Leobit Continues Sustainable Business Growth

Jun 30, 2022

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Working during the war is not an easy task. Moreover, the modern civilized world never thought it could ever be the task you should be ready for. Nevertheless, Leobit like many other Ukrainian companies faced a new reality with firmness and determination to ensure business continuity at any cost. Leobit is fighting on an economic front for the sake of the employees, Ukraine’s prosperous future and our customers’ business success.

The war hasn’t affected the productivity of our team. We keep delivering high-quality services and meeting all the commitments to our customers. Leobit shows even better results than ever before, as we know — the more efficient we are, the more help we offer to our country.

Today we would like to share with you the main milestones we have reached during the last 4 months. All of it became possible thanks to our amazing employees, who are now doing their best as professionals and volunteers.

We are ISO certified now

In May, Leobit achieved ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certifications. It’s a proof of established, reliable and secure software development processes that meet core global regulations and high standards for our customers. Being ISO certified opens Leobit access to new customer sectors such as government organizations or world-class enterprises where data security and quality management are highly important. Our team is very excited about the new opportunities that are standing ahead now.

Web Excellence Award for Antourage

Leobit’s customer, Antourage, was selected as The Excellence Award Winner. Antourage Media Distribution Portal, fully built by Leobit, was recognized as the benchmark of excellence on the Web. It is one of the most prestigious web awards that honors winners’ creativity, innovation, and dedication. We are happy that our commitment to premium website design and website development helped the customer grow their online presence and set high industry standards.

Leobit Launched Leobit Design Studio

For over seven years of Leobit existence, we’ve gathered at one place passionate UI/UX design experts with a broad custom development background. Therefore, the idea of ​​launching Leobit Design Studio arose from an obvious desire of our UX enthusiasts to evolve and deliver a user-centered design approach to every customer. The team is thrilled to create an exclusive UX for every business need as a part of a fully-fledged design studio. It covers a full range of design services, including UX Consulting, Discovery Phase and Prototyping & Testing.

Volunteering Brings Our Victory Closer

Volunteering became a vital part of life for every Leobit employee and company as a whole. We have team members volunteering during the day and working in the evening. Leobit is a company of highly motivated and responsible people that can set priorities on their own and still deliver the best results at work. Our HR department constantly raises donations for different initiatives helping The Ukrainian Army and people in need. Since February 24, on behalf of Leobit, we donated 3,130,000 and committed to continue helping by all means until the victory.

Continuous Growth

For the last 4 months, Leobit started 6 new projects with customers based in the USA, Canada, and Estonia. Keeping up with the company’s achievement and growth, we also welcomed new talents to our team which has grown by 10%. We are extremely happy to bring value to our customers together with true professionals who share our goals and values.

Leobit is not going to stop. We have already started the work on reaching new heights, as our motivation is extremely powerful — helping Ukraine to win as soon as possible.

Tetiana Paratsii
Tetiana Paratsii
Marketing Analyst at Leobit
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