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Re-commerce Reporting Portal

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Re-commerce Reporting Portal

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The platform, developed for the re-commerce division of leading European circular tech services enterprise, serves as a cutting-edge tool to enhance environmental responsibility. It is a scalable reporting portal that empowers companies to monitor, assess, and enhance their Carbon Footprint using intuitive dashboards. These dashboards calculate and oversee the supply chain operations, manufacturing procedures, and logistics associated with re-used and refurbished devices.

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I’m thrilled with the progress we’ve made on this project with such a strict timeline. This proved to be a complex task as we had to ensure data accuracy, consistency, and reliability while handling multiple data streams simultaniously.

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Svyatoslav Kutsyy

Project Manager at Leobit

Reporting Portal


Our customer leads the way in circular tech services across the Nordic region, serving large corporations and consumer electronics resellers through device-as-a-service solutions. They manage the complete life-cycle of IT equipment, from sourcing to recycling, extending devices’ usability for multiple cycles. They annually procure, fund, and refurbish over 1.5 million devices in a circular process, thus preventing the emission of 120,948 tons of CO2 equivalent in 2022. By pioneering a greener approach to technology, they empower businesses and individuals to contribute to a more environmentally responsible future.


Over the past few years, our client’s company has been experiencing significant growth. While this growth is positive, it has also brought forth certain challenges. The company’s retention of multiple ERP systems has resulted in fragmented data across disparate databases, posing difficulties in generating vendor reports. The manual data management and the absence of a centralized database and portal hinder efficient reporting and vendor interactions.


Our customer chose us as their top choice of partner for implementing their idea of platform development into reality. Drawing upon our extensive expertise in architectural optimization and database management, our highly skilled technical team excelled with a deep understanding of enterprise-level operations and business requirements.

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The primary objective of the portal aimed to streamline and enhance the reporting process and ensure greater transparency for vendors. Our team had a limited timeframe to deliver the solution from scratch – 6 months. On the tech side, it necessitated the seamless development of an Ingestion API to efficiently handle substantial data volumes from various sources while providing prompt status updates.

Architectural diagram

The Data Ingestion API has been meticulously crafted to streamline the efficient collection and processing of substantial data volumes from diverse sources. Its primary function is to ensure a seamless ingestion of data into the system, making it promptly accessible for subsequent processing and in-depth analysis. It is developed using ASP.NET Web API and is integrated with AWS Redshift for efficient data handling and storage.

By integrating with Microsoft Azure Active Directory, the platform acquires the capability to conduct secure user authentication, thereby ensuring that only authorized individuals can gain access to its resources and functionalities. This authentication mechanism provides the flexibility to securely authenticate customers using various identity providers, including social IDs, email accounts, local user accounts, and business or government IDs.

This webpage on the platform offers a parcel management functionality. Users begin by submitting a form, entering sender and receiver details, including names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and contact persons, ensuring precise handling of parcels containing reused electronics. Later, users can access the page to view the status of their parcels, providing them with updates on their shipments.

Re-commerce Reporting Portal

Reporting Feature

Within the system, the reporting functionality is complemented by Amazon Redshift, a data warehousing solution. It efficiently manages and stores large structured datasets.

The system leverages Redshift's scalability to enable complex data analytics, facilitating comprehensive reports and business intelligence.

Users are shown specialized report templates, ensuring they only see options relevant to their requirements. Within each report, users have the capability to personalize their data view by applying column-specific filters, enhancing their ability to extract precise insights and information.


Reporting Portal API

The Portal API serves as a platform where customers can access statistics generated from data received via the Ingestion API. The Ingestion API data is sent to AWS Redshift and presented through informative dashboards on the website.

This helps companies meet ESG goals by understanding the environmental impact of their tech devices, including insights into e-waste, CO2 footprint, and the benefits of responsible disposal.


Settlements and invoices management

The system efficiently retrieves settlement data directly from the primary data sources, ensuring data accuracy and reliability. Users benefit from the convenience of downloading comprehensive settlement reports in PDF format, facilitating record-keeping and analysis.

The system offers transparency in invoice tracking, allowing users to differentiate between paid and unpaid invoices. These functionalities collectively enhance the system's financial management, providing valuable tools for businesses to streamline their operations.

The Journey
Behind Client's Success

4 Software Engineers
4 Quality Assurance Specialists
1 Business Analyst
1 Project Manager
Project Initiation and Setup
Reports API endpoints
Configuring OpenAPI
Layout Design
Ingestion API
Account Management
Template Management
Generating Excels
Settlements and Invoices
Users and Contracts API endpoints
Scheduled Emails Sending
Regression Testing
UAT Testing Support



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Technology Solutions

  • Employing the Scalable Data Ingestion API to effectively gather and analyze large amounts of data from a variety of sources.
  • Implementing the Reporting Portal API to provide a user-friendly interface, allowing users to make reports, access data insights
  • Integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory for secure user authentication.
  • Leveraging Redshift to deliver advanced data analytics, greatly facilitating the comprehensive reporting process.


  • Acquisition of the company’s majority share by the Nordic Capital, leading private equity investor specializing in the sustainable business growth.
  • By optimizing supply chain, manufacturing, and logistics processes, companies can enhance their overall operational efficiency.
  • Companies gain the ability to transparently report their sustainability progress, fostering trust among their customers, partners, and regulatory bodies.