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best programming languages 2021

10 Best Programming Languages in 2021

The popularity of programming languages is determined not only by how often they are used but also by what technical solutions are created using them. We asked the experts which programming languages they see at the top of the rankings…

virtual tourism

Virtual Tourism: How Technology has Helped People Adapt to the Lockdown

Experts believe that tourism development is impossible without the creation and implementation of innovation. One of such novelties is virtual reality and 3D graphics technology. This type of technological advancement allows organizations to create digital libraries, museum exhibits, and other…

distributed cloud

Experts Say Distributed Clouds Can Improve Business Efficiency

The use of distributed clouds helps transform a business and adapt it to new realities. Today, distributed clouds are used by leading companies around the world, and the technology itself is beginning to be applied not only in trade or…

streaming technology

Will Streaming Technologies Continue After the Pandemic?

During the pandemic, many Internet technologies became very popular. It’s hard to imagine how people used to live without messengers and streaming platforms. But what will happen to them when the pandemic is over. We asked about this expert. How…

Design Thinking in Software Development: How Much Does Software Development Depend on Design Thinking?

The development of software solutions is a complex process that requires the consideration of different professional approaches. If we talk about solutions that need design, then it’s important to take into account not only clear schemes and algorithms, but also…

Finance and banking

What Software Solutions are You Missing in Banking and Finance?

Not all banks and financial institutions were prepared for the pandemic and thus experienced reduced communication with their customers. It became obvious how important it would be to implement bank automation. Clients currently lack adequate software solutions to use the services of banks…

healthcare trends

How will Health Care in the U.S. Transform in 2021

The last year has proved that global medicine needs global changes. The pandemic has become a stimulus for the development of medicine in many countries. The coronavirus pointed to errors in the organization of medical care in the United States…

Distance Learning Software

Do Companies Need Distance Learning Software?

Distance learning systems have been given a new lease of life during the coronavirus pandemic. In order to continue to effectively train specialists and raise the level of knowledge of employees, many companies began to use ready-made distance learning platforms….


The Pandemic Drives the Development of E-learning LMS Software in the United States

E-learning LMS software can be a lifesaver for Americans. The pandemic has pushed the popularity of e-learning upwards in all areas, including classical education and corporate training. The demand for training courses and software to create them has grown everywhere….