If you are about to choose the tech stack, investigating its business and technological benefits is thoughtful of you. Before starting the development, you need to know whether the chosen technology will meet your expectations.

This article covers the most prominent advantages of Flutter, a leading cross-platform app development framework. It has become increasingly widespread lately, so you are very likely to consider it as one of the options.

Apps and Products Developed With Flutter

Over 42% of developers choose Flutter for building cross-platform apps. These are usually apps for social networking, e-commerce, health & lifestyle, entertainment, and gaming. Given Flutter’s popularity, you may have used many Flutter apps even without realizing it.

Below we have collected the most renowned apps based on Flutter. If you want something similar, this technology may also be suitable for you.

Groupon They have two apps, one for customers and one for merchants. The customer-facing app enables users to save up to 70% by finding deals worldwide. The merchant-facing app allows merchants to publish deals through the revenue share model.
Postmuse This Instagram photo editing app enables users to create appealing stories and photos. They can use templates and add details for more engaging content.
Xianyu for Alibaba Xianyu is a used goods platform that relies on the Alibaba e-commerce system to sell products.
Google Ads Ads is a top online advertising platform by Google.
Watermaniac This app allows users to track their water intake to keep their water balance and stay healthy.
Hamilton Hamilton is an app with a ticket lottery, stickers, karaoke, and other custom content related to the Hamilton Broadway show.
Tencent This application enables users to watch original popular shows and play games.


Tech Advantages of Flutter

Now, it’s time to talk about the main topic of this article. What are the benefits of Flutter that make so many companies choose it? 93% of developers using Flutter are very or somewhat satisfied with the framework.

Satisfaction with Flutter

Here are the main Flutter advantages explaining why people choose it:

Cross-platform support

With Flutter, you don’t need to create a separate app version for each platform. It also allows sharing both the UI code and the UI itself, which no other frameworks can do.

Quick start

Installing and running the Flutter environment takes minimum time if you know how to do it. Half an hour, and you may start working on a new application to launch the new product shortly.

Reduced development time

Typically, software engineers must wait for code compilation before seeing changes, which takes time. Flutter eliminates this problem with the hot reload feature that makes updates immediately visible. It also supports many ready-to-use widgets that additionally speed up the development process.

Native-like performance

In most cases, users won’t tell the difference between a cross-platform Flutter app and a native iOS or Android solution. Flutter apps are built directly into the machine code for perfectly smooth performance.

Leobit team offers flexible collaboration models and takes a customer-centric approach to every project.

Own rendering engine

Flutter enables the rendering of code on multiple terminals through its own high-performance engine, Skia. Thanks to this, you get more freedom in interface creation than when using alternative cross-platform solutions.

Ability to go beyond mobile

Although Flutter is primarily a framework for mobile app development, you may also use Flutter for web and desktop after recent updates. Such web and desktop applications won’t require significant code modifications, so you can utilize mobile Flutter apps as a foundation.

Simplified integration of logic

Flutter offers a ready-to-use plugin supported by Google to facilitate the implementation of advanced OS-level features. For features that are not available as a plugin, you can establish communication between Dart and platform-native code through platform channels. These capabilities make the integration of app logic quick and simple.

Great UI capabilities

You can create a tailored UI of any complexity to match the functionality of your application. Flutter allows you to customize clipping, shape/color/shadow manipulations, shared element transitions, and other details.

Tech Limitations of Flutter

Flutter’s benefits considerably outweigh its flaws, but it doesn’t mean this framework is omnipotent. Below are the most critical drawbacks.

  • Flutter apps are weighty. Finding suitable storage for your app may be challenging since Flutter files take a lot of space.
  • Low initial page load speed. Flutter apps may take too much time to load for the first time, up to 15 seconds. After caching, loading will become faster.
  • The limited number of libraries and plugins. Despite Flutter’s popularity, Dart is a relatively rare language, so you might need to write a lot from scratch.
  • Lack of 3D capabilities. If you want advanced graphics in your application, Flutter may not be an option yet.

Based on the recent report, the issues named by developers mostly overlap with the drawbacks listed here. 48% of engineers complain about the initial page load speed, and 32% have trouble with scrolling.

the most common performance issues

These limitations shouldn’t discourage you from using Flutter for cross-platform development. Having the necessary experience, software engineers can minimize or eliminate the negatives.

Business Advantages of Flutter

Apart from optimizing the work of your engineering team, by using Flutter, you also get some business benefits, including:

Cost optimization

Since you won’t need a separate version for each operating system, Flutter apps cost less than native. If you outsource software development to a third-party provider, you can cut expenses even more due to lower hourly rates.

Faster product launch

As we have already mentioned, coding with Flutter is super fast, thanks to its quick installation and hot reload feature. It allows you to make your product available to end-users within the shortest time to start generating revenue.

Powerful community

Flutter has a strong support community helping anyone interested in the framework with practical advice and materials. It makes working with Flutter easier since you always have someone to rely on. Besides, hiring a Flutter developer should be simpler than finding specialists proficient in more rare technologies.

Custom design

You can tailor an application to your business and target audience regardless of your industry. UX/UI customization makes your application unique and positively impacts user retention.

Flutter App Development With Leobit

If you need someone to help you get the most out of the Flutter framework, Leobit knows how to do it. Flutter is the core technology we specialize in, among C#, ASP.NET, Angular, Vue.js, Ruby, PHP, React.js, and others. Leobit team has already launched many projects based on Flutter you can view in our portfolio, including:

  • A home security mobile app that utilizes IoT technology, enabling users to monitor and control smart devices in their homes. The tech stack for this project includes Flutter, CI/CD, and Amplify Flutter.
  • A fully functioning solution for online dating. The tech stack for this project includes Flutter, Dart, Node.js, Vue.js, AWS, BLoC, Firebase (Crashlytics, Analytics, Messaging, DynamicLinks), Veriff SDK, OAuth (Google, Facebook, Apple), WebSocket, AppsFlyer API, Facebook App Events API.

You may contact Leobit with any software engineering request, from consulting to hiring a dedicated team for your product. We offer flexible collaboration models and take a customer-centric approach to every project.


If you need a cross-platform application for your company, Flutter should be the primary option. It can facilitate the development process through simplified implementation and brings many business benefits such as cost reduction and faster time to market.

Hire developers to ensure this framework suits your project needs best. Outsourcing will provide you with valuable professional expertise while optimizing app development.