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Leobit Wins The Netty Award for Best Health and Fitness App

Aug 30, 2023

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Austin, USA, August 2023 – Leobit, a full-cycle web and mobile application development company, is thrilled to announce that its mobile app, LeoStep, has won the prestigious The Netty Award, in the category of the “Best Health & Fitness App”. 

The Netty Awards meticulously select winners based on a range of criteria, including creativity, technical proficiency, innovation, and overall excellence in their respective fields. There are over 100 different categories covering areas like Social Media, Industry, Influencers & Creators, Web, Advertising & PR, and Apps & Software. 

We initiated the development of LeoStep with a clear aim of enhancing the well-being of our employees. Leveraging our extensive and proven 9-year track record in mobile app development, we strived to create a solution that not only empowers the engagement in physical activity but also utilizes our expertise to provide a seamless user experience. 

LeoStep is a dynamic running and cycling app accessible on iOS and Android platforms. It employs gamification to transform walking, running and cycling into more engaging experiences, inspiring users to include physical activity in their routines. The app’s core concept revolves around collecting the crystals placed throughout various city locations. The crystals have different values, enhancing the gamified encounter and urging users to prioritize higher-value crystals for increased points. These crystals are strategically placed in specific public areas, using Google Maps to steer clear of restricted zones.

Moreover, our app incorporates several other features such as: 

  • Dynamic daily goals that adjust to users’ progress.
  • The automatic route tracking feature and real-time updates on distance and stats maintain user motivation towards fitness objectives.
  • Tournament table logic to boost engagement and friendly competition.
  • Team-based competition feature, enabling users to invite fellow team members to participate in group activities together.
  • To ensure fair play for all players, the app tracks user movement speed, sets limits, and sends notifications when the limitations are exceeded.


Leobit Wins The Netty Award for Best Health & Fitness App

To shape the UI/UX design concept, we collaborated with experts from Leobit Design Studio the masterminds responsible for the app’s visual and gamification ideas. LeoStep is a prime example of our proficiency, developed in line with industry best practices to offer a feature-rich experience that drives user engagement and motivation. 

The seamless integration of LeoStep into our internal employee wellness program has effectively nurtured a corporate culture that prioritizes the well-being of our team. With an excellent adoption rate of 75% among employees, the app has sparked significant interest and engagement within the company. The consistent incorporation of daily exercise has yielded significant benefits, encompassing stress reduction and heightened energy levels. As a result, our team members feel more empowered, and they approach their job responsibilities with greater efficiency. Our app demonstrates how gamified features can enhance employee wellness and engagement, showcasing the positive impact of technology on well-being. 

Oleksa Stelmakh, CEO of Leobit: The Netty Awards’ recognition of LeoStep underscores the exceptional technical skills, innovation and creativity of our team. We aimed to develop the wellness solution for our employees, harnessing our profound expertise in native mobile app development. We are excited about how LeoStep has improved the spirit in Leobit fostering people to compete, entertain and be more active with daily walking, running & cycling activities. LeoStep not only reflects our commitment to employee well-being but also demonstrates our ability to harness technology for impactful solutions’.

As we celebrate this achievement, we want to thank our amazing team whose unwavering dedication has paved the way for this remarkable accomplishment.

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About Leobit

Leobit is a full-cycle web and mobile application development provider for technology companies and startups primarily located in the US and the EU. Our technology focus covers .NET, Angular, iOS, Android, Ruby, PHP, React, and a comprehensive range of other technologies from Microsoft, Web, and Mobile Stacks.

About Leobit Design Studio

Leobit Design Studio, a team of passionate design experts, deeply committed to meeting end-user expectations. Our experience includes UX/UI design, discovery workshops, research, usability testing, and web design, with a primary focus on the US and European markets. With a proven track record of over 50 successful projects, we consistently deliver results that align with our clients’ goals and resonate with their target audience.

About The Netty Awards

Established to celebrate achievement in the digital age, the Netty Awards are one of the most trusted accolades in the industry. Recognizing excellence across over 100 unique categories, the awards honor top leaders and companies that demonstrate creativity, technical proficiency, innovation, and overall impact in their field.