Technical talent shortages and high rates are critical issues for today’s IT industry. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to form a solid team with a realistic budget in the US, not to mention hiring expenses.

Offshoring is the best solution in this situation, and especially if it concerns cooperation with Ukrainian companies. So let’s discuss successful Ukrainian projects, the specifics of choosing a company for outsourcing development services, and the main requirements for offshore developers.

World-Famous Ukrainian IT Products

Customers increasingly choose Ukraine for the offshoring of development services. Often, the prices are not as crucial as the examples of successful startups and products with real value. There are many such examples in Ukraine, so we’ll discuss a few of the most relevant ones.

  • Grammarly. Very successful Ukrainian startup that was able to receive $200 million in funding from investors precisely because of its value and product uniqueness. The service for grammar and plagiarism checking, text improvement and adaptation has proven to be very practical and incredibly helpful for users worldwide.
  • Reface. You could read about this startup on Elon Musk’s Twitter. The ML and AI-based app provides access to fast and accurate face-changing technology. Users can create any deepfakes from images, photos and videos. It became the app of the year in Google Play and has 100 million installs per year.
  • Petcube. App for pet care allows you to manage the feeding process directly from your smartphone, as well as monitor your pets, communicate with them and shoot videos.
  • A unique application based on AI allows you to analyze the performance of the sales department, identify weak points and give recommendations for improvement.

Despite all the obstacles and adverse conditions, the number of successful Ukrainian projects is growing every year.

Why Choose Ukraine for Offshore Software Development?

Ukraine is not just open to offshore cooperation – the government supports this in every possible way because it provides new jobs and contributions to the national budget. However, this is not the only reason you should choose Ukraine for offshoring IT services.

  • English proficiency. According to the Ukraine IT Report 2021, 80% of Ukrainian IT specialists have an intermediate or higher level of English. This unconditional advantage makes communication smoother and more efficient.
  • Vast talent pool. Ukrainian IT specialists have a quality higher technical education and quite serious experience developing IT products. This is possible thanks to affordable university programs and a whole ecosystem of non-formal educational IT institutions. In addition, the country has many resources for tech research. Such giants as Microsoft, Oracle, Wargaming, etc., have R&D centers here.
  • Lower developers rates. Considering the experience and level of Ukrainian IT specialists, the cost of their services is quite low. This is due to the low cost of living, rent, etc. At the same time, the quality of the provided services remains at a high level.

Educational level of Ukrainians

Source: Ukraine IT Report 2021

  • Business-friendly environment and regulations. The ambitious Diia City project is a unique solution for the digitization of tax administration. It significantly simplifies obtaining work permits for foreigners, provides loyal tax conditions, etc. Even if the offshoring company is not connected to this system, the regulations and taxes are pretty advantageous.

So feel free to consider Ukraine for offshoring your project. Perhaps this could be the optimal solution for your business.

Shortlist of Ukrainian Offshore Development Companies

  1. Leobit. In 2022, it has been recognized as a Global Top 100 Sustained Growth Company by Clutch. Leobit has Microsoft Gold Certified Status, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certificates, which confirm the compliance of development practices with internationally recognized standards and a systematic approach to quality assurance. The company is also recognized #1 IT employer in Lviv, Ukraine. An excellent option for offshoring due to a large talent pool, established interaction system and sufficient experience.
  2. SoftServe. The world’s largest IT-company with Ukrainian roots that provides the full list of software development services for large enterprises. SoftServe has its own educational centers and social initiatives and is part of Ukraine’s non-formal technical education system.
  3. TechMagic. A software development company with a narrow technology focus on MEAN stack and Salesforce development services.
  4. Devspiration. A small industry company specializing in creating software for the financial area. The main direction of development is individual solutions based on the Microsoft platform.
  5. Intellias. One of the largest companies in the country. Provides consulting and research, technology adoption services, product development, etc.

Leobit team will be pleased to answer all your questions regarding offshore software development.

How to Pick the Right Offshore Development Company?

Ukraine offers many options, but choosing a professional company that can share your business values ​​and takes responsibility for its services’ quality is essential. Of course, the picking criteria depend on the peculiar characteristics of your product and business approach. However, several points are crucial in any case.

First of all, pay attention to customer reviews. You can find them on such resources as Clutch or GoodFirms. Here, clients can give detailed feedback on cooperation, indicating real projects, shortcomings and advantages.

Also, discuss the company’s experience and development approach. Does it use agile processes? How does it comply with the set business requirements and deadlines? How can the team guarantee the result? The clearer the answers, the greater the chances that the team works as a single coherent mechanism.

3 Main Principles of Professional Offshore Development Company

When choosing a company for offshoring, it is also essential to understand what principles it is guided by. Here are the main three.

  1. Individual solutions. A properly formed team based on the client’s business needs and goals is already half of success. Each participant in the process must have the right skills, experience and responsibility.
  2. Transparency and reporting. The clients must have access to all the development data and the level of control they need, which requires transparency in communication and regular reporting.
  3. Fair prices and respect for the approved budget. A professional offshore development company will strictly adhere to the agreed budget and, in case of possible deviations from it, report to the customer about every little thing.

It is also vital that the outsourced team easily integrates into the development process and allows you to manage your resources at your own discretion.

Wrapping Up

Ukraine is an excellent option for offshoring development services due to low developer rates, a vast talent pool and quality technical education. However, it’s worth choosing a company with positive customer feedback, agile development methods and a transparent communication system.

Leobit meets all these criteria. We’ll be pleased to answer all your questions. Just contact us in any convenient way.