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Fire Inspection Software

Intuitive and Versatile Safety Solution

Founded in 1947, Leobit’s customer became an undeniable nationwide leader in providing fire protection and safety services. They understood the importance of utilising modern technology to stay on top of industry changes and gain a clear competitive edge. A partnership with Leobit resulted in building intuitive and versatile fire inspection software to better handle customer operations and achieve business excellence.

Customer Location New Jersey, USA

Technologies .NET Core, Angular 12, Microsoft Azure services, MSSQL

Team 1 Leobit’s expert


To help the customer’s business keep up with user expectations, Leobit expert had to perform integration with a secure solution for enabling online transactions on the customer’s platform. The choice of our .NET engineer stopped at Collect.js, a JavaScript framework that lets merchants collect sensitive payment information in a PCI-compliant way. To maintain the customer’s unique branding through the entire transaction, it was decided to conduct ‘inline’ integration. Such integration allows customizing the payment form to entirely fit the customer’s website design and maintain consistent user experience. Integrating Collect.js payment solution with fire inspection software, our expert faced the problem of lacking necessary documentation but successfully overcame this challenge increasing the profit of customers’ business.

Project description

The customer needed a comprehensive software solution to help manage, plan, and execute fire inspection activities and optimize clients’ engagement and experience. Leobit’s single expert assigned to the project developed an admin and service portal both for internal users and clients, respectively. The admin portal helps safety inspectors manage inspections, scheduling, violations, permits, etc. Service portal, with its consistent interface, organizes fire inspection documentation in chronological order. The users can easily check their work history and scheduled inspections sorting by location or any other category preferences. The portal also allows the capability to generate PDF files for all entities such as accounts, locations, invoices, quotes, work orders, and reports. The portals were built using Angular and .NET Core technologies considered the optimal stack combination usually of web application development. Our expert also created an MSSQL database stored in Microsoft Azure’s Cloud infrastructure. Azure Function integrated with Azure Service Bus sends messages into the queues for further processing and synchronization with data from the MySQL server the customer used before.

To continuously improve the performance and usability of customer inspection software, Leobit experts used Application Insights to detect and eliminate software performance anomalies. Papertrail cloud logging service backs up the work of our developer, quickly diagnosing and fixing server errors.

Features & Functionalities

Simplified and automated fire inspection process thanks to service and admin portals developed both for customer clients and internal users, respectively

Convenient storing all the data about conducted and future inspections; proper documentation accountability with instant access through PC or smartphone

Grid-based data view with an opportunity for each user to customize their own grids in a handy way

Automated quotes, work order creations and flexible billing options to streamline scheduled service appointments

Barcode scanning feature to instantly locate the corresponding asset during the fire inspection and quickly complete its testing and maintenance logging results into the system

End Users

Public corporations, private companies and other institutional units in many industry sectors such as healthcare, marine, property management, warehouse and manufacturing, etc.


The key business idea of Leobit’s customer with a long history of existence was to move from paperwork to an automated environment. The fire inspection software delivered by our expert helped the company to:  

  • automate business processes making the work of inspectors easier and more cost-effective to manage
  • save time and money thanks to streamlined business processes and improved operational efficiency
  • accelerated document approval process and accurate documentation accountability
  • establish seamless customer communication and drive engagement through a well-designed service portal
  • add functionality for online payment transactions