Leobit is proud to share that the company has recently joined the Austin Chamber of Commerce for closer collaboration with regional businesses and mutually beneficial projects.

Lviv, Ukraine – Leobit LLC, a software development provider, opened a representative office in Austin, TX, back in 2016. This decision was driven by the growing local demand in professional engineering services. Since the launch of the office, Leobit has remained committed to helping US companies bring their ideas to life.

Leobit has completed multiple projects for Austin-based businesses. The company supplied them with qualified remote tech specialists and the necessary expertise. Some of the projects completed for local companies include:

  • Parking management system. An Austin SaaS company struggled to find a partner that could offer the right technology solution for a parking assistant application when they contacted Leobit. The main challenge was to detect the position and direction of moving vehicles in parking areas using the smartphone Bluetooth LE technology. Leobit became the only tech company that managed to design algorithms leveraging Bluetooth sensors. Such a solution allowed 99.9% accuracy of the application. Later on, this approach ensured the market success of the startup.

“We interviewed about 20 different companies who claimed to be able to do our project, but Leobit was the only company that actually delivered what we needed.”

  • Tax-optimized real estate solution. It was a project for Realized Holdings, a company with 60 years of collective experience and 5 billion USD worth of real estate transactions. The platform helped them reduce the production cost, grow the customer base, and get a $6 million Series A funding.
  • End-to-end video workflow solution. Leobit contributed to developing the client-server program for secure camera content delivery. Leobit’s software engineers created a multi-tenant application that supports 50 GB data sharing per customer/day and 600Mb upload in less than two minutes. Satisfied with the result, the Austin-based media company continued collaboration with Leobit’s team.

Working on these projects, Leobit sought ways to make the partnership more efficient. The Austin Chamber of Commerce membership has become the next step towards closer cooperation between Leobit and local businesses. It’s the foundation to make future projects even more successful with the guidance and support of the Austin Chamber.

About the Austin Chamber of Commerce

The Austin Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit membership organization that helps people live, work and thrive in Austin. The Chamber invests in a broad range of programs that build, support, and diversify the Austin region’s economy. Its vision is for Austin to have the country’s most prosperous business community. To learn more, visit austinchamber.com.

About Leobit

Leobit is a full-cycle web, .NET, and mobile application development provider for the technology companies and startups primarily located in the US and the EU. Its technology focus covers .NET, Angular, iOS, Android, Ruby, PHP, React, and a comprehensive range of other technologies from the Microsoft, Web, and Mobile Stacks.