Flutter is the most popular cross-platform framework currently used by 42% of developers. Hence, if you are about to create a cross-platform app, Flutter is one of the first options to consider.

After deciding what technology to adopt, you need to deal with another question ‘How to hire a Flutter developer’ to ensure the best result? This common problem has inspired us to write this guide. Read on to learn the requirements for Flutter developers, engagement models, and other critical details.

What Makes Flutter So Commonly Used?

The main reason for Flutter’s popularity is that this technology enables developers to create cross-platform solutions with a single codebase. Using this toolkit, software engineers don’t have to develop separate apps for different OS and devices from scratch. Flutter allows launching one solution that runs equally smoothly everywhere. It cuts the development time, allows companies to optimize expenses, and considerably increases the time-to-market speed.

Besides, Flutter supports its own rendering engine and customizable UI to design apps of any complexity. It ensures almost identical to native apps user experience. This way, software companies can get the optimal quality at an affordable cost.

Cross-platform mobile frameworks used by developers in 2021

flutter popularity(Source)

Why Hire Flutter App Developers?

You may need to hire Flutter app developers if you launch a project based on this cross-platform technology. Overall, be ready to search for Flutter experts if you:

  • Have an internal tech team but lack specialists with Flutter expertise
  • Don’t have in-house specialists and want to assemble a team to start a Flutter software development project
  • Need a more experienced Flutter developer for consulting and knowledge sharing
  • Want to fully outsource your engineering tasks to a remote team with the necessary Flutter skills

Flutter Developer Requirements

If you have never recruited Flutter developers before, you may have difficulty choosing the right candidate. Yet, there are some things a qualified Flutter developer should possess, including:

  • At least three years of experience with mobile apps
  • Be proficient in Flutter SDK, Visual Studio Code, and Android Studio
  • Experience working with Agile and Scrum methodologies
  • Write readable and well-documented code
  • Have experience with SQL databases (SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL or other) and other storage mechanisms
  • Have experience with SQLite, PostgreSQL, and My SQL databases
  • Hands-on experience working with REST APIs
  • Understand optimization approaches for client-facing software

Besides the technical knowledge and practical experience, Flutter developers should have proper communication skills. The ability to be a team player is essential for successful software development.

Where to Hire Flutter Experts: Location and Resources

The price-quality ratio of hiring a Flutter developer depends on your location.

The services of Flutter engineers are the most expensive in North America and Western Europe. Also, the number of available developers in these labor markets is very limited. Therefore, we recommend remotely hiring a specialist or a dedicated team in Eastern Europe. Professionals in this region have lower hourly rates with the same experience. There is an acceptable time difference, and English proficiency is excellent.

Where to search for developers? You can use freelance marketplaces like Upwork, contact a recruiting agency, or cooperate with a software development company. The latter option is perfect for medium and large projects or projects that must be launched within the shortest time.

As a web and mobile software development company, Leobit can help you find the best Flutter developer and other tech experts for your project.

Best Location to Find Programmers

If you decide to have a remote team of engineers, choosing a location is a critical step. It will affect the software quality and the total budget.

Considering different locations to hire a Flutter developer, mind the following aspects:

  • Technical skills
  • Local hourly rates
  • Talent pool size
  • Geographical proximity
  • Cultural aspects
  • English level and education

The analysis of the top destinations based on these characteristics makes it clear why Eastern Europe is the top region to hire Flutter programmers.

Top Flutter software development destinations


Tech Skills Hourly Rates Talent Pool Geographical Proximity Cultural Aspects English Level
North America + + + +
Western Europe + + + +
Eastern Europe + + + + + +
India + +
China + + + +

As to the location within Eastern Europe, Ukraine has remained a beloved destination of many outsourcers for decades. This country has over 220.000 software engineers ready to start new projects.

Engagement Models to Cooperate With Flutter Developers

As the world goes remote and the Internet connection is the only thing that matters, you don’t need to maintain an in-house team. You can choose alternative engagement options, including cooperation with freelancers or outsourcing. Let’s compare these options:

In-house engagement

An in-house team is great in terms of professional expertise, management, and collaboration. Yet, you will need time and resources to assemble it. That’s why full-time engagement is primarily suitable for large projects.


Freelance Flutter developers may be challenging to integrate into your business processes. Besides, initial screening and recruitment take time. Generally, the freelance engagement model is recommended for small projects or separate tasks with a limited budget.


Hiring a third-party agency with Flutter developers is a shortcut in many cases. It’s a great option if you need to start a project asap and cannot waste time on the recruitment process. It’s also a good opportunity to optimize software engineering expenses if you hire engineers in a region with lower hourly rates. Most importantly, outsourcing is suitable both for small and large projects since you control the size of the team.

How to Find a Flutter Services Provider

Once you decide you need outsourcing, it’s time to pick a reliable partner. Note that Flutter is a relatively new technology. Hence, don’t expect dozens of completed projects in a portfolio. Several Flutter cases are enough to confirm the expertise.Web and native mobile development experience is another thing to search for. Providers that have launched many apps written in other frameworks will know how to apply Flutter.Finally, analyze the reviews about the company, their collaboration models, and management transparency.

Collaboration Models

Flutter development providers, including Leobit, offer three main engagement models: dedicated team, time & materials, and fixed price. Here’s what each package includes in Leobit:cooperation models
As a rule, the dedicated team model shows the best results for long-term and large-scale Flutter software development projects. The T&M contracts we recommend for small projects that require part-time involvement. The fixed price cooperation is for businesses that need to solve separate tech tasks and have detailed requirements.

Final Thoughts

When you hire a Flutter developer, you need to consider many aspects. First, it’s necessary to decide whether you want an in-house team or prefer to cut expenses with outsourcing. Then, you have to investigate different service providers and interview Flutter developers to choose the one with the most suitable tech and personal skills. The expertise of hired engineers will directly impact your project’s success, so take it seriously.

As a web and mobile software development company, Leobit can help you find the best Flutter developer and other tech experts for your project. Contact us to get a consultation and learn more about our engineering services.