When you’ve committed to developing a mobile application for your company, you’ll have to make a difficult decision: recruit your in-house development team or to outsource the development team?

Outsourcing mobile app development allows you to reduce project costs, reduce time to market, and increase product quality. According to Commit Study, software development outsourcing will grow 70% by 2023.

This article will provide you with helpful guidance on how to select a mobile app development outsourcing business.

Mobile app development outsourcing vs in-house

Comparison Outsourcing In-house
Cost When selecting an app development outsourcing company, you are not restricted to a specific location, so it is easy to discover a low-cost, high-quality choice. Due to training, recruiting, licensing, and other expenses, as well as recurring overheads, in-house app development has a significant upfront cost.
Communication When you outsource development teams, there is always the possibility of facing language and cultural barriers. Different time zones make it complicated to communicate necessary details on time as well. Face-to-face contact, fewer borders and limitations, and a better overall grasp of the project are the benefits of an in-house team.
Expertise Outsourcing provides you with access to a massive global talent pool. You may outsource IT businesses skilled in the many technologies required to construct your solution. You have a restricted amount of competencies while working with your in-house staff. You’ll need to hire specialized employees to apply specific expertise, which means more expenses.
Speed The majority of outsourcing agreements include penalties for missing deadlines without justification. As a result, the outsourcing team will always be on schedule to meet deadlines and complete the project more quickly. The number of individuals on board and the time it takes to recruit limit the pace with which items may be built in-house. Software engineers know their abilities are in high demand and frequently move jobs.
Scalability When you outsource to an expert app development company, you gain flexibility. As a result, there is a reasonable probability that you may make your app more scalable without spending extra money on app development. When you wish to add more features that demand more technical abilities that your team lacks, you will likely run into scalability challenges. As a result, scaling and adding additional value to your business will require a significant investment of time and money.

Benefits of outsourcing app development

The benefits of outsourcing application development to a skilled team with a reputable reputation will outweigh any slight inconveniences. Here are the primary benefits of mobile app outsourcing.

Faster time-to-market

This is because all the relevant professionals have already been employed, and their abilities have been thoroughly evaluated. You work with an entire team that has worked on comparable projects before, and everyone knows each other and sticks to the same business culture. As a result, you no longer need to conduct several interviews to find the finest of the best. Said, you must establish the essential criteria.


Outsourcing application development is less expensive than developing it in-house. However, the ultimate cost is determined by the country and hourly rates of your outsourced application development company. Outsourcing firms are providing cost-effective quality software engineering services delivered by world-class specialists. As a result, the product and performance quality remains excellent at a lesser cost.

Product maintenance

Building a long-term collaboration is one of the flexible cooperation methods used by outsourcing organizations. Specialists are familiar with your program, so even a simple activity like product support will be handled easily. App maintenance includes the following services: bug repair, code optimization, new OS support, and the installation of new features.

The vast range of skills

The key advantages of outsourcing include a wide variety of abilities and extensive expertise. Companies specializing in creating applications for a wide range of businesses typically provide professionals with diverse talents. This allows you to face any challenges front-on and solve them quickly.

What options are there for outsourcing mobile app development

If you want to outsource your app development, you have at least three options:

I. Use the services of an app development outsourcing company

When your application is more complicated, the benefits of outsourcing software development to a reputable company become clear. You receive all the professionals you need with specialized outsourced mobile developers, including Android and iOS developers, UI/UX designers, testers, project managers, and business analysts. An entire team is unquestionably the best option when creating a mobile application from scratch.

II. Use services of independent mobile app developers

Outsourcing app development to freelance developers is another excellent option for a basic app. Freelancers typically specialize in one or two areas in which they excel. If the features you want are within the app developer’s area of competence and degree of expertise, you might save a lot of money. Some freelancers also collaborate with others, establishing teams similar to those seen at outsourcing firms.

III. Off-the-shelf software

If you’re creating an app for an established business and don’t need anything too fancy or unique, an off-the-shelf solution could be the way to go, even more so if you need more time and money.

How to outsource app development in 6 steps

We’ll walk you through the steps you need to take to identify the best professionals from the many outsourced app development businesses available today.

Step 1: Understand your needs

You must precisely define the mobile app or project you intend to develop.

Step 2: Determine your budget

As a business owner, you must determine how much money you intend to invest in the project. Remember that the first calculation is only a preliminary estimate that may alter when new features are added, and modifications are made throughout the mobile app development.

Step 3: Examine app development firms

Many development companies are on the market now for every taste and budget. Examine online sites that allow you to recruit app developers, such as Upwork, Clutch, and GoodFirms, as soon as possible.

Step 4: Analyze portfolio

You should review their portfolios before contacting all app development firms or filling out contact forms on their websites. This is credible proof that the organization or individual app developer has relevant experience.

Step 5: Study their technological expertise

Check your prospects’ partners, projects, tech stack, industry experience, and accomplishments.

Step 6: Contact prior clients

Another method to determine whether you should employ an app developer is to evaluate favorable and unfavorable reviews by contacting clients who have worked with them. Most services, such as Clutch or UpCity include inspections, and some reviews are fairly extensive, describing a company’s merits and flaws.

Step 7: Select a reliable app development team

After careful selection, choose and contact the partner you like the most for your application development. With a potential partner, choose the payment and service models: dedicated team, fixed price, or time & material.

How to reduce risks of mobile app development outsourcing

Some tips and tactics can help you make an informed decision and achieve your goals, and we’ve compiled a list of them.

  • Examine the company’s website and case studies, get references, and download additional apps produced by the team to know who you will be working with.
  • Ensure that all stakeholders sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), which provides legal protection for your concept and the perception that your secret information belongs only to your business.
  • If you’ve opted to work with an outsourced team, especially in another country, make sure you agree on the workflow details. This might involve establishing communication channels, deadlines, and reporting methods.
  • Safeguard your organization from unscrupulous professionals by splitting the payment into installments for at least the first few months of your collaboration.

How much does it cost to outsource mobile app development

The pricing of outsourcing application development is determined by various criteria, including the extent of features and tools utilized, the location of your developers, your company specialization, and many more. The more sophisticated the app, the longer it will take to construct it, hence the higher the development cost.

Companies and freelancers in the United States charge more than those in Eastern Europe. Eastern European countries are often the best choice in terms of quality-to-price ratio. Ukraine has risen to the top of the list of IT outsourcing destinations in Eastern Europe and worldwide. Currently, the country is ranked among the top offshore software development countries. The average cost of app development in Ukraine is $22-65.

Outsource mobile app development to Leobit

Advanced mobile solutions must include the most up-to-date software development processes and materials. Professional Android mobile app creation, iOS development, and management services are the only viable option.

Leobit’s team has produced over 150 online and mobile applications, gaining experience in business mobility, home automation, healthcare, automotive, and other industries. This enables us to realize your company’s commercial goals better and accomplish them through app design.

Leobit will assist your firm in developing an app that best meets your business needs. There are now three types of mobile applications frequently used for various purposes: native, cross-platform, and hybrid apps. Leobit’s mobile app development team expertly handles them while employing cutting-edge industry techniques.

We help businesses add value to customers, boost market reach, and improve customer experience by providing end-to-end mobile app development.


With the number of businesses and individual developers on the market, finding a reputable company for outsourcing mobile app development isn’t easy. On the other hand, working with a reputable firm is not only advantageous to your product and business, but also an enjoyable experience. We’ve presented you with the essential tips and recommendations in this guide, so you can locate what you’re looking for.