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Headless SaaS Platform

Innovative Solution for XR Market

Leobit became a technology partner for a US-based consumer engagement company specializing in cutting-edge solutions by blending virtual and physical worlds. With our headless SaaS platform open to connection to any environment, the customer can create extended reality experiences in other systems using powerful APIs.

Customer Location Pennsylvania, USA

Technologies PHP, Phalcon, jQuery, Semantic UI

Team 1 senior PHP developer


When the customer’s company contacted Leobit, they already had a well-defined idea, but its implementation was experiencing performance issues due to numerous copies of backend applications with minor differences, which was very hard to keep track of and maintain. In addition, adding new events to the system required writing extra code, carrying out a certain number of steps, and handling requests between different modules that were confusing and time-consuming. A minimum of centralized management also entails continuous refactoring and merging different versions of the same code. As a result, Leobit’s senior PHP expert suggested creating a platform that would allow setting up and testing hardware and third-party applications at any time. A modern SaaS platform developed by him has centralized version control and automation deployment ability, simplifying the platform’s maintenance, improving performance, and streamlining business processes.

Project description

The core field the Leobit customer operates in is research & development activities undertaken to create innovative XR solutions for multiple industries. The SaaS developed by Leobit’s senior engineer with 20 years of experience in PHP serves as a headless platform for communication with other products and services through API interface. Each API has its own unique endpoints that merge and collect information from different systems, so later this data can be visualized and represented in various reports.

Before our expert joined the project, the platform dealt with massive amounts of unstructured data, so he created a hybrid database with JSON API for row-based and column-based storage. It resulted in query optimization, faster searching and reporting process. All parts of the solution are built on top of AWS infrastructure.

The project never had a UX designer, so delivering a delightful user experience became the responsibility of Leobit’s engineer. To create logical UI and ensure responsive design for scaling on multiple devices, our expert used Semantic UI framework. He also expanded the system’s functionality with third-party integrations. Thus integration with a marketing intelligence platform uses face detection and face analysis for audience measurement and content optimization. Email automation tool helps to reach the audience with powerful personalized messages. Another cloud communication PaaS integrated into the platform enhanced interaction and engagement with users through different channels like voice, text, chat, video, and email.

Features & Functionalities

Collection and curation of every type of user-generated content for better understanding of customer journey and expanding the audience reach

Analyzing data and real-time reports generation powered with interactive dashboards

GDPR compliance of all measurement metrics ensuring confidential information protection and cybersecurity risk management

Tracking multiple events and/or campaigns; revealing and determining the value of touchpoints within those campaigns

Personalized, completely customizable brandable emails and texts used to notify users about upcoming events

End Users

Companies across multiple industries (sports, gaming, entertainment, retail, media,  healthcare and more) that want to create an immersive and engaging XR experience with their consumers.


During three years of collaboration, Leobit’s PHP engineer showcased his expertise in every aspect of the development process, from R&D activities, business analysis, software architecture, development, and quality control to deployment and maintenance. We’re proud that Leobit’s contribution became a starting point for customers’ growth:

  • transformation of the existing solution into a centralized system that simplifies multiple databases and transaction management and is easy for understanding and control
  • development of the headless system that uses API for data orchestration and is open to different environment extensions
  • architecture refactoring that surpassed limitations of former microservices infrastructure
  • significant  increase of system’s scalability, evolvability, extensibility, flexibility, and testability
  • streamlined development workflows and deployment automation implementation that accelerates the release of new features and functionalities