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End-To-End Video Workflow Solution

A fast and secure solution for
the delivery of video content

End-to-End Video Workflow Solution

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The customer’s product is a complex client-server program that is used for automated secured content delivery from camera to an end user.

It includes format conversion features and integrates with popular content management systems.

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Over the past three years, we’ve grown to see Leobit as an extension of our team, that can transform any concept into a tangible product. The current team has an amazing work ethic and is thriving in the collaborative environment that we’ve established.



Video workflow platform


Our customer is a US-based technology company cooperating with the world's largest broadcasters, television stations, manufacturing businesses, and marketing companies. The customer offers solutions for transferring, formatting, and delivering large media files. They primarily focus on video content.


The customer needed to speed up and automate video transferring and processing workflows to meet the demands of broadcast companies willing to come out on top in distributing unique materials. Leobit boosted and automated the delivery of high-quality content to end users. With our help, our customer received a solution certified by VMS AVID, capable of solving complex problems and helping the grow their business.


Our technical expertise, strong experience with the .NET stack, and a clear understanding of customer needs attracted the client to Leobit. We proposed a clear vision of a SaaS multi-tenant application that would provide 50 GB per customer/day and 600 uploads for less than 2m.

Project in-detail - Scalable

in detail

Our dedicated team outlined several scripts, features, and integrations required for boosting the client's media transfer and processing workflows. We also worked with several broadcasting companies cooperating with the customer to understand the practical side better and satisfy the needs of the customer’s primary clients.

Project in-detail - Scalable

Our specialists thoroughly researched the customer’s existing processes, many of which had to be handled manually. We came up with a vision of a media hub interconnected with a mobile and web app used for uploading media files. We also decided on several scripts that would automate the reformatting of media files, as well as additional features, such as transcribing videos.

Once our specialists came up with a clear project roadmap and a vision of software architecture, they used .NET WPF to build a media hub, as well as an app used for uploading media files to the network and transferring them to the media hub. MongoDB was chosen as the local database solution for storing and managing data.

After developing the code of the system, our software engineers started cooperating with the customer's client - a top-tier broadcasting company, as per the customer’s request. We developed different workflows for different integrations and leveraged multiple APIs to integrate the system with external solutions, such as Avid Systems, Dalet, and Grass Valley. Our specialists also considered the needs of each broadcasting company to build custom workflows tailored to their needs specifically.

video transfer solution

Media hub

The system includes a media hub used for storing all the videos and other media files uploaded through a mobile or desktop app. With one of these apps, a user chooses a specific network and format for coding the media file. A media hub workflow automatically downloads the file from the given network to the corresponding user channel.

There is also an option for pre-configuring video processing scripts. The same script that downloads the media file to the hub uses these settings to automatically process the media file. It can add a transcription to the video, parse this transcription, convert a file into a specific format, upload additional media file metadata, etc.


Integration with external media platforms

The solution integrates with several external systems, such as Avid Systems, Dalet, and Bitcentral Oasis, Grass Valley, through the corresponding APIs. For example, the same workflow that downloads the files to the media hub can transfer them to the Avid Systems app through the Avid API. Later, the customer can use the functionality of the Avid Systems app to edit the video. Similar workflows have been implemented for other integrations, with specific regard to the customers’ demands.

The same principle applies to other media systems integrated with our solution through the APIs.


Automated export of media files

The media hub provides reversed media transfer workflows. It can be used to export the files to external platforms. For example, a news broadcast company can connect its website to a "Watch" folder of the media hub and schedule a script that will automatically export a video to the company's website.

To make this process faster and smoother, we have configured an API that checks files in the media hub, converts them, if needed, and uploads them to the connected website directly.

Technology Solutions

  • Integrations with Avid Systems, Dalet, Bitcentral Oasis, Grass Valley, and other external systems through the corresponding APIs.

  • Automated script that transfers and processes large media files in less than a few seconds.

  • The secure network that is used for uploading large media files from any place where there is an Internet connection.

  • Features for reviewing and managing metadata associated with a video.


  • Enhanced customer reputation achieved with rocket-fast media transfer and processing workflows even in low-speed networks.

  • Cooperation with some of the world's largest media broadcasting platforms.

  • A complex file transfer solution that complies with on-fly file encoding.