IT Outsourcing to Poland: Advantages and Prospects

Sep 19, 2022

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Poland is a country that has surprised the entire Western society with its pace of development. This is a unique European IT hub where developers from different countries work together, united by common goals and a Western mentality.

In this article, we will consider the reasons for outsourcing IT services to Poland. We will also talk about the economic indicators of the market, its stability and diversity, the Polish IT ecosystem, and tech education.

Main Reasons to Outsource to Poland

There are many reasons to choose Polish companies to develop your product, but we highlighted only the main ones.

A Strong Economy With Stable Growth Rates

Poland is one of the most prosperous and strong countries in the European Union, judging by economic growth and development rates. Between 1990 and 2018 alone, the country was able to increase its GDP in 8 times.

Even the crisis caused by the pandemic didn’t dramatically affect the Polish economy: GDP per capita in terms of purchasing power standards (PPS) rose from 60% of the European Union average in 2009 to 76% in 2020. Poland’s GDP amounted to more than 523 billion euros that year, which is the eighth place in Europe and the first among the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. So, the country’s economy is stable and growing, which is another reason for outsourcing software development services there.

GDP in Poland


A Large Pool of Specialists With World-Class Technical Education

Polish developers are high-class specialists with excellent education and extensive experience. The state offers many educational programs for technical specialties. In addition, there is a whole system of informal IT education.

It’s also worth noting that many Polish specialists study in Great Britain and the USA and develop their own businesses at home after that. Thanks to it, outsourcing to Poland means access to high-class developers with a high-quality education.

Perfect Location

Poland has a convenient geographical location in terms of proximity to crucial European financial centers such as Germany, Great Britain, France, etc. In addition, the developed aviation network allows easy interaction with customers from the USA.

EU Work Values: Intellectual Property Protection, Work Ethic, Mentality

Poland has a solid system of legislative acts and norms for protecting intellectual property rights, both local and EU. The necessary contracts and documents clearly regulate all working relationships.

In addition, the country’s citizens have a Western mentality, so clients from other European countries, the USA, etc., have no serious disagreements with development services providers.

Advanced English Skills and Convenient Time Zone

According to the EF English Proficiency Index, Poland ranks 16th in the English Proficiency Ranking of Countries and Regions. IT specialists have an excellent command of the language and actively communicate with clients.

In addition, the country is located in a convenient GMT+2 time zone, which ensures a minimal time difference with customers from other European countries or the USA.

English proficiency

Dynamic IT market and Technical Infrastructure

The gaming industry, development of software for electronic commerce, security systems, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are actively developing in the country. The technical infrastructure provides powerful development tools, which is why IT outsourcing thrives.

Leobit is a vivid illustration of the Polish IT market’s active development. Our Kraków office is a place of cooperation with clients from Western Europe, the USA, and Canada.

Poland in the Global IT Outsourcing Market

The IT sector in Poland is an integral part of the national economy, accounting for about 8% of the Polish GDP. Poland’s software development market in 2022 generated a revenue of 8.2 billion euros. And experts predict further growth.

IT outsourcing in Poland remains a critical export service that makes the country a strong competitor to the countries of Asia and Eastern Europe in the field of IT services outsourcing.

IT ecosystem

The IT ecosystem of Poland consists of the following key industries:

  • gaming (everyone knows CD Project Red and The Witcher);
  • healthcare (Nightly, Docplanner);
  • e-learning (Brainly);
  • fintech and blockchain;
  • web development;
  • digital design.

About 70,000 students of technical specialties are registered in Poland every year. In addition to formal educational institutions, there is an extensive non-formal education system that produces results. Not to mention Microsoft, Amazon, etc., R&D centers.

Main Advantages of Outsourcing to Poland

Poland is an excellent choice for companies of all kinds, as it offers you a well-established outsourcing system, a vast selection of qualified IT personnel, and strong expertise. In addition, the country has a stable and developed economy, which protects outsourcing companies from financial troubles.

High-quality education, including non-formal, provides the IT industry with highly qualified engineers who speak English well and have a Western mindset. In addition to this, Poland reliably protects intellectual property rights and has a relatively low tax burden.

Wrapping Up

IT services outsourcing in Poland is an essential component of the country’s economy. This market is actively developing because the country is located close to primary financial and scientific centers, is a member of the EU, and protects intellectual property.

Leobit has a representative office in Kraków and uses its European and Ukrainian outsourcing experience to provide the best quality software development services. We will be happy to advise you on this topic in more detail; just contact us in any convenient way.

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