ticket system, to convert user inquiries into organized tickets. This results in faster response times, improved user satisfaction, and streamlined issue resolution. Additionally, it provides valuable data insights for ongoing service improvements and ensures accountability in addressing pending tickets.

Proprietary lending platform

Broker-facing and borrower-facing websites

The system comprises two interconnected websites: one tailored for brokers and the other for borrowers. The broker-facing website facilitates the processing of online mortgage applications by brokers, enabling them to initiate the process before it's handed off to the loan originator. If necessary, the website can send documents to borrowers and notify them about assigned tasks to move forward. We carried out a front-end overhaul, transitioning from Angular JS to Angular 8, and introduced additional features to enhance optimization. This front end encompasses various functions, including loan registration, program selection, and submission.

On the other hand, the borrower-facing website empowers borrowers to request loans, submit required documents, choose preferred loan programs, furnish essential information (such as personal details, employment history, financial liabilities, assets, etc.), and provide eConsent for loan registration, among other functionalities. This website, too, has undergone a transition to Angular 8 for improved performance. Leveraging the interconnected capabilities of this solution, both brokers and borrowers can collaborate, communicating effectively to reduce debt ratios or enhance borrowers' credit scores.


The mortgage rate comparison website

We overhauled a website designed for generating loan estimates based on user-provided data, transitioning it from AngularJS to Angular 8. It features a robust mortgage calculator that empowers users to compare various loan options and select the most suitable mortgage type based on their individual financial circumstances.

This upgrade enhances the platform's ability to provide accurate and tailored financial information to its users, facilitating more informed mortgage decisions.


Custom-built educational portal CMS

We developed a CMS from the ground up that functions as an educational portal for brokers and lenders. Internal users are responsible for publishing a diverse array of industry-related content, encompassing everything from the latest mortgage news and updates to webinars and educational courses.

This CMS is crafted with Angular for the front-end and .NET Core for the back-end, ensuring a robust and efficient system.

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Technology Solutions

  • Using Angular 8 for upgrading front-end of websites and CMS and .NET Core for back-end part.

  • The Angular library implementation to ensure consistency in functionality between two applications.

  • Docusign integration for electronic signatures.

  • Mandrill integration to enhance email communication with efficient delivery and tracking.

  • Integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory for user management and access control.

  • Integration of Mortgage Pricing Engine for accurate mortgage pricing information presentation.

  • Integration with a quoting tool for generating comprehensive mortgage quotes, providing users with information about potential mortgage options.


  • Acquisition of client’s company by the US-based and SEC-registered investment management company, founded by Wall Street veteran.

  • US department of housing and urban development recognized our client as a Top Lender in 203(k) lending for sponsored originations.