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Next-Gen Platform for Franchise Industry

Marketing Solution for Local Businesses

​Helped by Leobit, our customer introduced to the global market the self-service digital marketing solution for franchise businesses to advertise their stores on premium digital channels. The platform supports franchisees with all tools and resources needed to launch effective, streamlined local franchise marketing campaigns aligned with clients’ unique values and aspirations.

Customer Location New York, USA

Technologies React, Python, Bootstrap, Stripe API, Google Maps API

Team 4 team members


​At the beginning of our partnership, Leobit’s customer had just a bold idea of product conception and lacked substantive knowledge on translating it into specific requirements. Also, because of the limited budget, the project couldn’t be supported with BA expertise. These challenges were additionally aggravated with extremely tight deadlines. Leobit development team helped the customer to craft the product vision and convert their idea into concise and thorough documentation. Our experts used purpose-built roadmapping turning the concept into the language of data and defining the main paths to reach the customer’s goals. They evaluated, defined, and prioritized features that ultimately mattered to the end-users and tied each feature to a key business objective.

Project description

Leobit engineers developed a modern admin portal for customer’s self-service marketing platform with React. Our front-end developers helped the customer to create product mockups from scratch. Using Bootstrap framework, they designed an intuitive and responsive UI best representing the platform’s structure and functionality.

To expand the functionality of the portal and enhance the offering to the end-users, Leobit conducted integrations with third-party services such as Stripe and Google Maps. Integration with Stripe API, a payment gateway, enabled the platform to accept credit card payments and send payouts globally, while Google Maps API improved users’ experience by displaying physical locations on real-time cloud-based maps.

One of the requirements was to allow users to import data from a spreadsheet or another database, so the Leobit team built a custom solution for processing CSV data, tailored to satisfy customer’s business needs specifically. It allows users to upload files of different sizes and complexity and process them simultaneously while also ensuring data integrity. Once the data is processed, it is easily rendered to visualize a report data adding graphics and customizing tables for users’ convenience.

Features & Functionalities

Opportunity for franchise locations succeed and boost sales through seamless marketing campaigns

Effective customization of marketing campaigns for each targeted franchise location while preserving the brand consistency

Customers engagement and targeted users generation, large number of different ads, offers, and promotions to empower franchise business

Convenient and easy-to-use UX to promote local stores on premium digital channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Hulu, etc.

Launching campaigns in 24 hours just selecting a desired campaign and setting up the budget; no marketing expertise needed

End Users

Local businesses that want to shape their compliant franchise marketing strategy, reach a deeper and more authentic relationship with their clients thus increasing sales and revenue.


A scalable solution developed by Leobit’s experts helped the customer enter the market and then led to global expansion into foreign markets. Our partnership positioned Leobit’s customer as an industry expert in marketing campaigns for local franchise businesses. As a part of Leobit services, our QA engineers also provided professional automated testing of the portal. It facilitated time-to-market and saved development costs significantly. For user authorization and secure access to server resources, the development team used OAuth 2 standard.

The success of the platform can be defined by the value it brings to the end-users. Using this next-gen marketing solution, many local businesses have benefited from landing in high positions in both organic and local map search results, thus maximizing revenue and operational efficiency. Leobit experts laid all the necessary functionality to guarantee platform users increased site traffic and convertible leads even in the market areas saturated with fierce competition. The solution also ensures the branding consistency of franchisees while accommodating it to local peculiarities.