Today people dedicate 4.48 hours to browsing apps daily, one hour more compared to 2019. The growing impact of mobile devices makes every company that wants to stay in touch with consumers adopt mobile solutions.

The quality of the software you launch directly affects the market success of your services. That’s why you must assemble the team of tech specialists very carefully.

This article explains how to hire a professional mobile app developer and where to find them. Read on for practical tips and guidelines.

What To Do Before Hiring Engineers?

To find the right person or team of professionals, decide what skills they must have. It would be best if you analyzed the future product and market needs covering the following aspects:

  • Product type. Figure out what mobile app would meet the needs of consumers and your business. Once you know the product type, you see what tech stack is necessary to design it and can start thinking about the future team.
  • Set of requirements. Create the product roadmap and decide what human and financial resources are necessary to follow it. At this point, you should know the composition and skills of the future team.

Once you find answers to these questions, you will better understand who is the right fit for your project.

Where to Hire Mobile App Developers?

Searching for qualified mobile developers, mind the type of cooperation and the team’s location. While the collaboration model affects how engineers work on the project, the location matters for cost and resource optimization.

As to the ways to hire a mobile app developer, you can choose between an in-house specialist, freelancer, or outsourced team. In-house recruitment is the most lengthy and expensive out of these options. The cooperation with freelancers we would recommend for short projects with simple tasks, while agencies are preferable for medium and large projects.

Speaking of the location, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia remain outsourcing leaders. Generally, due to the geographical proximity, decent level of education, and affordable rates, Eastern Europe is a favorite for many companies worldwide.

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Why is Leobit the Best Place to Hire Developers?

Leobit is a Ukrainian software development company with end-to-end mobile development as one of its primary directions. The team of 170+ developers has launched dozens of native, cross-platform, and hybrid apps for customers across industries. It means experience with different kinds of mobile solutions and core languages, including Kotlin, React Native, Swift, Objective-C, Java, Xamarin, and others.

Apart from the expertise, Leobit has a unique working approach. We thoroughly analyze the request of each business to offer the most suitable team model and composition. It allows us to tailor the services to every customer and achieve the best result.

How to Hire a Mobile Developer With Leobit?

If you need to hire a mobile developer or team, contact Leobit through the website form. We will study your business and technical needs to make sure what you request is what can benefit you most.

Afterward, Leobit will offer you one of the collaboration models: a dedicated team, T&M, or fixed price.

cooperation models

Once you approve the cooperation approach, Leobit will offer you the necessary specialist(s) from our talent pool. You can interview them to ensure they have the required tech and soft skills.

What Matters When Hiring a Mobile App Developer?

If you have never assembled a tech team, you may have difficulty understanding what matters. There may be many software development companies, freelancers, and candidates competing for your attention, so how to pick the right one? Here’re ten things to note:

  • Experience and tech skills
  • Portfolio of the interviewed candidate
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to work remotely
  • Budget and salary expectations (if you hire a freelancer or an in-house developer)
  • Deadlines for the project and separate tasks
  • References from previous employers or coworkers
  • Opinion of other tech specialists you currently hire
  • Compatibility with your corporate culture and values
  • Plans for the future if you seek long-term employment

After discussing these aspects, you’ll find out whether it’s worth hiring a specific mobile app developer. The process will be smoother when you cooperate with an agency like Leobit since we initially offer the most suitable candidates.


How much does the work of a mobile app developer cost?

The rates depend on where you hire a mobile app developer. Software development services are traditionally the most expensive in the US, Canada, and Western and Northern Europe. Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, and Africa offer more affordable services with the same quality.

Hence, the total cost of mobile app development will depend on your team’s size, engineers’ seniority, and project duration. The more complex the application is, the more it costs.

Where to find good app developers?

If you hire in-house, look for potential candidates on LinkedIn and place information about open positions on your website. It will allow you to collect resumes and start the screening process.

Freelance developers usually reside on Upwork, TopTal, Hired, Fiverr, and Stack Overflow.

If you decide to cooperate with an agency, you won’t have to worry about recruitment and training. In this case, your main job is to pick a reliable software development provider that will take care of everything. Choosing a mobile software development company, pay attention to their tech stack, cooperation models, case studies, and reviews.

Who needs to hire mobile app developers?

The main employers of mobile developers are businesses that want to make their services available to mobile users. It may be any company, from an eCommerce store to a taxi service. Besides, mobile app developers are hired by companies that develop custom apps to monetize them. These businesses specialize in software and sell it to consumers and businesses on a large scale.

Final Thoughts

When looking for a mobile app developer, you need to mind several things. First, there are different approaches to cooperation: an internal team, freelance specialists, and software development outsourcing to third-party companies. Second, the cost of hiring a mobile app engineer varies depending on the location. Therefore, to create robust software without spending a fortune, you need to balance expenses and quality.

We hope this guide answers the main questions you might have about hiring a mobile app developer. Should you have any other concerns or need advice, contact Leobit.