Innovative ideas need digital support in today’s world. You need more than an ordinary website to present your product; the main goal is to provide customers with functionality and value. And web app is a must for this purpose.

In this article, we will discuss the value and essence of web applications and the best ideas that will help you make real money on them.

What is a Web App?

In short terms, a web app is a type of application stored on a remote server and provides the user with access to its functionality without needing to install the software. It’s accessible through an Internet connection and web browser interface.

How Does a Web App Work?

As already mentioned, web apps provide access to their features through web browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.). The operation of the program is provided by the web server, the database and the app server. The first one manages requests from users, and the task of the application server is to fulfill these requests. A database is needed to store necessary data.

On the client side, namely, to create the program interface, the most often used tech set is JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS. Java, Python, Ruby, etc., are used for server-side programming.

Why Should You Think About Making a Web App?

Digitization is an inevitable process, and the creation of web apps is an integral part of it. Successful business owners develop web versions of their products accessible to users from any device and under any conditions. This applies to all areas of human activity, starting with online banking and ending with the gaming industry.

According to Statista, revenue in the application development segment will reach nearly $150 billion by the end of 2022 and $218 billion by 2027. So, anyone trying to stay competitive in the fast-moving digital environment should consider developing such products.
10 Best Web App Ideas to Consider for Your Startup

Let’s discuss some most promising ideas for web apps.

1. A Web App for Tracking, Analyzing, and Measuring Crucial Business Data

High-quality business analysis is crucial when it comes to risk management, workflow optimization and the entire development process of any product. Web applications of this type are incredibly useful, as they allow you to get valuable insights, track performance, and apply best practices in business planning. So, they will always be popular.

Examples: Sisense, Google Analytics, Mixpanel.

2. A Web Application That Notifies You of Crimes Nearby

These security web apps provide access to real-time 911 alerts. They allow not only to be warned about danger but also to receive immediate help from emergency services, monitor the safety of family and friends, share information, etc.

Such applications can also have video surveillance functions, which is very popular. They allow you to get to know your neighborhood and neighbors better.

Examples: Citizen, Ring, Nexdoor

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3. A Web App That Connects Users With People Who Share Similar Interests

The goal of such products is to connect users with those who have similar interests. They provide the opportunity to find a group of people by hobby in a certain radius from the location, sort and filter profiles according to specific criteria. The functionality for creating your own virtual interest groups is also a great idea.

Examples: Patook, Vingle, MeetUp

4. A Web App That Predicts Future

These can be apps with funny predictions or horoscopes, as well as serious software based on machine learning for sports betting. ML and AI algorithms can analyze a large amount of information and make quite realistic predictions based on the received data.

Examples: Called It!, Crystal Ball, Daily Horoscope.

5. Blockchain-Powered Web Applications to Store Sensitive Documents

Blockchain technology is an undoubted part of the digital future. It can be used for various purposes, including sensitive data storage and document management, as it is a safe and secure structure.

Examples: DocFlow, SkuChain, Cipher

Blockchain Real Estate portal

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6. A Web App for Finding a Business Co-founder

Such applications are similar in structure and functionality to products for finding hobby fellows. They also provide functionality for registration and filling out a detailed profile, searching for users according to specific criteria and even within a radius of a particular location. This software is trendy because the number of people with new ideas is always significant, and they need like-minded partners.

Examples: Software Development for Startup School, CoFoundersLab, CoFoundersLab

7. AI-Based Language Translation App

AI-based translation tools, or neural machine translation (NMT) applications, combine the powerful functionality of machine translation with the equally powerful capabilities of an artificial neural network. AI, in this case, analyzes giant amounts of data and combines it with the human touch for the most accurate and adapted translation, taking into account historical and cultural parameters, regular expressions, etc.

Such web applications will be relevant as long as different languages exist.

Examples: Google Translate, Reverso Translation, DeepL, Smartling.

8. Recipe Suggestion App Based on Ingredient Availability

As the name implies, web apps help create recipes by selecting a group of ingredients. Users get more than just a huge selection of delicious dishes from available products – they can create their own recipes, share them with others and create whole communities. Users also spend less food and time looking for specific recipes for complex diets, including medical ones.

Examples: BigOven, SuperCook, Cookpad

9. An Augmented Reality-Based Web App That Allows You to Design the Interior of Your Home

Augmented reality is a unique and rapidly developing technology that helps to visualize any ideas in the most realistic way. Augmented reality applications make it possible to make quick design decisions and see them with your own eyes even before it is implemented in reality. They can also have integrations with online stores for instant ordering products needed for design.

Examples: Housecraft, Magicplan, PLNAR

10. A Website Application for Online Gaming

Experts estimate that the revenue of the global gaming market for 2021 was more than $178 billion, and it is predicted to grow to $196 billion in 2022. So this field is up-and-coming and open to new ideas.

Examples: Swooop, Polycraft, PlayCanvas

How Can These Web App Ideas Become Reality on Millions of Devices?

To turn ideas into reality, you will definitely need not only funds but also a reliable team of experienced developers, designers, analysts, etc., who could use their expertise to find unique solutions.

We at Leobit have such a team and expertise in creating web applications. With more than seven years of experience, we’ve created many successful products, and we will be happy to share the experience with you.


So, web application development is an essential part of digitalizing your business and an unavoidable process for anyone who wants to stay competitive. Such apps remain necessary in all industries and markets.

However, finding developers who can turn your vision into reality is very important. And we are ready to help you with this; just contact us in any convenient way.