In May 2022, Leobit achieved ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certifications after undergoing an external audit by an independent certification body.

The goal of obtaining these certifications was to confirm the high quality and security of Leobit’s management systems and thus its software development services. By meeting ISO requirements, the company also ensured that our practices complied with the internationally recognized standards and built in a systematic approach to quality assurance.

The achievement of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 was another milestone on our way to being a software development provider that meets core global regulations and high standards for our customers. It allows Leobit to become more competitive and provides our company with access to new customer sectors such as government structures or world-class enterprises that require ultimate data security and quality management.

ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013

ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 are among the core ISO certifications a company working on systems that handle confidential information needs to adopt. These standards complement each other and allow for establishing more reliable and secure software development processes.

ISO 9001:2015

The ISO 9001:2015 certification sets requirements for the company’s processes established to build, implement, and improve a quality management system. To get certified, the company needs to prove its ability to consistently provide products and services that meet the customers’ demands as well as applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

ISO 27001:2013

The ISO 27001:2013 demands the adoption, maintenance, and optimization of an information management security system within an organization. The organization also needs to assess and address information security risks. This certification proves that Leobit creates systems and processes confidential data meeting the best security practices, including limited access to corporate facilities and rigorous personnel screening.

What Does It Mean For Customers

ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certifications assure our customers that Leobit meets internationally accepted quality assurance and security management standards, continuously improves efficiency of its business processes, and consistency in the delivery of products and services while working on software development for them. Software solutions that comply with ISO are statutory and regulatory compliant and can be used in the sectors that require ultimate data privacy.

About ISO

ISO is an independent, non-governmental international organization with a membership of 167 national standards bodies. Through its members, it brings together experts to share knowledge and develop voluntary, consensus-based, market relevant International Standards that support innovation and provide solutions to global challenges.

About Leobit

Leobit is a full-cycle web and mobile application development provider for technology companies and startups primarily based in the US, Western Europe, and the UK.

Leobit development center is located in Lviv, Western Ukraine and it has representative offices in Austin, TX, and Tallinn, Estonia. Being a certified Gold Microsoft partner and backed by highly qualified and experienced .NET engineers Leobit was recognized as a Top .NET Developer in Ukraine 2021 by Clutch.

Other technology focus covers .NET, Angular, iOS, Android, Ruby, PHP, React, and a comprehensive range of other technologies from Microsoft, Web, and Mobile Stacks.