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healthcare trends

How will Health Care in the U.S. Transform in 2021

The last year has proved that global medicine needs global changes. The pandemic has become a stimulus for the development of medicine in many countries. The coronavirus pointed to errors in the organization of medical care in the United States…

Distance Learning Software

Do Companies Need Distance Learning Software?

Distance learning systems have been given a new lease of life during the coronavirus pandemic. In order to continue to effectively train specialists and raise the level of knowledge of employees, many companies began to use ready-made distance learning platforms….

e-learning lms software

The Pandemic Drives the Development of E-learning LMS Software in the United States

E-learning LMS software can be a lifesaver for Americans. The pandemic has pushed the popularity of e-learning upwards in all areas, including classical education and corporate training. The demand for training courses and software to create them has grown everywhere….

Banking and Finance trends 2021

9 Banking and Fintech Software Development Trends in 2021: What to Focus On

Despite the dismal projections at the beginning of the pandemic, the financial sector didn’t hit the new version of the 2007-2008 crisis. Thanks to governmental measures and fintech innovations, the worst seems to be behind. But what does 2021 hold…

Laws & Data Standards for Healthcare

Key Laws and Data Standards a Healthcare Software Development Provider Should Know

It’s not easy to be compliant in healthcare. Especially if you are a healthcare application development provider accountable for secure data processing and storage. You must follow a range of stringent regulations and healthcare data security standards, including HIPAA, FHIR,…

Top Fintech companies and startups 2020

Top Fintech Companies and Startups to Watch in 2021

The accelerated pace of digital transformation is pushing many businesses to adopt fintech solutions. Advanced online banking systems, wealth management services, digital loans, fintech mobile apps, and other fintech startups are gaining traction. In 2020, despite the overall economic downturn,…

CRM system for your business

Why Build a Custom CRM for Your Business

To improve your business flow, it is an excellent idea to automate everything that can be automated, and building a custom CRM is a great way to do it. Continue reading this article to learn: What is CRM? Benefits of…

Сustom recruitment software

How Custom Software Can Revive Your Recruitment Process

Even though in 2020, the recruitment market bumped into serious challenges, it hasn’t shrunk much. Moreover, according to Statista, next year, the US recruiting industry will reach $136.4 billion, growing by 14%. The competition for a qualified workforce is rapidly…

progressive web applications

An Introduction to Progressive Web Applications: Advantages, Best Tools & Frameworks

Progressive web applications (PWAs) make use of the best technical solutions applied in mobile and web applications. The concept of PWA was introduced in 2015, enabling programmers to deliver web-based applications that are competitive and even outperform the native app’s…