Leobit Design Studio Becomes #1 UI/UX Design Agency

Aug 31, 2022

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We are thrilled to announce that Leobit Design Studio has topped the list of the best UI/UX design agencies according to SuperbCompanies annual ranking.

Lviv, Ukraine – Leobit LLC, a full-cycle web, .NET, and mobile application development provider, is one of the leading Ukrainian software development companies. Recently, Leobit launched Leobit Design Studio that has been named the best UI/UX design agency for its vast experience in the field of UI/UX design, a unique approach to creating user experience and successfully implemented projects.

Leobit Design Studio provides a wide range of professional design services following four main principles:

  • The best support to our customers. The team provides a client-oriented approach, supporting customers at all stages of their design journey, including UX research and delivery.
  • Users’ needs are our top priority. Our experts determine all possible needs and wishes of the users, and all stumbling blocks they face on the way of implementing their creative ideas. Thanks to this, we create a truly unforgettable digital experience.
  • Our challenges are precious experiences. Our designers have extensive experience but are always open to new challenges, even the hardest ones. We consider them the most crucial parts of our development as a design studio, full of possibilities and valuable lessons.
  • We provide real business value. Our designers provide services that create real product value and make users fall in love with applications.

Leobit Design Studio creates valuable business solutions based on experience and in-depth research. We develop an individual approach to design only after a professional analysis of the business, its needs and the market.

SuperbCompanies evaluated us as a full-fledged design studio with a unique approach to clients and high-quality UI/UX services. Leobit Design Studio provides professional UX consulting and audit, product/service/web/app designs, professional analysis and user experience research, prototyping, usability and user testing, etc.

We are pleased that SuperbCompanies placed us at the top of the list. This is a great honor for us and an inspiration for new achievements.

About Leobit Design Studio

Leobit Design Studio is a part of Leobit company, a software development service provider that helps technology companies successfully develop their businesses, using an individual approach to business needs and creating a unique user experience.

Leobit Design Studio is a professional team of experienced designers who know how to effectively work with the expectations and needs of the end user. We provide optimal solutions for companies of different sizes and industries and create an unforgettable digital experience for their users.

About SuperbCompanies

SuperbCompanies is a research portal that creates top lists of the best IT companies in a specific field. All ratings are formed by experts with ten years of experience in particular areas. They collect data about companies (customer feedback, successful projects, etc.), systematize and analyze it, and form top lists based on research results.

Tetiana Paratsii
Tetiana Paratsii
Marketing Analyst at Leobit
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Product Management System

Full UI/UX Design Process for Tailor-Made Software

Complex iGaming Platform for Arcanebet

Online Betting & Gaming Solution for Gambling Industry

Home Security Mobile App

IoT Software for Smart Houses

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