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Full-cycle gym management software

Cloud-based solution for fitness club ownership and operations

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Our customer owns a complex, robust software solution designed specifically for clubs, fitness centers, and other membership-based organizations.


It aims to remove the industry’s complex challenges by offering a one-stop-shop solution to manage members, billing, revenue tracking, and other important daily operations effectively.

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We are happy to contribute to the success of this unique solution and assist our client in enhancing their operations and software efficiency.

Tetiana Lesiv

Delivery Manager at Leobit

Gym management software


Our client is a prominent provider of comprehensive club management software across the United States. Offering cloud and desktop-based solutions, they cater to fitness clubs with various features, including membership management, scheduling, billing, and more.

This company distinguishes itself by developing its gym management software and services from the perspective of club owners and operators. The company’s product owners have experience running a facility and processing billing, so they know the ins and outs of managing health clubs.


The customer observed that some fitness clubs were abandoning their platform during the registration process. They sought to identify the reasons behind it and streamline the process accordingly. Furthermore, our customer wanted to upgrade their system to enhance speed, improve software performance, fix bugs, and elevate the user experience.


Given the successful collaboration on previous pilot projects, the customer had confidence in Leobit's ability to deliver. With eight years of experience in sportstech and custom software development, Leobit was well-equipped to meet the customer's needs and expectations.

The client's cloud-based fitness club management software uses .NET and HTML5 technology

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The client’s cloud-based fitness club management software uses .NET and HTML5 technology, allowing real-time updates across various locations and devices.

We added user activity tracking to the registration form, which is quite lengthy and intricate. This allowed our client to understand at which step users tend to abandon the registration process and decide not to proceed further.

The system has a built-in marketing section that enables administrators to engage with members and prospects through email communication. This functionality allows for creating customized, personalized letters and notes, facilitating follow-ups, and sharing other essential updates (e.g., low usage notifications or changes in holiday hours or staff).

The system has a custom payment gateway that enables members to conveniently pay for booking charges online or at the club and save up to 10-20% on current credit card processing fees. It is PCI compliant, adhering to stringent requirements for data security management, policies, procedures, network architecture, software design, and other essential protective measures.

The software allows to set user permissions based on roles (staff, trainers, members) to control access to different features. The software clients can also set custom access restrictions to ensure data security and privacy as needed.

gym management software

Member management

The software offers a range of functionalities to manage memberships and enhance customer service efficiently. Administrators can easily create, modify, and track member details, including membership types (corporate, group, or personal) and associated offers. The Dynamic Search feature enables quick access to member information, making it easier to manage memberships and tailor services to individual needs. Thanks to the advanced scheduling feature, admins can now manage multiple bill days and ensure timely payments from members.

In addition, the software ensures secure storage of billing information in compliance with PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standard), protecting sensitive financial data from unauthorized access or breaches. Furthermore, by managing staff security access levels and tracking employee activity, the software enables organizations to maintain strict control over system permissions and safeguard sensitive data.


Revenue tracking analytics

The software has a comprehensive revenue tracking section that facilitates accounts receivable management and helps to monitor revenue, cash, or accrual. Additionally, it enables billing for Corporate Group accounts via EFT and facilitates corrections and offsetting transactions. With the flexibility to choose between automatic or manual transaction postings, administrators can adapt the system to suit their specific needs and preferences.

Thanks to embedded analytics, administrators can access current sales analysis reports and management charts and gain insights into sales performance, trends, and patterns. This enables informed decision-making and strategic planning to optimize sales strategies and maximize revenue potential.



Analyzing member data, tracking financial performance, and monitoring key metrics are essential for successfully managing and optimizing health club operations. Therefore, the platform provides comprehensive marketing, tracking, sales, revenue, and usage reports. Administrators can manage all incoming information, create customizable reports, and save templates for future use. Additionally, they can schedule automatic delivery on a recurring basis, freeing up time for other important tasks. This automation streamlines the reporting process, ensuring critical data is consistently available without manual intervention.

Technology Solutions

  • Implementing a multi-tenant approach, where each tenant has their own design, set of features, and separate database, enhances secure data handling by storing data separately

  • Adding caching has accelerated the solution's performance


  • 10-15% increase in new members joining the platform

  • Improved bugless workflow