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New Cross-Platform Dating App

Fully Functioning Solution For Online Dating

Leobit helped the Dutch-based company expand the functionality and complete the development of an advanced dating application. Developers have rewritten a significant amount of the code, improved the software architecture and found new solutions for future maintenance. Cooperation did not end there: the team continues to develop the product and improve its functionality.

Customer Location Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Technologies Node.js, Vue.js, Flutter, Dart, AWS, BLoC, Firebase (Crashlytics, Analytics, Messaging, DynamicLinks), Veriff SDK, OAuth (Google, Facebook, Apple), WebSocket, AppsFlyer API, Facebook App Events API

Team 2 Flutter engineers, Project Manager


The client approached Leobit with an unstable app version developed by other outsourcing vendors, i.e., by different developers with different approaches. The architecture and codebase needed to be structured, updated and improved.

Various inconsistencies and bugs greatly complicated the release of updates, expansion of functionality and required a lot of time and money for further scaling and maintenance. It also had a poor user experience, significantly decreasing the number of users.

The team also noticed the shortcomings of the notification feature. The code responsible for this feature was messed up. So, developers reviewed the entire list of events presented in the app and rewrote all the code related to the notification system. This made it possible to improve the customer experience and usability.

Project description

The client needed severe changes to stay ahead of competitors and occupy its niche. The developers conducted a code review to identify weak points and necessary changes.

Leobit developers used Flutter framework powered by Dart programming language, backed up by Google. It allows to create cross-platform applications with cheaper and easier app maintenance and significantly reduced costs as there is no need to hire two development teams (iOS and Android).

Compared to other cross-platform frameworks, Flutter has slightly better performance parameters (due to better interaction speed with the underlying system), code reuse, better customization and allows to achieve a higher level of application security. That’s why our team believes that Flutter is the best option among other cross-platform solutions for a startup with a limited budget.

The client needed to create a safe space for communication, so the developers verified users effectively and quickly. Veriff SDK integration helped to improve the user identification system.

Leobit engineers also used Firebase, which allows them to manage backend infrastructure better and create dynamic links for users’ convenience. It also helps monitor performance, control system stability and get rich analytics.

The team helped the client form specific business requirements and deal with planning. Together they listed features for future implementation: video calls, Google Calendar integration for better date scheduling, Google Maps integration for mapping and easy social events tracking, restaurant booking functionality enhanced with Formitable integration, etc. A new app version is released every 2-3 weeks.

Features and Functionalities

Swipe feature for a better user experience, more matches and generally more user involvement

Subscriptions plans and in-app purchases (App Store and PlayMarket)

Device location retrievement using platform-specific services

Simple analysis of complex data, monitoring the effectiveness of marketing companies, measuring the number of visits, customer churn and essential user engagement metrics due to integrations with AppsFlyer and Facebook App Events

Secure user verification through Veriff SDK integration

End Users

People with severe requirements and standards in dating; everyone looking for a reliable and secure dating app.


  • The client received a fully functional MVP, a stable app version, which already generates regular income. Users can purchase convenient subscription plans and additional credits for dates, which radically changes the approach to dating.
  • The number of users increased by 8 times, and the rating in the App Stores was highly improved. Thanks to high performance and better user experience, the app has become much more popular.
  • The number of issues decreased by 80% and continues to decline.
  • Flutter framework helped to reduce development efforts and money for further maintenance, support and improvement.
  • The notification system has been redesigned and built using Firebase Cloud Messaging.
  • App architecture was changed and improved, as well as the codebase. This led to better resource use and product scalability, increased product performance and reduced technical debt.
  • The result of the development is a high-performance cross-platform application with extended functionality and a high level of security.