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virtual tourism

Virtual Tourism: How Technology has Helped People Adapt to the Lockdown

Experts believe that tourism development is impossible without the creation and implementation of innovation. One of such novelties is virtual reality and 3D graphics technology. This type of technological advancement allows organizations to create digital libraries, museum exhibits, and other…

Design Thinking in Software Development: How Much Does Software Development Depend on Design Thinking?

The development of software solutions is a complex process that requires the consideration of different professional approaches. If we talk about solutions that need design, then it’s important to take into account not only clear schemes and algorithms, but also…

healthcare trends

How will Health Care in the U.S. Transform in 2021

The last year has proved that global medicine needs global changes. The pandemic has become a stimulus for the development of medicine in many countries. The coronavirus pointed to errors in the organization of medical care in the United States…

Distance Learning Software

Do Companies Need Distance Learning Software?

Distance learning systems have been given a new lease of life during the coronavirus pandemic. In order to continue to effectively train specialists and raise the level of knowledge of employees, many companies began to use ready-made distance learning platforms….

Top Fintech companies and startups 2020

Top Fintech Companies and Startups to Watch in 2021

The accelerated pace of digital transformation is pushing many businesses to adopt fintech solutions. Advanced online banking systems, wealth management services, digital loans, fintech mobile apps, and other fintech startups are gaining traction. In 2020, despite the overall economic downturn,…

IT Outsourcing

How to Save Your Business Thanks to IT Outsourcing

Currently, the global market of outsourced services amounts to a $92.5 billion industry. Custom software development outsourcing has already become a solid business solution to increase production capacity, gain extra flexibility, and optimize expenses. Over 44% of CIOs admit they…

Software development budget

Software Development Budget: Key Factors that Influence the Final Costs

The matter of cost is a crucial factor for anyone who wants to create a digital product. Custom software development costs depend on many factors, such as specific features, scope, and size of software, delivery timelines, etc. Even though there…

Сustom recruitment software

How Custom Software Can Revive Your Recruitment Process

Even though in 2020, the recruitment market bumped into serious challenges, it hasn’t shrunk much. Moreover, according to Statista, next year, the US recruiting industry will reach $136.4 billion, growing by 14%. The competition for a qualified workforce is rapidly…

Remote Economy: Trends That SaaS and Technology Companies Need to Consider

We all predicted that remote work would predominate. The growing freelance market, shift to outsource app development, and other technology industry trends pointed at the increasing role of the remote economy. We didn’t know that in 2020, one of the…